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Xu Xinya sighed as she glanced at the vast back garden ahead of her. Currently, she was sitting under a small tree and stared aimlessly at the beautiful scenery. Her eyes were lost. She kept thinking about what had happened last night.

Her lips curled up slightly. Her eyes held a mixture of sadness and charm.

"I am not going to trust you so easily."

After he had kissed her, she had been shocked. Too shocked to think or say anything.

"This is the reason you are here." His voice was emotionless.

Xu Xinya's heart picked up. She quickly pushed him away. Or she tried too.

He still had his arm around her waist. Xu Xinya didn't have the strength to actively push him off neither she tried. She stared in his eyes, shocked.

"I won't force myself on you. But you must know whom you belong to." He stated. His tone was emotionless. His sharp, fierce gaze stayed on her face for a while. His eyes fell on her slightly parted lips momentarily before suddenly he let go of her. Without saying anything else, he left her. Alone and confused by her own thoughts.

That night, she found it very difficult to fall asleep. Her mind kept replacing whatever happened. After the kiss, he didn't even touch her? What was the exact meaning behind his words? What did it mean by she should know she belonged to whom? The contract bound her to him. Would she still think that she belonged to someone else?

"I will give you a piece of advice." Suddenly a voice came out from her left, startling Xu Xinya out of her thoughts. She stood up on her feet and faced the person.

"You are...?" The person looked no older than twenty-two. His feature was clear and youthful. He held a remarkable resemblance to Lu Mingyu to the point that for a moment Xu Xinya was scared whether it was him. But the aura around this person was much less severe than Lu Mingyu. He felt rather approachable and friendly, unlike Lu Mingyu who felt like a Devil.

"Your soon to be Brother-in-law." The man grinned cheekily at her.

Xu Xinya. "..."

The man laughed at finding something funny in Xun Xinya's expressions that she couldn't understand at all. The encounter with him was quite unexpected. "I am Lu Guang; Lu Mingyu's younger brother. I thought it would be nice if we had our introduction b now."

"I recognized you." Although Lu Mingyu never appeared in media, Lu Duang was a familiar face in news. Especially with thousands of scandals surrounding him; not only he appeared more than he should, he also enjoyed the attention. "But can you explain what do you mean by your soon to be brother-in-law?" Xu Xinya's heart thumped loudly. She didn't know whether it was fear or something else.

"That, I was just joking." The smile on his face never disappeared.

Xu Xinya felt a sense of relief. In a low tone, she said. "I would rather if you didn't joke about such delicate matter." The sadness in her voice was evident. And Lu Guang would be an idiot if he didn't catch it. Before he could say anything, she quickly said. "What piece of advice you have for me?"

Lu Guang was quiet for a while. This woman was smart. He laughed lightly. "Right. I suppose you already know the purpose you are here for?"

Xu Xinya raised her eyebrow. "To pay my family debts back?"

Lu Guang: "..." He was speechless. He took back his words when he thought this woman was smart. "Of course a woman who dared to slap my brother wouldn't be an ordinary one." He shook his head.

"What do you mean by mentioning it?" Xu Xinya frowned.

"Nothing. Just to let you know the purpose you are here is not because of any debt. It is because my brother wants to court you."

Hearing this, Xu Xinya didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.
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