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At the emergency room of Family Mu's Hospital, Mu Qing was proficiently dealing with Jing Yiran who was covered with blood.

"I have met many people who like causing trouble, but I have never met anyone who is so fascinated with troublemaking as much as you. It's a miracle that you are still alive. You dared to team up with a pregnant woman to seduce Master Jing! Do you think that he is like you who takes to all kinds of women no matter whether or not they are from high or low born family?"

Jing Yiran kept taking in deep breaths because of the wound caused by the bombing. "Mu Qing, you are asking for death! It hurts so much. Get the drug for me. Also, I didn't make that b.i.t.c.h do what she wants to do. It was she who thought that she could successfully seduce Jing Yichen despite being pregnant. I have nothing to do with it, I was just helping her to find the man."

"I have drugged you already, but it won't help much because your wound is on the surface. Just get on with it, you even went through the needle I put into you without the drugs. Drugs can't be used too often because they are poisonous. If you want all sensation to go away from your body, then I can put you into a bathtub of drugs."

Mu Qing didn't avoid drugging Jing Yiran on purpose. He had just got too many wounds on the body and he couldn't get the full-body drugged, so all he could do was to tolerate the pain.

They were talking when Mu Qing's phone started to ring in his pocket. He removed one of his rubber gloves and picked up the phone. "h.e.l.lo, Master Jing!"

Jing Yiran, who was completely naked on the operation desk and was bleeding, bellowed furiously, "Mu Qing you d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Are you a doctor or not? This is an emergency room. Why are you attending to phone calls. St.i.tch me up before I bleed out."

Mu Qing said to his a.s.sistant instantly. "Get one more bag of blood into him, don't let him bleed out. Or I can't face his grandma."

Then he reported to Jing Yichen as he st.i.tched up Jing Yiran single-handed. "Don't worry, Master Jing, he won't die as long as he is here. He seems to be fine because he still has the energy to curse me. But he has to get through much suffering, and it seems that he can't get off the bed for quite a long time."

Jing Yichen answered with a calm "okay" from the other side of the phone and hung up.

As long as Jing Yiran didn't die, and suffered a bit more, it would be the ideal scenario.

Shangguan Ning, who was right beside Jing Yichen, could hear the painful screaming and furious bellowing. She said furiously, "Serves him right!"

That he had teamed up with Shangguan Rouxue and helped her to seduce Jing Yichen made Shangguan Ning so angry.

Shangguan Rouxue was already enough for her to deal with. Getting together with Jing Yiran who had no bottom-line for whatever he did, they could do horrible stuff together.

Therefore, Shangguan Ning decided to deal with Shangguan Rouxue first.

Jing Yichen was a bit surprised. He took her onto his legs as he fiddled with her smooth hair which had grown longer and asked calmly, "Do you have ways to deal with Shangguan Rouxue? Why didn't you use them earlier?"

Shangguan Ning lifted her exquisite chin arrogantly. "Of course I do! I lived with her mother and her under the same roof for so many years and they have done so many terrible things. If If I wanted, I could have got them ages ago. I didn't bother with it earlier only because I was too soft-hearted to kill her."

"What about now?"

"I won't let go of her when she has dared to touch my man!"

The phrase "my man" pleased Jing Yichen. He smiled gently. So this little woman was still feeling jealous about what happened today!.

She was really a jealous woman!

When Tang Yun had claimed herself to be his fiancée, he didn't see Shangguan Ning getting so furious. Apparently, Shangguan Rouxue had cast too big a shadow upon her heart because of which she felt extremely unsafe with her around.

Shangguan Rouxue was, first of all, not so lovely anyway. Besides, she was vicious and full of terrible tricks, and she even b.u.mped into him with a child whose father was unknown. All of these things made her a disgusting woman in his eyes.

How could he ever like such a woman?

His heart was only for Shangguan Ning.

Only a man like Xie Zhuojun who had clots inside his brain would want to marry Shangguan Rouxue.

Jing Yichen took Shangguan Ning in his arms and put his chin against her forehead as he comforted her in a spoiling way. "Alright, alright, we mustn't let go of her. This woman must be banned from being a hostess or an actress. But right now, someone might be angrier with her than you are."

Jing Yichen was right. After driven away by Tiger, Xie Zhuojun brought Shangguan Rouxue into his car. Before Shangguan Rouxue could sit properly, he slapped her hard on the face.

Shangguan Rouxue had not rested well during the past few days, and although she had little morning sickness after she got pregnant, yet in order to stay slender, she still avoided meat and ate only 60 % full at meal time, not caring if the baby in her stomach would need nutrition – she didn't plan to keep this child any way.

Therefore, she was suffering from anemia more than usual. Because of the lack of nutrients, she felt dizzy and after being slapped twice, she almost pa.s.sed out in the seat.

She got slapped three times plus the fierce one which Shangguan Ning had given her. Her cheeks were swelling and she was no longer looking pretty.

Blood flowed out of Shangguan Rouxue's lips but she didn't lift her hands to wipe it off. Large drops of tears trickled down from her beautiful eyes.

"Are you still human, Shangguan Rouxue? You are so vicious that you dared to risk your child. Aren't you afraid of being punished by G.o.d?"

Xie Zhuojun was extremely furious. There was abnormal redness on his pale face.

"I am not dead yet and you are thinking about seducing another man with the child in your belly? I must have been blind to have fallen for you. Are you so fascinated with seducing brother-in-laws, first me, and now Jing Yichen? You are so shameless and indecent"

Xie Zhuojun thought of the first time he had run into Shangguan Rouxue, which resembled the scene when Shangguan Rouxue tried to herself against Jing Yichen just now. At that time, he also turned around his head accidentally and b.u.mped Shangguan Rouxue onto the ground because of which she had twisted her ankle. Then he had had to carry her all the way to the school's medical room.

He had thought that she was an angel from the sky whom he had found. But it all turned out to be false and had been a trap set up by Shangguan Rouxue.

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