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************* MC'S POV **************

" Boom!"

The ground shook as the explosion occurred. I look behind me to see the ground crack.

d.a.m.n it!

" You idiot, I asked you to create a small hole for us to escape, look what you did". I speak as the cracking noise gets stronger and crack started to extend on the walls and pillars.

" Thud!"

The door of the entrance fell without my support.


" Max, we haven't got time for this. Jump!", I hear Axle's voice and see him jump with the girls around him.

Well, it's do or die. 

 My luck, do me a favor and don't let us get buried under the rubbles.

And I jumped after making sure no one was left behind.

" Don't let him go. Catch him!!"

Hearing the voice behind me, I couldn't help but smile as I raised my middle finger while falling.

Yes, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds deserved it.

"d.a.m.n it, they are gone.", One of the men in the storage room spoke.

" What are you looking for then? Let's follow them. If we can't find them. We would be dead anyway.", Another one spoke.

These two were the ones who had earlier allowed Max and Axle to pa.s.s.

It was entirely their fault. They would face the harshest punishment if not death. So they were trying to get others to help them to save their b.u.t.ts as they didn't have confidence in catching them alone.

But who knew, death was already upon them.

The cracks extending from the grounds moved in all directions and then connected up on the ceiling.

How can the structure hold any long?

The ceiling crumbled and the man along with his two other comrades was crushed into meat patties.

" Splas.h.!.+ "

Their blood splattered and in a while, more of it started to flow out of the rubbles.

But, the dozen people standing outside the door flinched only for a second before someone shouted.

" The hole is blocked, quickly remove the rubbles or else they would get away."

With his statement, everyone realised the dire circ.u.mstances as they started their labour to get the rubbles out.


In the Sewers.

I got up and wiped up my face as a dirty stench infiltrated my nose.

Looking around, I found 7 girls around me. The light in this place was dim. I could see some figures in the distance.

Did we get flowed down here?

" Girls, let's go. We need to gather with others and leave this place soon."

On my command, every one of them got up and started following me obediently.

They were very quiet.

But, I doubt anyone could remain cheerful after these incidents.

" I found him, Big Brother Hero."

Yes, I forgot there was still her.

I turned around to see Mia running towards me with 9 girls behind her.

" You all are here, only a few more and we will all be back.".

With our small little group, we start moving.


" Yuck!! What's this? "

" Ahhhh!!! "

Hearing the scream, I immediately sprinted in its direction through the dirty water.

" Puddle"

" Splas.h.!.+"

Don't tell me they followed us.

But as I reached the place, I couldn't help but feel a headache.

" What happened?", hearing the voice I turn around to see Axle behind me.

" I can't take her."

Hearing me, he looked ahead and frowned.

It was Lisa creating a ruckus. Looking at her face, I felt that she would have gladly stayed behind if she knew there was a sewer down below.

" Leave her be ", Axle said.

But suddenly, we couldn't help but let out a curse at the same time as the rumbling sound entered our ears.


We could see the hole in the ceiling directly above Lisa's head.

Is she an idiot.The first thing she should have done was to move out of there. 

Don't tell me she was waiting to be crushed down by the rubbles.


I can't make it in time.


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