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Chapter 533: The Highly Intelligent Scary Woman

Yang Muyan felt relieved when she saw Jing Yiran getting furious.

True, Jing Yichen was the last person in this world whom Jing Yichen would ever collaborate with. There was no other relations.h.i.+p between them except hatred towards each other that was never going to go away.

She did not plan to break the compromise with Jing Yiran. She was just pretending to test the waters.

Judging from the current situation, it seemed that Jing Yiran was not a problem.

Yang Muyan was smart, but she could not read people's minds. Jing Yiran himself was amazed by the change in himself, and even Jing Yichen had found it astonis.h.i.+ng too. So Yang Muyan could never have seen that coming.

“Of course I want to continue our collaboration. You are indeed a good partner. But I just feel that your survival is a bit weird. What if you faked your death and it turns out that you and Jing Yichen are setting a trap for me.”

Yang Muyan's voice was getting hoa.r.s.e. Although her voice was better after the treatment, yet if she talked too much, her throat would ache and gradually, her voice would return to the old state.

But she did not care if Jing Yiran heard her old voice, because he was well aware of how terrible her voice sounded. She had not got her voice treated for Jing Yiran.

She did it for Mu Qing.

Yang Muyan was a stubborn person with a high level of intelligence. She would never stop unless she reached her goal.

Mu Qing was the only man whom she had ever fallen for, and it was impossible for her to give him up.

She had never regarded Zhao Anan as her compet.i.tor. Zhao Anan was just a brainless woman with muscle and she only needed to poke her with a finger to kill her.

But, she was going to keep Zhao Anan alive.

Zhao Anan was simple-minded, but Mu Qing seemed to care a great deal about her. When Zhao Anan went missing, Mu Qing gave up his hospital and the t.i.tle of director and headed directly to the UK to look for her desperately.

Since this woman meant so much to him, then Mu Qing was definitely going to promise to marry her if she took her as a hostage.

Stupid human beings!

They had so many weaknesses!

Even Jing Yichen who seemed so powerful had his weakness.

In comparison, Jing Yiran did not seem to have any weak point at all.

This man was ruthless and cruel and he never cared about anyone. He did not even care about fortune and status. The only reason why he wanted to take over the properties of the Jing Family was because he wanted to vent his anger.

But Jing Yiran was a bit dumb. That was why he not only failed to achieve anything and had almost lost his life.

It seemed that she had overestimated Jing Yiran by suspecting him.

Even if he was willing to collaborate with Jing Yichen, Jing Yichen would not want to do so.

Yang Muyan came to see Jing Yiran herself deliberately because she was prepared to end his life, if he dared to do anything impulsive.

Even if Jing Yiran turned against her by collaborating with Jing Yichen behind her back, then Jing Yichen would surely get to know about her having gotten plastic surgery done. So whatever Jing Yichen was going to do next would tell her whether Jing Yiran was worth her trust.

She had already calculated everything in advance for today's meeting.

There were only a few members left in the Yang Family and all of them were cowards. They did not dare to seek revenge from Family Jing . She needed to carry the name of the Yang Family being a direct descendant. So she had to be discreet about her actions and avoid taking risks.

She was going to work with Jing Yiran in the future too, because a man who was full of hatred and impulse was worth using.

Ji Bo should also be proficiently used. He was a good sidekick and if she managed it well, then a battle might break out between the Ji Family and the Jing Family. She would then take advantage of the war and collect her trophies from the people involved.

However, Yang Muyan found Ji Bo a bit suspicious, recently. She was going to kill someone to test him.

Jing Yiran would never have expected that the woman sitting opposite to him had so many crazy ideas flas.h.i.+ng across her brain right now.

He knew that he would never be able to guess what Yang Muyan was thinking.

This woman was tricky, someone who killed without hesitation. She was even scarier than Jing Yichen who at least adhered to his own principles.

He should leave this perverted woman to Jing Yichen. He was definitely not going to be able to defeat her, only Jing Yichen could!

There was a 50% chance of this woman being Yang Muyan versus a subst.i.tute.

Jing Yiran did not dare to make a decision. If he judged it wrong and killed the wrong person today, then it would be almost impossible to find the real Yang Muyan ever.

Also, if Yang Muyan was killed today, then Lu and he would not make it out of this place.

Jing Yiran did not need to pretend anything to show an expression of hatred on his face. “Jing Yichen is my worst enemy. Either he or I will die. I will never live on good terms with him in my life. He did kill me! But G.o.d helped me to survive by leaving the bullet inside my head. It is still there!”

Yang Muyan's face showed astonishment. Jing Yiran had a bullet in his head?!

“Bah! This bullet will not kill me, but it may paralyze me soon. It is pressing my nerves every single day, reminding me that I must take revenge.”

That was exactly what Jing Yiran had been thinking during the first two days when he woke up.

If it had not been for Lu, he would have not suppressed the hatred and bowed down to Jing Yichen.

That was why his words showed conviction.

Jing Yiran looked at Lu who kept tearing the sugar sachets on the table and poured them into her mouth. He felt his heart turning mush at the sight.

Yang Muyan was still not convinced that Jing Yiran was not on the same side as Jing Yichen.

She would have never expected that this little girl was the one who changed his mind. This girl acted as if she had not eaten sugar for years like a famished ghost who was seeking food in her second life.

Seeing Jing Yiran looking at Lu, she did it too.

But she stared at Lu for a long time and still did not find anything special about her.

Something was wrong!

If she was not special, why did Jing Yiran have her with him?!

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