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Long Yuxue exhaled in a dumbfounded manner. Even if there had been an entire platoon of soldiers present, it would've taken longer for them to eradicate all of these abyssal creatures than the time it had taken this soul spirit to destroy all of them on its own. This was simply incredible!

Just how powerful was this man? He still hadn't used his suit of battle armor in battle yet, so this wasn't even anywhere near the full extent of his prowess.

Tang Wulin leaped into the node and quickly continued onward without withdrawing Goldsong. After reaching the next tunnel, Goldsong went on ahead before him.

Goldsong could act as his eyes, so he could see everything that it saw.

Goldsong appeared within the tunnel amid a flash of golden light, yet much to Tang Wulin's surprise, there wasn't even a single abyssal creature to be seen here.

"We should wrap things up here, Wulin. This is your first time here, so it's best not to go in too deep. Abyssal creature tides will emerge within the abyssal pa.s.sageway at irregular intervals. During those times, vast numbers of abyssal creatures will appear at once, and the two of us alone..."

Just as she was speaking, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped, and interjected, "Looks like you've predicted it perfectly."

All of a sudden, a string of low roars sounded in the distance, and violent air currents suddenly began to surge toward them from within the pa.s.sageway.

Long Yuxue's expression instantly changed drastically upon hearing this sound!

"There's an abyssal tide coming right now! Run!" She grabbed onto Tang Wulin's arm and immediately fled the scene as she spoke.

Tang Wulin didn't know much about the abyssal pa.s.sageway, but he certainly wasn' delusional enough to believe that he could withstand an abyssal tide on his own. Thus, he immediately turned and fled with Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue was a little slow, so he wound his right arm around his slender waist while releasing his suit of two-word battle armor before spreading his golden wings.

Goldsong vanished into his body as a streak of golden light, and Tang Wulin flapped his wings vigorously. At the same time, he directed all of his blood essence energy into his Dragon Moon battle armor, and his body shot forth like a bolt of golden lightning back the way they'd initially come from.

Long Yuxue let loose a cry of surprise, and in the next instant, she found herself pressed up against a wide and solid chest. They were flying so quickly that she was barely able to keep her eyes open in the face of the buffeting winds, but she was struck by an indescribable sense of safety and security in this moment. 

He's so fast! With his battle armor activated, he doesn't seem to be much slower than a Demonic Enchantress! 

The strings of low roars continued to erupt relentlessly from the behind them, and the sound was clearly getting closer and closer. Tang Wulin felt as if there were a gargantuan vortex of destruction that was constantly approaching them in an attempt to devour them whole.

This was certainly not a good feeling. The overwhelming sense of peril forced him to fly as quickly as he could through the abyssal pa.s.sageway.

Finally, they arrived at the place where they'd first entered the pa.s.sageway, which was also where the Blood G.o.d Legion troops were situated.

"Look out, everyone! There's an incoming abyssal tide!" Tang Wulin yelled.

In reality, even as he was rus.h.i.+ng through the pa.s.sageway, he'd discovered that this node had already been filled with energy. A series of ma.s.sive light s.h.i.+elds had already emerged, and all of the soul cannons were fully charged and ready to go. The countless low roars erupting in the distance acted as the ideal warning siren.

Tang Wulin flapped his wings as he descended onto the ground with Long Yuxue and heaved a sigh of relief.

Many of the Blood G.o.d Legion soldiers present were looking at his ma.s.sive golden wings with envy and admiration in their eyes.

All of them were exceptional talents in their own right, but two-word battle armor masters were still very rare even in the Blood G.o.d Legion.

A ma.s.sive light s.h.i.+eld appeared before them, and the sense of peril that they'd been experiencing immediately vanished. It was also right at this moment that an extremely powerful burst of greyish-black energy rushed out of the pa.s.sageway.

All of the light s.h.i.+elds lit up in unison, and the bright lights instantly fused as one to form a ma.s.sive light barrier that kept the greyish-black energy at bay.

Within the greyish-black light, there seemed to be something brandis.h.i.+ng their teeth and claws, attacking the light barrier with all their might.

Only now did Long Yuxue get a chance to catch her breath, and she looked up at Tang Wulin to find a grim expression on his face. She gently patted her own chest and also raised the soul gun in her hands.

Even though they were separated by her miniature mecha, she was still struck by a strong sense of security when she was being held by him earlier. This guy really was worthy of being the leader of Shrek's Seven Monsters.

Tang Wulin was naturally unaware of what Long Yuxue was thinking, and he was currently focused on experiencing the energy fluctuations radiating from the abyssal tide.

These energy barriers should be able to temporarily withstand this a.s.sault, but the energy fluctuations from the abyssal tide were extremely powerful, and the barrier didn't seem to be able to completely keep it at bay.

Sure enough, after a short while, loud sirens had already been set off.

"This is a level three abyssal tide, and the barrier can last only five more minutes at most! Retreat to the second line of defense right away and request for reinforcements from the control center! It looks like the abyssal creatures are unleas.h.i.+ng an all-out a.s.sault."

"Let's go." Long Yuxue tugged on Tang Wulin's arm before rus.h.i.+ng into the pa.s.sageway first.

Tang Wulin flapped his wings and followed close behind her.

"What does a level three abyssal tide entail?" he asked as he followed along behind her.

Long Yuxue wore a grim expression as she said, "Generally speaking, most abyssal tides are either level one or level two, and in those cases, the protective barrier here would be enough to completely keep them at bay. However, roughly once every several decades, the abyssal creatures would launch a full-force a.s.sault, and only in those instances would the abyssal tides reach level three. Level three abyssal tides require large-scale defensive equipment to ward off, and it also entails that powerful beings will emerge from the abyss to attack our defenses with all their might. These are always the most arduous times for us; I didn't think that you'd encounter such a situation on your first trip here. Even I've never encountered a level three abyssal tide before. Prepare for battle now. At times like these, all available units will be required to battle."

"Yes!" Tang Wulin didn't ask any more questions. All they could do now was defend with everything they had and await the arrival of reinforcements.

After retreating to the second line of defense, Tang Wulin finally saw the aforementioned large-scale defensive equipment. These soul tools had been prepared well in advance, and rows of defensive formations quickly took shape. Everyone was acting in a very efficient and orderly manner, and they weren't panicking in the slightest even in the face of this level three abyssal tide.

A series of soul tools that Tang Wulin didn't even recognize were quickly brought over, and the energy fluctuations within this s.p.a.ce abruptly became more powerful. A gigantic metal ball had dropped down within the abyssal cave behind them, and the ball had a diameter of over 300 meters. There were hundreds of streaks of light erupting from the underside of the metal ball to bear its weight, and it was releasing an extremely enormous amount of energy. At the same time, a series of huge metallic tubes extended from it, each of which reached into one of the surrounding abyssal caves before connecting with the soul tools inside.

"What's that thing?" Tang Wulin asked.

Long Yuxue replied, "That's the true core of our Blood G.o.d Legion; it's known as the Blood G.o.d Heart. The federation expended countless resources and manpower to create this thing in collaboration with our research department. There is only one Blood G.o.d Heart in the entire federation, and it can draw upon an enormous amount of natural energies before converting them into soul power. That soul power will then be injected into our soul tools to create a ma.s.sive energy circuit. Have you heard of hyper soul battery arrays?"

Tang Wulin replied, "I have. They're used to provide energy to large soul tools, right."

"Correct. In a sense, the Blood G.o.d Heart is a hyper soul battery array, but it was created using the most cutting edge soul technology. A special type of metal was used alongside a corresponding soul array mutation, and this type of metal can release an extremely enormous amount of energy in response to the mutation. When this metal was first discovered, the federation had used it to make weapons, and that was how the three G.o.dslayer missiles came to be. However, the G.o.dslayer missiles were too fearsome, so no more than three were made. There was also only very little of that uncommon metal that remained, and all of it was used to construct this Blood G.o.d Heart in order to provide the energy required to guard this place."

Tang Wulin was truly stunned to hear this. He didn't know just how effective this Blood G.o.d Heart was, but he had witnessed the devastating destructive power of G.o.dslayer missiles in person! Even a Limit Douluo wearing a suit of four-word battle armor was unable to completely nullify the explosions of those missiles, and both Shrek Academy, as well as the Tang Sec headquarters, had been demolished by this missile. Who would've thought that the Blood G.o.d Legion would possess a powerful soul tool of the same caliber?

Right at this moment, a low buzzing sound rang out, and at this point, all of the soldiers on the first defensive line had already retreated back. A blue light s.h.i.+eld instantly took shape at the exit of the pa.s.sageway to completely seal it off.

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