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“Well, this one's even funnier. They actually have the nerve to price it at twenty thousand? They can't possibly be thinking that high price equates to luxury, right?”

“In any case, China's still a big country, but it seems that they're still a long way off from establis.h.i.+ng their own luxury brands!”

The foreigners criticized Chinese products with looks of disdain on their faces.

Although they were from different countries, they all spoke English in China instead of Chinese.

Han Meimei [1] came from England and was a connoisseur of luxury goods. Her eyes were rather numb, and for most products, a single glance sufficed for her to come up with a rough estimate of their attractiveness, without the need for special equipment.

“Every day is the same. It's so boring!” Han Meimei yawned and muttered.

All of a sudden however, her gaze was suddenly drawn to something and her heart skipped a beat. An object had attracted her attention.

How long has it been since she saw something that attracted her?

Han Meimei's eyes became a little blurry. As an appraiser of luxury goods, such items ought to be commonplace for her. She practically had to deal with such items every day, and even the best product could hardly make her shriek like any ordinary girl.

Moments ago, however, that long-lost young girl's longing came into her heart again.

She raised her hand without thinking and took the dark bag in front of her before beginning to inspect it.

The instant she laid her fingers on the bag, she was taken aback for a moment, as a cold sensation coursed through her fingers and entered her body, leaving her slightly shocked.

The first thought that popped up in her mind was…

That bag…was extraordinary!

The weather in Capital was quite hot as of then. All the goods there were brought in from outside, so they were most affected by the sun and would become a little warm. However, the bag was actually cool instead of being hot!

Years of experience told Han Meimei that the bag did not only cool quickly but would also likely be at a constant temperature whether during winter or summer!

The thought of it shocked her. What kind of material could create such a magical bag?

Soon after, she began scrutinizing the entire product.

The bag was not a standalone item. It came in a set complete with a wallet and shoulder bag. The styles matched perfectly and it could be used both individually or as an additional unit of luxury.

Moreover, the design of each bag was impeccable, allowing her to notice the stunning design at a glance. It was absolutely rare in the world!

“It's a good bag! This is definitely a good bag!”

Han Meimei's hand caressed that bag nonstop and she even rubbed it on her face. She wished she would have such a bag…

Before she knew it, her eye sockets became moist. It was because of that bag that she rediscovered the lost feeling of being youthful again. She recalled that she used to chase after luxury goods and saved money by eating steamed buns for half a year just so she could buy a luxury bag. She wondered when she started to lose herself and become numb to the sight of luxury goods.

It was not just a bag. It was her lost youth…

“Hey, hey, hey, your observation time is up. Put it down now.” At that point, an appraiser from one side could not help but urged, “What's wrong? Are you thinking of being it home?”

“Hmph!” Han Meimei cleared her nose and snapped back to her senses. She quickly noted the company and contact number of that bag, as she was certain that it was a luxury item. Next up, she had to do her best to get that bag and sell it in her country!

Luxury goods had to be appraised, and at the same time, the country would also be selected by the company. For example, some countries were very poor, so a company could not send their luxury goods there. In cases of limited editions, a greater number of such goods was a tacit representation of the country's status.

“Hurry up. Have you remembered it? ”

“Why are you so pushy, Li Lei[1]? Here, take it…” Han Meimei could not help but say that as she handed the bag over.

“And you? You haven't opened your eyes to the world yet.” Li Lei curled his lips and took the bag casually.

After a single touch, he was also similarly surprised. “The material used to make this bag is…amazing!”

“How can such material exist? It feels like leather, but…what kind of leather is it?” Li Lei's expression instantly became serious.

After seeing Li Lei's actions, Han Meimei immediately smiled, “Who's the one that hasn't opened their eyes to the world, Li Lei? Why all the fuss.”

Li Lei did not have the time to entertain her. He began scrutinizing the bag in front of him.

At a glance, his pupils shrank slightly.

In front of him, countless images of raining blood began to appear. Many women tried their best to s.n.a.t.c.h this bag, while a great number of men desperately saved money to buy that bag and please their girlfriends. Some people fell in love with that bag. The scene was both inspiring and tragic in terms of love and hate. From then onward, the world would turn into carnage because of that bag's existence!


That bag was frightening!

Li Lei also cried, but he was crying from fear.

He certainly knew the value of luxury goods after being surrounded by them all year round. He thought of how his girlfriend would certainly want the bag too, and he was in a dilemma over what he should if she pestered him to buy it!

According to his estimation, the bag would start at RMB100,000.

Li Lei panicked.

He glanced at the price and his entire person was given yet another shock. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and took a closer look!

40,000! A bag only costs 40,000! And the entire set was only 80,000!

Cheap, too cheap!

Li Lei screamed in his heart. His eyes were red and he wanted to buy it on the spot.

“Hey, hey, Li Lei. What the h.e.l.l are you doing? You've spent too long on this. Time to put it down,” the next appreciator began urging him.

By then, Ma Ding's explanation was nearing its end. He took a deep breath and said loudly, “In short, I feel that Vatti must not sit still and wait for its demise after considering the rapid development of the clothing industry. We'll have to succeed or at least die trying! Isn't Vatti's mission to dominate the international luxury goods market and raise China to soaring heights? We need to grasp this opportunity with both hands!”

There was a long silence following his explanation.

Chairman Ma's slightly squinted eyes slowly opened as he looked at the slightly red-faced Ma Ding. He said faintly, “Anyone who thinks that Ma Ding's actions should be stopped immediately may start expressing their position.”

“Ahem.” An old man with half a head of grey hair coughed lightly before saying, “Young people just like to gamble. It's a good mentality, but I'm old and I don't want to bother with all this anymore. I just want stability. I think it should be stopped at once!”

[1] 韩梅梅 (Han Meimei) and 李雷 (Li Lei) are two fictional characters from a series of English-learning textbooks, written specifically for middle school students in China. It was issued by the People's Education Press in the 1990s, and for about a decade, these textbooks influenced millions of Chinese students. It seems fitting then, that this Han Meimei is from England.

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