Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again ! Chapter 1438

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again -

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Chapter 1438: Falling from the Sky II

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Feng Ruqing responded, uninterested.

‘She's not as cute as Tang Yin, and not as pretty as Yiyi.

‘Not interested…'

Feng Ruqing then turned around and left.

Helian Yue was anxious. She looked at Flame Fruit on her hand.

She had not only picked Flame Fruit, but the lotus flower with the roots around it was all pulled out too.

Therefore, she carefully picked off the fruit and put it into her storage bag. She then quickly went in front of Feng Ruqing and handed the flower to her.

“It's for you.”

Feng Ruqing looked at the flower in the girl's hand silently before she turned to Helian Yue. “I have a husband. I don't like women, so it's useless for you to confess to me. Besides, I like edelweiss. I don't like these kinds of flowers that are too bright.”

Helian Yue's face darkened.

She gritted her teeth. “My grandfather said that a man should know how to repay a kindness. You have just saved me. I can only give you this flower right now, or do you want my Flame Fruit?”

Helian Yue hurriedly hugged the storage bag in her hand.

“No, I want to give this to Brother Lianqing. I can't give it to you.”

Feng Ruqing's gaze moved toward the storage bag that Helian Yue was holding. She slowly raised her head to look at the little girl's flat chest.

“You… What are you doing?” Helian Yue's teeth trembled as she tightly covered her chest. “I'm telling you, there's no way I'm going to give myself to you, I… I don't like women either…”


Feng Ruqing calmly responded. She did not want to say anything more to Helian Yue, but she did take the flower that Helian Yue handed over.

‘This is a good item…

‘I don't know if the girl is really stupid…

‘Taking away Flame Fruit, and giving the most important thing to me.'

With this flower, she could grow as many Flame Fruits as she wanted in the future.

But still, Helian Yue was so generous.

Feng Ruqing took out a bottle from the medium and threw it to Helian Yue.

“Take it. Apply it once before you go to bed. Your breast will grow bigger after a month.”

This was the essential oil that Tang Yin had asked her for a long time, and luckily she had one bottle left to give to this girl.

Helian Yue's face was red, but she eventually took it as she thought about her unattractive figure.

For Brother Lianqing… She must take it!

“My grandfather said that we must repay kindness. If this thing you gave me is beneficial…” Helian Yue paused for a moment and took out Flame Fruit again. She carefully sc.r.a.ped the black seeds off and handed it to Feng Ruqing. “So, this is for you.”

Flame Fruit was red, but there was a layer of black seeds covering it.

Yes, black seeds.

The seeds of other fruits were inside it, but the seeds of Flame Fruit were outside of it.

Feng Ruqing looked at the black seeds that Helian Yue handed over.

‘This girl is foolish.'

If she gave her the fruit's essence, what use was there for the rest of the fruit?

However, since Helian Yue wanted to give it to her, she received it without hesitation.

After a moment of silence, she took another bottle from the medium and threw it to Helian Yue.

“This is a reward for you. It will make you taller.”

Helian Yue was anxious. “You can't do this. I don't have anything to give you now! I didn't bring anything with me when I went out, and I have to give this flame fruit to Brother Lianqing. I can't give it to you anymore!”

“Oh, then if you don't want it…”

Feng Ruqing was about to take back the bottle, but who knew that this Helian Yue was so quick to s.n.a.t.c.h it right away.

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