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"Heavenly Sword Sect wins."

"Next." The third elder yawned.

The third elder defeated Ruth pretty easily. He then looked at an old man with spiky silver hair. He had a muscular body and fierce eyes. There was also a scar running from his left cheek to the right cheek, making him appear gallant. 

"It has been a while, Maira. Why don't we have a bout here?" Dolf Kolk said. Maira, in his mouth, was the only 10-Star Martial Lord in Thiveapia Kingdom. He tried to challenge him, not because he knew he would win. Instead, he wanted to wear him out. 

The original plan was to drag him out, and the third elder would exhaust him. After that, the first elder would come out and finish him off. As for the rest of their team, it would be an easy fight for the first elder or the second elder. And there were plenty of 9-Star Martial Lord elders.

"Hmph. There is one person that makes me curious, and maybe you should drag him out to the arena first if you want me to come out." The old man, Maira, said.

"Hoo… Who is it? You mean our first elder, Arua?" Dolf furrowed his eyebrows.

"No way. I know that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is strong, but despite many elders in the sect, there was someone who managed to join this compet.i.tion despite having 6-Star Martial Lord cultivation back then.

"He is the same man that managed to s.n.a.t.c.h my granddaughter away from the kingdom," Maira said with a cold tone. He remembered the time when Evelyn was kidnapped right under their nose. It was the biggest failure as a royal guard, as well as the royal family.

"Hahaha…" Dolf recognized who he was with just that explanation. There was only a single person that fit the criteria, and he was one of his opponents in the token compet.i.tion. "You oldie, you are not qualified to fight him."

The people were shocked by that statement. They heard he was only a 6-Star Martial Lord, but to think Elder Dolf declared Maira, a 10-Star Martial Lord, was not qualified to fight him. They could not believe it. Even the people from Heavenly Sword Sect were confused about this.

Sadly, only the third elder who faced him in the token compet.i.tion knew something other people were not aware of. Despite having 6-Star Martial Lord cultivation, he fought him bravely and finally drove him away. Sadly, Alex would not partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion either way since he was planning to destroy the Zhou Kingdom completely tomorrow.

"You won't be able to fight him today no matter what. So, get your a.s.s over here and fight me." Dolf said.

"I will defeat you." Suddenly, another old man came to the arena. "You need to pa.s.s me first."

Dolf looked at the old man whose hair was already gone. His cultivation was 9-Star Martial Lord, but more importantly, he remembered this guy as he was the old man of the guy he had defeated earlier. "Robert Milian…"

"There is no way for his majesty to act before me. Besides, I need to pay you back for what you have done to my son."

"I did something? I just defeated him and did not even heavily injure him." Dolf snorted.

"Either way, I will need to defeat you…"

"Talk big, eh? You need 10-Star Martial Lord Cultivation first before you even challenged me." Dolf shrugged.

Robert then took out his personal Sword and looked at Dolf Kolk. He stepped forward and felt a huge pressure on his body. This was the pressure that Ruth had experienced earlier. Just standing in front of this, he felt he was going to be swallowed by Elder Dolf.

Sadly, this pressure, it would be effective if he was a 5-Star Martial Lord or below. Feeling this pressure would suppress them a bit as this pressure did not originate from Spiritual Energy alone. It was combined with the experiences he had until now and his killing intent.

His expression became serious and pointed his sword toward Elder Dolf as he also released his own aura that would not lose to Elder Dolf's. They were waiting for the fight to start as the tension began filling the atmosphere.

"Match Start!"

When both of the pressure in the arena suddenly vanished without a trace. The pressure was replaced by a sudden shock wave that made the ground shake a little bit. In the arena, people could see Elder Dolf and Robert clas.h.i.+ng their swords.

Elder Dolf s.h.i.+fted his stance a bit.

"!!!" Noticing this, Robert tried to pressure him more. He knew he was going to push him back or something, according to the stances. With that, he managed to hold back Elder Dolf's offensive.

Seeing this, Elder Dolf s.h.i.+fted his stance again. By the look of it, he needed to change his strategy a bit. He took a deep breath before channeling his power to his arm. "Heaven Breaking Slas.h.!.+"

"Thorn Sword." Seeing the glow in Dolf's sword, he knew he should not lose in this. His sword started growing thorns in its blade.

When they clashed, the thorns grew bigger and bigger to the point it almost reached Elder Dolf's neck.

Dolf immediately jumped back after seeing the thorns almost hit him. He then waved his Sword, and a Sword Wave flew from his sword toward Robert at a breakneck speed.

"Seven Stars Cut."

Dolf only wanted to destroy the thorn in that sword that seemed to be alive. He thought of that because he saw the thorn grew like it had intelligence. No, it might be Robert who controlled it. Even so, the thorn was bad news, so he wanted to get rid of it.

"Sovereign Slayer!"

Robert remembered that it was useless to fight this Seven Stars Cut head one. So, he recalled the way the Rainbow Flower Sect disciples dealt with the Seven Stars Cut. He just focused his Sword Intent as well as his Martial Art to a single point and struck the Sword Wave from below.

Just like receiving a volleyball, Robert strengthened his hands and ankles to push the Sword Wave upward. After making the Sword Wave fly upward, he immediately ducked down to avoid the sword wave.

Seeing he managed to deflect it, he then jumped forward and struck another strike to Elder Dolf.

Surprisingly, he managed to cut him down before noticing what he had slashed was only an afterimage.

"!!!" He suddenly felt danger from behind. He just realized he was baited into this position by Elder Dolf. He immediately turned his body and saw Elder Dolf fly toward him at high speed. Both of them swung their swords at the same time.

"Heaven Breaking Sword!"

"Sovereign Slayer!"

Dolf pa.s.sed him while Robert did not move after that single strike. Suddenly, a sword wound appeared on Dolf's arm. The blood started seeping through that fresh wound.

When the people in the arena saw that, they were utterly dumbfounded. They never expected Robert was the stronger one. Of course, this was the opinion of normal people or the people who had lower cultivation as they could not see what just happened.

The people who had 7-Star Martial Lord cultivation or above could clearly see what happened. Elder Dolf was the one who won that exchange.

Not long after that, they saw a huge cut on Robert's chest. The blood that flowed out of his wound could not be compared to Dolf's as it was a giant wound on his body.

"Puah!" Robert spat out blood. He thought, "To think Dolf would let me injure his arm just to inflict more damage on me… This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really planning to drag his majesty out after this.

He looked at Dolf in precaution after this strike. He knew Dolf wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible. He was sure of that when he saw Dolf waving his sword again and shot out a Sword Wave out of his sword.

"Seven Stars Cut!"

This time, Robert did not try to deflect the Sword Wave. Instead, he struck the Sword Wave from above and used the force from his Sword as well as Dolf's Sword Wave to throw himself to the air. He thought he would be able to fool Dolf this way.

In the sky, he immediately waved his Sword again.

"Emperor Three Swords!" Within that slash, he managed to summon three blue swords. The Swords then flew toward Dolf with its own path. Robert was the one who controlled these three swords to make sure no swords missed its target.

When Dolf saw this, he simply released his Sword Domain. With that Sword Domain, he could keep track of the swords' movements easier. He could see the difference of path between each sword, and he immediately realized which one would strike him first.

His sword then started glowing before it released an overbearing pressure. He already used his 'Heaven Breaking Sword' as well as concentrating his Sword Intent there. He stepped forward while swinging his sword to the first illusory sword.

The Illusory packed more power than he thought it would, but it still did not pose any trouble to him. He broke the first sword and turned his body to destroy the second sword. After finis.h.i.+ng it, he then broke the third Sword. But this time, it was not with a normal swing. Instead...

"Seven Stars Cut!"

The Seven Stars Cut destroyed the Sword and made its way toward Robert. 

"!!!" Robert immediately struck it down, but because of the wound on his chest, he could only deflect it. Even so, it broke his posture.

It was at this time Dolf suddenly appeared in front of him. He used the time Robert used to deflect his Seven Stars Cut to jump toward him and waved his sword.

"!!!" Robert could only take that swing head-on. But because of his posture, he was immediately blown away and crashed to the ground.

Robert immediately rose again, but before he could do anything, the third elder seriously engaged him in close combat.

Because of his injury, Dolf only needed to wear him out, and he would win. And that was precisely what he wanted to do. He did not think anything else and continuously engaged him.

Robert's movement started becoming sluggish as time pa.s.sed by. The huge wound on his body started hindering his movement, and the third elder took advantage of that to deal more and more damage against him.

In just a few minutes, he was full of wounds. He did this to prepare himself for the fight against Maira. If he used too much Spiritual Energy just to defeat Robert, he would then be too exhausted to put up a great fight against Maira.

That was why he let Robert injure his arm once so he could use this strategy. He wanted to make sure to end Maira with just him and the first elder or the second elder. If they could not do that, then the possibility of Thiveapia Kingdom winning this round would be high since Alex did not partic.i.p.ate today.

Of course, if Alex partic.i.p.ated, then he would not need to use this kind of strategy and took two or three Martial Lords like Charya then surrendered.

Robert finally fell down to the ground, too exhausted to even move his finger. At the last minute, it was his will power alone to keep fighting. But this time, he really could not move a single finger anymore.

"I lose…" 

"Heavenly Sword Sect wins!"

Elder Dolf looked at Maira and said, "Come!"

"Uoh!" The crowd started cheering. Thiveapia Kingdom had lost five of its combatants while Heavenly Sword Sect only lost Charya. So, the people knew who would win if this continued.

Thiveapia Kingdom also knew about it. That was why the moment Elder Dolf said that. Maira immediately came to the field. He took Robert out of the arena before standing in front of Dolf.

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