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Chapter 558 Tomorrow Sword ArZhou Wen's sword art looked ordinary, but he had already used Transcendent Flying Immortal's technique. However, he didn't take the initiative to attack and only used it to defend. No one could tell what was so profound about it.

However, even defense alone gave Ming Xiu a lot of pressure. Just like when Zhou Wen and Xia Xuanyue fought, Xia Xuanyue used the Path to s.n.a.t.c.hing Heaven to pressure Zhou Wen.

However, Zhou Wen's movement technique wasn't the Path to s.n.a.t.c.hing Heaven. It wasn't that aggressive. He was only defending, but it made Ming Xiu feel as if he would be killed by Zhou Wen if he didn't attack.

Therefore, Ming Xiu could only continuously attack and attack. If it was an ordinary person, under such pressure, they would probably be scared out of their wits. Their willpower would soon collapse, and they would give up on resisting or end up risking their lives.

However, Ming Xiu didn't give up. Under such pressure, he constantly searched for an opportunity to defeat Zhou Wen. He constantly attacked with his sword.

This won't do… Not this either… Ming Xiu kept trying, but no matter how fast his sword was, no matter how gorgeous his technique was, or how brilliant his strikes were, they were perfectly parried by Zhou Wen.

What do I have to do to break through the Coach's defense? Ming Xiu had already tried his best. He had already tried everything he could, but he couldn't think of any better methods.

Ming Xiu knew that this couldn't continue. Once his train of thought was severed, his sword's might would weaken. When that happened, Zhou Wen would counterattack.

This was his last battle with Zhou Wen before he left. He didn't wish to leave it just like that.

What should I do… what should I do… Countless thoughts flashed across Ming Xiu's mind.

Ming Xiu suddenly felt that this situation was a little familiar. He seemed to have experienced this before.

Soon, Ming Xiu remembered why this situation was so familiar. It was because he had faced the same predicament when he was young.

At that time, he had only been practicing his sword techniques for a short period of time. He was small and weak in strength—he was only three years old. The other students who practiced with him were already six or seven years old. Therefore, during any sparring, the difference in strength was huge and Ming Xiu was always defeated by his cla.s.smates because he was too weak.

He lost terribly in the daily sparrings. With Ming Xiu's temper, he naturally couldn't accept it. At that time, he often thought that if he could grow up faster and become as strong as his cla.s.smates, he would definitely not lose.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for him to grow up overnight. However, ever since then, Ming Xiu constantly upped the ante when it came to training. He kept honing his skills. Although he was very young, after a few months he was able to fight against his cla.s.smates who were a few years older than him. A year later, no cla.s.smate was his match.

The predicament back then was the same as the present predicament. Zhou Wen was much stronger than him in every aspect. The difference was that even with technique, he still couldn't beat Zhou Wen.

When I was young, I couldn't fulfill that fantasy. But now, it's not impossible to realize it. I can do it in another way… Ming Xiu seemed to have made a decision in his heart, and his gaze became sharper.

“His gaze is different,” Wei Ge said with narrowed eyes.

“What do you mean his gaze is different?” Tian Zhenzhen asked doubtfully.

“Watch his next move. Perhaps this will be a very important moment in his life,” Wei Ge said without elaboration.

Tian Zhenzhen had no choice but to stare at Ming Xiu. She wanted to know how different his next strike would be.

Ming Xiu held his sword as sword beams flashed like meteors. From Tian Zhenzhen's point of view, this strike was no different from many of his previous strikes. They were all so fast and furious, but such strikes couldn't defeat Zhou Wen.

She had already seen it countless times. Such a magnificent sword art had been easily blocked by Zhou Wen. There had been no exception.

Indeed, Zhou Wen's sword blocked Ming Xiu's sword again, but at the instant the two swords clashed, everyone was astonished to realize that Zhou Wen's sword had missed. It failed to block Ming Xiu's sword.

As for Ming Xiu's sword, it acted as a late student. After Zhou Wen's sword swept over, his sword stabbed towards Zhou Wen's heart.

“Alright! Zhou Wen made a mistake!” Tian Zhenzhen jumped up in excitement. She thought that it was Zhou Wen's mistake.


However, in the next second, Zhou Wen's sword hilt slumped downwards and struck Ming Xiu's sword tip. It sent Ming Xiu's sword to the side, preventing him from stabbing him.

“That wasn't Zhou Wen's mistake, but a result of Ming Xiu's deliberate actions. The late sword wasn't even seen by Zhou Wen. It nearly hit him. It's really interesting.” Wei Ge revealed a teasing expression.

Ming Xiu had already ceased his attack. He did not continue fighting and sheathed his sword.

Zhou Wen's sword-wielding hand drooped down as he allowed the tip of the sword to stick to the ground.

“Nice sword art. What's the name of that strike?” Zhou Wen asked Ming Xiu.

“It doesn't have a name yet. Coach, if you don't mind, you can give it a name,” Ming Xiu said.

Zhou Wen didn't decline. After some thought, he said, “Since it's a late strike, let's call it Tomorrow Sword Art.”

“Sword of Tomorrow… Tomorrow Sword Art… Alright… I'll call it Tomorrow Sword Art…” Ming Xiu seemed to like this name very much and decided to go with it.

“Then, let me see how far your Tomorrow Sword Art can go.” Zhou Wen narrowed his eyes as he stared at the sword in Ming Xiu's hand. He felt his confidence and inspiration erupt due to Ming Xiu's strike. His mind was at peak activity.

“Coach, please appraise my Tomorrow Sword Art!” Ming Xiu gripped the hilt of his sword. It was as if he had entered a mysterious realm that was surreal.


The practice sword and scabbard in Ming Xiu's hand actually broke apart. Cracks spread out on the scabbard. In the blink of an eye, the scabbard shattered, along with the sword hilt that Ming Xiu was holding.

It was not strange that the practice sword shattered. The strange thing was that after the practice sword and scabbard crumbled, he still held a sword in his hand. It was a transparent sword of light, and a terrifying sword intent radiated from it.

“Life Soul… Is that a Life Soul?” Tian Zhenzhen could not believe her judgment and asked Wei Ge.

“Yes, that's a Life Soul. It's really enviable. He's still so young, but he has already comprehended a Life Soul,” said Wei Ge. He was truly envious.

If he had met Zhou Wen earlier and come to a realization earlier, he wouldn't have wasted so much time doing other meaningless things. Perhaps he could have been like Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu, with such shocking achievements at a young age.

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