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"Heaven Breaking Sword!"

"Berserker Strike!"


The arena vibrated just by the clash between the two people, Dolf and Maira. As soon as the match started, they had been going at each other.

Dolf did not hold back a single time because he wanted to exhaust Maira. On the other hand, Maira tried to save every bit of the energy that he could save. Because he had faced him like this, then he could not just ask someone to buy time for him as he recovered his Spiritual Energy for the later match.

It would break the rule. So, the moment he stood in this place, he was already prepared to fight until the end. So, he wanted to defeat Dolf without spending that much energy.

Because of this, Dolf could fight him with all he got from the start. If Maira decided to fully release his power, then he might not be able to defeat the first elder or the second elder. If that were the case, then their fate would be sealed.

He was really annoyed with this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Dolf. He was brazenly using many reckless moves to make him use his energy.

"Seven Stars Cut."

"Sword Snake."

Dolf released the Seven Stars Cut again. Meanwhile, there was a big snake coming out of Maira's sword. The snake bit the Sword Wave and deflected it to upward, so Maira did not need to face it head-on.

Just as Robert, he was aware that the Seven Stars Cut was a Heaven Tier Martial Art. He should not face it head-on as it would only deplete his energy.

On Dolf's body, many superficial wounds covered his body. Maira was also the same. There were many shallow wounds in his body, but the difference between him and Dolf. The energy he used was not much, and these wounds also did not hinder his movement or anything.

Alex was watching this match closely from the side. He never expected that Maira was this strong. He was already surprised to see Dolf was this powerful, and the appearance of Maria completely blew his mind.

If he fought Maira, he would need to use his Sword and Spear as well as his fire to the limit. He might also need to release his 100 meter Sword and Spear Domains. But it seemed he would need to use his Array or combining the domains together to defeat him.

After the training for the past few months, Alex had comprehended the essence of becoming a Sword King. He practiced it every day until he could compress his Sword Domain and make it cover his sword and send it flying. 

He then used that knowledge to advance to be a Spear King. Of course, his Sword Mastery and his Spear Mastery played a big role in his progress. As expected from a UR Gacha from his system, he could still rely on those two for a long time.

Luckily, the Zhou Kingdom that he would fight tomorrow would only be around 9-Star Martial Lord despite having 10-Star Martial Lord cultivation. The usage of blood pills was that serious. However, he would also need to take precautions against their Berserk Pill.

Although the possibility of them not using it tomorrow was high, he would still need to be careful. He might even use his trump card in tomorrow's fight. He had four trump cards. The first trump card would be his Array. Considering he would soon spread his name through the continent as well as using it in the fight against 150,000 soldiers, he might be able to use it in this tournament.

However, it came with a certain risk. His enemy might feel something wrong. After all, he was a Rank 4 Alchemist before he was a rank 4 Array Master. He could use a few rank 5 Array though. The enemy might become a bit more cautious if they found him using the array like this. So, he decided to wait and see for this trump card.

The second trump card was his Pure Fire. He did not have any plan to reveal it any time soon. After all, even in the Northern Continent, the Pure Fire was still sought after. If it was spread in here, there was a certain risk for it to spread in the Northern Continent as well.

They might target him for his Sacrificial Fire, which he gave to Firia. If they knew about it, they might recruit him because of that talent or kill him so they would not leave a future problem. 

This was also the reason why he changed the array beneath the arena to break after a minute pa.s.s. He could just pretend he got suppressed by the array if the enemy used it. This way, they would not realize he was a Pure Fire Element. He did not care about having fame and such as he did not need such self-satisfaction. He just wanted to get stronger and meet his wives again.

The third trump card was his Twin Intent. If he combined the two intents, it would create a far stronger intent that he called Twin Intent. This would also bring him troubles as the people would drool upon the sight of this technique.

This was different from using a sword and spear simultaneously. If he used two weapons at the same time, the people would think he used his time to learn both weapons and had a talent for them. But if it was the fusion between them, then it was something unprecedented.

So, it left him with the fourth trump card, which was his Sword King as well as Spear King realm. Unlike the other three, this would be the most normal trump card. If he showed this to everyone, they would just cla.s.sify him as a genius or monster.

As for the King realm, it seemed there were many Sword King or Spear King in the Northern Continent. So, it would be fine to reveal it. He also felt he could do just fine with this trump card in the tournament without having a need to reveal another one.

This Maira also had many interesting techniques as he wondered if he should copy it or something. As for Elder Dolf's Heaven Breaking Sword, he almost copied it. After all, it did not have the requirement such as Charya's Sword Rite, which solely relied on instinct.

Alex wanted to copy this because he lacked close combat techniques. For his spear, he had Silver Sovereign, Spear Throwing Art, Quick Silver, and Jewel Wind. For his sword, he had Seven Stars Cut, Sun Beam, Pentagram Slash, Omnislash, and Dancing Sword(20-Swords).

Just by that list, Alex really did not have close combat techniques besides Silver Sovereign. Even that technique also had a limitation. Silver Sovereign was a Spear Technique, so its real power was in the piercing power that came from Silver Raven. But if he used it with a sword which was basically swinging, then it was a bit lacking.

This Heaven Breaking Sword was perfect for him at the moment. He had observed the technique carefully and almost finished copying it. He would just need to practice a few rounds, and he would master it. He could do it this fast because he was no longer like the way he was. He already acc.u.mulated many experiences and understanding, thus resulting in him understanding it faster.

As for Maira, he already set his eyes on that Berserker Strike as well as his Sword Snake. But because of the need for a close combat technique, he immediately chose that Berserker Strike.

He also had a need for Element Arts. He only had his Fire Phoenix Art for his Fire Element. As for the previous boost step and the others, he realized he could not use it anymore. Not because they were useless, but because they did not give him a big boost anymore. It was like his Sky Movement, especially his Immovable Step, which had a limit of five dragon strength.

Sooner or later, he would abandon it like his Sanguin Sword Art and the others. Maybe as soon as he reached Martial King, he needed to search for a new Movement Art. He had somehow browsed the technique in Zwaka's inheritance, but most of it was only a High Earth Tier Art with a few of them being a Heaven Tier Art.

Even so, he did not find a Martial Art or Element Art, which he felt compatible with him. So, he might donate it to the sect if he felt they were useless. He might also sell some to raise money, but if he released them simultaneously, the price would fall. So, he decided to sell a few of them to raise around a hundred or two hundred million Spirit Stones then donated the rest to the sect.

Well, it was just a thank you for Charya and the others. He still remembered where Charya brought the entire nine peaks just to avenge his grievance against the Bell Family. Even though partly it was because of the Blood Pill, Alex was still gratified. It was also a thank for keeping his secret this long.

He had considered selling it in the Northern Continent, but he doubted they would sell at a high price. So, he felt it would be more beneficial if he donated it. Part of it was because he felt he could get good karma from it… probably.

Even so, his schedule was already tight, and he could not spend any more time besides training, Sword, Spear, Alchemy, and Array, as well as making money. What he lacked was time. It was just barely three years ever since he came to this world, and in just three years, he had advanced this much, which others might need a few decades to achieve.

Because of that, he really needed to schedule his time seriously. If only Firia were here, she would be able to help him in Alchemy. Considering her nature, she should be able to learn many things under him. If he just gave his Simulation Room, it would not be long before she became a money-making machine.

That way, he would have more time to practice his Element Art. Of course, all of it was just a wish. His greatest wish was just to see her happy.

Anna and the others also helped him on many occasions where he needed to fight many influences at the same time. He never made trouble unless he needed to like Putri's case. But in her case, it was more like they had been plotting against her for a while, and he was just caught up in the process.

When he was introspecting himself, he suddenly heard.

"Thiveapia Kingdom win!"

"Ooh! Finally, the Thiveapia Kingdom won the match. After many battles, this was the time where Thiveapia Kingdom won the match, not because the opponent gave up.

"Will this be the time for the win streak for Thiveapia Kingdom? After all, Heavenly Sword Sect is facing the strongest man in the Thiveapia Kingdom, Maira de Gran Thiveapia." The announcer said.

Alex looked at the third elder, who was covered with wounds, sitting on the ground. Alex then turned to Maira and checked it with his Spirit Eyes. He could see that Maira had used around thirty percent of Spiritual Energy.

Sadly, the third elder needed to fight two other people. If not, he would be able to exhaust him more than this. Although Maira was stronger than him, it was not like their gap was like Heaven and Earth. The third elder should be able to make him use 50-70 percent of his power if he was in a top condition.

But it was already enough for Heavenly Sword Sect, specifically for the first elder, Arua. He came to the stage with a smug smile while the third elder left the arena.

"To think the progress of Old Dolf was that much. If I know, I would be able to come up with a plan."

"Don't say anything. All of us want to be the winner in this Tournament, so it is normal to hide your power for the time being." Arua took out his green sword.

"So, be it. You and I are always equal in strength. Even with this state, I might not be the loser."


"Match Start!" 

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