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Ji Weixi realized that he looked good no matter what he wore, and was basically a walking clothes hanger.

What a pity he didn't choose the job of a model.

She kept looking until she was fully drawn in, unable to avert her eyes.

He was born with such good looks. Every little movement of his was like a page out of a manga.

Ji Weixi suddenly felt that marrying a handsome man like him might not be a bad deal at all.

Ahem. She needed moderation.

But just as she was about to turn away, Li Shaoling slid a lively, dazzling glance at her. "Are you dumbstruck from how handsome I am?"


He clicked his tongue. "Little pervert."


Nonetheless, Ji Weixi maintained her calm appearance and explained, "You're overthinking. I just thought that the sight on your window looked nicer. Who's looking at you again?"

Li Shaoling's smile did not waver, however, as if he was saying 'I get it even if you didn't say it'.

Ji Weixi shyly turned away, closed her eyes and took a nap. 

When she woke up, the sun outside was already high above, at once blinding and a little hot.

Rubbing her eyes and turning, she found that Li Shaoling was still driving with the same exact posture.

"Aren't you tired?" She could not help asking. "Why not I drive while you nap for a bit?"

"No need. You keep sleeping."

Be that as it may, Ji Weixi could no longer sleep, and was even feeling a little hurt because of him…


As its name suggests, Ocean City was an urban area surrounded by the seas. There were not many mosquitoes even in summer thanks to the sea breeze blowing throughout the year, and the air was fresher too.

Still, it often drizzled in this city.

Most citizens often leave their homes early in the day and returned late as they make a living by catching seafood and harvesting oceanic vegetation.

Quite a number of houses here were built recently as well, with rows of freshly painted small bungalow houses packed together, forming streaks of twisted, narrow alleyways.

Green vines crept up to the rooftops and grew all over, with red roses growing everywhere outside the low black doors.

It was a vibrant and beautiful sight, and Ji Weixi fell in love with the place the moment she got down from the car.

But since it was lunchtime, the two had a meal before searching for Jian Jie's location with their map.

Her house was located in a remote spot that was almost outside the city, and rather rundown compared to the other buildings.

It was small, brick-tiled house. The doors were rusted and faded after years of wear and tear, its original color no longer identifiable.

Ji Weixi, holding Li Shaoling's hand, walked across the cobblestone path leading to the house.


The door wasn't locked and was opened with a gentle push, albeit with a sharp noise that was uncomfortable to the ears.

With the door halfway closed in the first place, they could hear the sound of rather slow footsteps from within.

An old woman with rather messy black and white hair, wearing a worn, faded red blouse embroidered with flowers came. The cloth shoes on her feet were caked with mud.

After a look at them through her muddled eyes, she hesitantly asked. "Who… are you looking for?"

"Is this Jian Jie's house?" Li Shaoling asked in return indifferently.

The old lady nodded. "Yes."

"Where is she? We have something to talk to her about."

"What's the matter?"

"Tell her to come out!"

Li Shaoling's voice was very cold. Coupled that with the inscrutable look he had, anyone would think that they were being forced to confess in a courtroom.

The old lady's eyes went red immediately and she was about to cry. "Mister police, my granddaughter didn't break the law!"

Li Shaoling was speechless.

At the same time, Ji Weixi quickly pulled him a step back by the hand and smiled gently. "You don't have to be afraid, we're not the police… but you should probably know that Jian Jie has been working at CBS a while ago."

"Yes, yes!" The old lady quickly nodded, and after some thought, her eyes between the two. "But she has resigned… you're…"

"We're her superiors. Although she has resigned, there are some matters she has yet to settle. That's why we're here to get to the bottom of the situation with her. May I know if she's here?"

Ji Weixi's smile was completely harmless and amicable, allowing the old lady to slowly let her guard down.

"Our Xiao Jie was out to buy groceries—"

But before the old lady finished, her eyes brightened as she stared behind them and pointed with her finger. "Oh, you're home, Xiao Jie! These two are your superiors in your old company, they're saying that they want to talk to you…"


Ji Weixi promptly turned towards the sound to find a woman dressed in a loss T-s.h.i.+rt dress, throwing the bags she was holding and fleeing swiftly and panickily.

The more she ran, the more guilty she looked!

"Stop!" Ji Weixi shouted and quickly gave chase.

Jian Jie was not a quick runner and there were moments when she clutched her hip as if out of breath. However, Ji Weixi did not think much of it and rushed ahead of Jian Jie to intercept her when she suddenly reached out and shoved.

Caught off guard, Ji Weixi reflexively held onto a nearby wall and avoid falling.

That was when a shadow suddenly streaked past her eyes. Li Shaoling rushed ahead by a few paces and caught the woman by her wrist, swinging her backwards.

"Argh!" The woman shrieked from the pain, while Li Shaoling kept both her hands pinned behind her back in a single breath.

It was just that the move itself looked so much like… arresting a suspect.

Truly, chivalry is dead with this man.

Ji Weixi walked up to them, reached out and lifted the woman's chin.

After a good look at her face, it turns out that her appearance was acceptable and on the fair side, but definitely not beautiful.

Maybe average.

"Are you Jian Jie?"

The woman averted her eyes. "I-I'm not!"

As with most denials, that was a lie.

Ji Weixi threw the woman a cold glare. "Jian Jie, you should know why we came looking for you."

"W-why?" Jian Jie stuttered, feigning ignorance.

"You know what you did!"

"What are you talking about? I'm not Jian Jie, you have the wrong person!" Jian Jie did all she could to look innocent, but she also kept turning her eyes away which only betrayed her guilt.

Meanwhile, the old lady had rushed to them as the conversation turned awkward, and went pale when she saw Li Shaoling's armlock over Jian Jie. "What… What's going on?! Sir, c-could you let my granddaughter free?"

Ji Weixi gave Li Shaoling a look—only then did he let go.

The old lady made a stern face. "Xiao Jie, tell me what did you do to them!"

Jian Jie's expression changed. She had been rubbing her wrists in pain but she promptly froze.

Even the smile she showed the old lady was awkward. "It's alright, Grandmother… you don't need to know…"

"Don't need to know? Your superiors from such a big company came personally looking for you. something must have happened! Tell us!"

"Grandmother, I…" Jian Jie's face fell. Put on the spot, she struggled for a long moment but could not manage a word.

From the looks of things, the old lady must not be aware of what Jian Jie did.

And Jian Jie would like to keep it that way.

As such, Ji Weixi walked up to them to help calm things down. "Grandmother, it's actually a minor matter."

The old lady clearly did not believe that, however, since it was not unavoidable for anyone to imagine things with how Li Shaoling had behaved just now.

"Grandmother… I'll tell you the truth." Ji Weixi smiled. "Actually, Jian Jie had been underperforming at the company, dragging her team's feet so far that the entire company met losses. And yet, Jian Jie chose to run away at this vital moment, and that is why we have especially come to inquire after her…"

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