Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again ! Chapter 1436

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again -

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Chapter 1436: Feng Lianqing III

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Besides Fu Chen and Qing Han, she had only brought a mute girl with her. And she had not even told Feng Tianyu where she was going.

After all, from the rumors in the mainland, that place was very dangerous, so she did not dare bring her family with her, not until she found Feng Wuhui and brought him back.

“We are almost there…” Nan Xian looked at Feng Ruqing gently. “Qing'er, when we arrive in Land of No Return… Don't ever leave my side.”


Feng Ruqing responded to him with a faint smile.

Their gazes fell on the yellow sand. The scenery was so beautiful that one could never bear to spoil it.

Across this desert was an icy land, the extreme opposite of the yellow sand just now.

The temperature of the snowy ground was extremely low, making it difficult for even cultivators to enter. It was said that only Holy Warriors could withstand such coldness.


Feng Ruqing looked back at Xiao Ya and found that she did not look any different. A hint of suspicion suddenly flashed in her eyes, and then quickly faded.

No matter what, Xiao Ya was following her with all her heart, and that was enough.

Feng Ruqing would not dig out her past. Everyone had their own secrets, and she had already known what she wanted to know anyway, so she did not need to ask anything else.

As long as Xiao Ya did not betray her… That was all that matters!

“Qing'er, Mother said after walking through here, you will reach a bridge, and if you jump from the bridge, you'll arrive in Land of No Return. You must grab my hand then and don't let go! Only then, we will not be separated.”


Feng Ruqing held Nan Xian's hand tightly. Her face was filled with determination, and even her steps were slightly firm.

As expected, she soon saw the bridge.

Under the bridge was a bottomless chasm.

If she did not trust Suyi, she would never have come to this place, not even have the courage to jump off the bridge.

“Xiao Ya…” Feng Ruqing gripped Xiao Ya's arm tightly. “Don't leave my side.”

Xiao Ya nodded.

The three of them were already standing on the bridge.

Feng Ruqing slowly closed her eyes, her fingers caressing her abdomen, and only after a moment did she open her eyes.

She and Nan Xian looked at each other and jumped off the bridge together without turning back.


There was nothing but darkness!

It was no wonder no one had found the other path to Land of No Return. It was because no one would ever try to jump off this bridge.

Feng Ruqing could not see where Nan Xian was at all, but the warmth she felt in her hand a.s.sured her that the man would always be by her side.

She did not even know how long she had been in free fall after the jump. She only knew that her body would drop with each pa.s.sing minute…

Wood Spirit Mountain.

On top of the mountain…

A demonic flower stood out, swaying in the breeze.

“Young Lady…”

Xiao Xiao held an incense stick in her hand, and she was about to cry. “The incense stick is running out. What should we do? If those spirit beasts find out, we will definitely die.”

Helian Yue had only brought her servant with her without any guards as she did not want the manor master to stop her from coming to Wood Spirit Mountain.

Initially, they had brought enough beast repelling incense so that lower-ranked beasts would not notice them. Unfortunately, they had somehow lost a few incense sticks halfway up the mountain.

The beast-repelling incense that they had right now was enough to hike up the mountain, but it was no longer enough to help them leave this place.

“Hold on. I almost got Flame Fruit.”

Helian Yue hooked one hand to the stone, and with the other hand, she tried to grab the red-colored fruit.

She was cautious in her movements, afraid that she would accidentally fall off the cliff.

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