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"Thunder Dragon First Move, Heavenly Lightning Claw."

Honda Sana suddenly stood up as she was startled to see this phenomenon in this place. "This… this technique… A technique that could influence nature… Saint Tier Martial Art. No, this must only be a High Tier Heaven Tier Martial Art as this technique did not influence or direct nature but calling it. Even so, to see a Heaven Tier Martial Art that could affect nature, this should be one of the peak Heaven Tier Martial Arts… but how can she possess it?

"In this continent where even low Heaven Tier Martial Art was a scarcity, there was no way she could possess a peak Heaven Tier Martial Art! Even my Honda Family only had one. As for the Saint Tier, only first-rate influences such as Blackwade Clan have it." Honda Sana looked at Charya intensely. 

She remembered Charya was one of the people that did not get their memory erased by Maxwell. In fact, she felt Charya also received something from him when he healed her.

"!!!" She finally realized what happened. It was impossible for her to have it because the Martial Art came from a great person. Nilis Continent only knew the existence of Mid Heaven Tier Martial Arts, so if they saw this, they should not know it was a High Heaven Tier Martial Art.

As for the people from the Sacred Continent, they would not bother themself to come to this continent. It was also the same for the people from the Northern Continent. After removing them from the continent, Maxwell calculated that they would not come to this continent again unless it were an emergency.

In fact, if it were not for the order of Song Yu, she would not come to this place and host this tournament. A desire arose in her heart for this Martial Art, but it soon disappeared when she recalled Maxwell's strength.

Maxwell could make a rank 6 Array without his main body, and he might even use more. He just did not have blood powerful enough to contain a rank 7 Array. And when she thought Maxwell could even make a rank 8 Array with his main body. She shuddered and buried that thought deep inside her mind.

Her Honda Family would not offend this kind of person. Even the Song Yu's clan could not afford to offend this person. Only the main Blackwade Clan would possess enough strength to offend a rank 8 s.p.a.ce Element Array Master. Even so, they would not recklessly challenge someone like that.

Because of this, she could not say or ask anything about it to Charya, as well as to… Alex. She tried to keep her mind clear to not be blinded by greed.

Honda Sana looked at Alex, who was observing the arena from Xiang Bai's room since he did not partic.i.p.ate in this round. She was wondering whether she could ask about this or not, and after several thoughts, she decided not to ask him. If someone asked about this, it would be Song Yu.

Meanwhile in the arena, 

All the people could see the 'black' Smith because he had been roasted by lightning. If Charya wanted it, she could kill Smith with just that strike alone, but it seemed she did not have the intention of killing him. That was why she held back at the last moment, leaving him with heavy injuries.

Charya looked at him with blurred vision. After using that attack, her Spiritual Energy was almost empty, and the numbness spread from her left hand to the entire body.

She then checked her body after using that. She was very thankful to Maxwell for giving her this technique. Although she could only use the first move, it was far beyond her imagination. She remembered that the first time she used it, her left arm was the same as the smith on the ground, roasted by the lightning.

Alex even came to her to check on her. He thought it was a Lightning Tribulation, so he decided to see it. After all, if it were a Lightning Tribulation, it would be very surprising since Charya was only a 9-Star Martial Lord as far as he remembered. Even so, having another Martial King in the sect would also benefit him in his grand plan.

Sadly, all he found was Charya with a black left hand. She needed to recuperate for a few days to heal her injury before giving him an explanation. When Alex heard that it came from his Master, he just shrugged his shoulder and brushed it off.

"Will Elder Charya continue or give up after this round?" The announcer once again asked Charya to see whether she would surpa.s.s their imagination again or not. Sadly, the response he and the crowds got was, "No. I will pa.s.s."

Charya then came back to recover for tomorrow's fight. Since Alex wanted to completely dominate Zhou Kingdom, she got an extra day to recover, so she did not need to worry about having this injury. This was why she could confidently challenge three people today.

After this match, the one that came out was the third elder. They decided to end this once for all after gaining a big momentum from Charya. They wanted to gain an even bigger momentum, and if possible, they wanted to make that 10-Star Martial Lord out of hiding.

The third elder alone might not be enough to defeat him, but he could wear him out before finis.h.i.+ng it by sending the first elder or the second elder.

Sadly, they did not manage to make him out as the third elder's opponent was only an 8-Star Martial Lord. He was a middle-aged man with long blue hair. There were also many st.i.tches wounds on his face, giving him another kind of pressure.

Just by looking at him, normal people could see that he had experienced many things, and with the pressure emanating in his eyes, it sent chills down to one's spine.

Sadly, his opponent was the third elder of Heavenly Sword Sect. His fierceness was on a whole different level. The moment they saw his eyes, they felt like they were in front of a lion. They wanted to escape from the lion, but their feet could not move out of fear.

"Hoo… To think there is someone who has this kind of eyes in the Thiveapia Kingdom other than that person and your Marshall."

"Captain of the Royal Guard, Ruth Millian." He finally introduced himself. But no one had expected that he was the family head of Milian Family, Riolet's father. "I apologize for my son's behavior in the grandmaster stage compet.i.tion.

"He tried to protect her highness's safety, but it seemed it backfired to him, especially after he was controlled by the situation as well as Mount Hua Sect. And he involuntarily made your disciples in danger."

"Ho, you are not angry because your son was killed?" The third elder asked.

"As a father, I am not angry but sad. But as Milian Family's head, that blunder is really a disappointment to my Milian Family. And even if he came back in one piece, I would be the one who kills him no matter how hard it was for a father." Ruth said.

"Well, the situation has been resolved, so I don't want to talk about it. I am sure you are also not comfortable saying something like this."

"Yes." Ruth nodded.

The third elder then took out his green sword, the same sword he used when he fought Alex. On the contrary, Ruth was using two daggers.

"Match Start!"

Both of them released their domain as they were trying to probe each other's abilities. In an instant, Ruth knew their difference in strength. He immediately threw his dagger toward the third elder.

"!!!" The third elder was surprised to see this. To think he threw his weapons in the instant the match started, he was wondering if he was a fool or something. If he knocked these two daggers down, he would be able to settle this match pretty easily.

He raised his sword, preparing to blow the two daggers away. But, just an inch from his sword range, the daggers stopped in mid-air, which astonished him. With the range so close, he could see a thin string attached to the daggers. 

Even so, he just needed to take a step forward and swung his sword to knock these two daggers. When most of the people in the arena expected the third elder to do that, the third did not do anything. In fact, he just stood there without moving his sword.

Elder Dolf knew this was only a bait from Ruth, so he did not bother knocking these two daggers off. Instead, he only observed his surrounding as well as the string attached to the daggers. The dagger almost fell down, but before it started falling, he could see the string move to his right.

Dolf immediately raised his sword and Swung to his right.

"Seven Stars Cut!"

Everyone was wondering why he did that while observing the Seven Stars Cut. Finally, at the end of the Seven Stars Cut, they could see Ruth receiving the Sword Wave with his daggers.

Ruth was made flying by the Sword Wave. He already expected that the third elder would not bite the bait and immediately searched his preposition. Sadly, he did not expect that the third elder would use his string to track his position. 

He tried to s.h.i.+ft his body and leave the path of the Sword Wave by rolling his body a few times. After several attempts, he managed to do it before cras.h.i.+ng to the wall. Sadly, the attack from Elder Dolf did not stop there.

"Four Direction Slash."

Dolf Kolk used the degraded version of Pentagram Slash. Those four slashes made its way toward Ruth, trying to cut him. Of course, as an expert, Ruth immediately dealt with these four slashes.

Ultimately, he could only block two of them because he was still rolling in mid-air while the rest managed to make a quite deep wound on his body.

As expected from the third elder, he could even injure him like that without making many efforts like Charya. And to think there were another two people stronger than him in the team, the Heavenly Sword Sect's victory was nothing but a.s.sured. Of course, Alex was still underestimated by the others as even though they knew his fame, they did not know his exact power. After all, Alex's progress was too fast, and even if they kept the report about his power, it would change soon in a month or so.

So, no one knew his power and made them wary against him. That was why, the former king of Thievapia Kingdom, the only 10-Star Martial Lord, wanted to see Alex's strength first before coming out.

Sadly, seeing him appear in Xiang Bai's room, he already knew that he would not partic.i.p.ate in this round. He did not know if Alex wanted to hide his strength, or he thought Thiveapia Kingdom was not worthy enough to show his strength or the Heavenly Sword Sect just wanted to protect him.

His answer would not be answered soon after seeing that his subordinates were defeated one after another. The damage Charya inflicted on their team was really hurt.

Meanwhile, in the arena, Ruth was completely suppressed by the third elder. They could see his body had been covered with wounds, and Ruth would go down sooner or later.

"Heaven Breaking Slas.h.!.+"

"Dual Daggers Bas.h.!.+"

Their clash made a great shockwave that reverberated the arena. But everyone could see Ruth was blown away again and crashed onto the wall.

"You can keep getting stronger after this, but in this fight, you won't be able to defeat me. Just surrender." Elder Dolf said. 

"There is no way I can surrender. Millian Family does not have 'surrender' in their dictionary." Ruth said with a serious expression.

"Then, I can only defeat you."

The third Elder started his offensive, and after a few more rounds, Ruth finally went down, unconscious.

"Heavenly Sword Sect wins." 

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