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Chapter 626 Finish For Now“K3516, your protection circle!” k3305 arrived a little late since he had packed up the protection circle for Abel.

“Everyone, quick! Get the spoils of war, and let's get out of here. The orcs have lost a lot, so they will definitely get revenge. The attack next time will be even more powerful!” Head Commander Edi yelled in command.

Since basically all wolf riders were killed by Abel, all of their possessions should belong to Abel, according to paper. Even though everyone was helping him put away the stuff, the stuff still belonged to Abel.

Not a single ordinary fighter that was sent out this time, and Abel was not planning to share his spoils of war with everyone. To these elite fighters and beginner wizards, sharing spoils of war for no reason was basically an insult.

With the help of everyone, Abel quickly brought back all of his spoils of war. Most of them were weapons and jewelry worn by wolf riders. Those things were all valuable in the human world.

Since magical gems were not useful in the orc empire, and they would often use it to craft jewelry. However, those jewelry made by orcs were quite ugly, its quality fine.

Most of the jewelry Abel had put in his portal bag was made from intermediate gems. All the other metals on that jewelry were also exclusive to the orc empire, so they were extremely valuable in the human world.

In regards to their weapons, only wolf rider captains would be able to have a full metal spear. Normal wolf riders would only have a spear with a metal blade and a wooden body. This way, they could save a lot of iron.

“We don't have much use for these weapons right, why are we taking it back?” Although Abel had fought with the orcs before, he had completed that fight with a team of knights. At that time, he thought those knights had only brought those wolf riders' weapons back as a memento.

However, most of the people who had joined this fight were prestigious beginner wizards and head commanders; why did they bring back all those normal weapons?

“On the orc battlefield, we have to bring back everything made with metal, even a pin!” Said Head Commander Edi, pointing at a stack of arrows.

K3308 then added from a side, “Metals are very rare in the orc empire, so the more he gets back, the fewer weapons they will have. Take a look at the weapons made for these elite wolf riders; they are not even entirely made out of metal!” He then poured a pile of long spears on the ground from his portal bag.

Abel shook his head; this was more like cleaning up rubbish than a battle.

It was a good thing his portal bag was big. He also used telekinesis to pick up everything reusable and shoved it in his portal bag. He would take care of it after he got back; at most, he would just throw them in the furnace.

“Let's get out of here!” Head Commander Edi saw the place was getting cleaned up, so he yelled.

Even if their team wanted to leave, they could not avoid the orcs tracking them. 3 gyrfalcons were flying in circles above them all this time; the orcs had fully grasped their movement.

Still, it was not a good idea to dwell around. There were so many dead bodies here. If an orc priest arrived, all of those dead bodies would become weapons. The blast of an ‘exploding corpse' was no joke and its range was quite large as well. It was the most powerful ma.s.s attack spell a priest could do.

The battle had ended way too fast. The sky still hadn't gotten dark. But this time, they no longer needed to find the orcs. The 3 gyrfalcons above them signified that the orcs would find them.

By that point head, commander Edi no longer requested to divide the teams. He had just underestimated the orcs. If Abel wasn't a G.o.dly archer, some of them would be dead already.

“K3516, what about those mount wolves?” K3308 asked gently, seeing the team was about to leave.

Abel gaze at k3308. He suddenly felt the urge to shove a rune card down k3308's throat. He had promised before that he would not mention anything about the past battle. Things such as controlling mount wolves could only be done in Mount Budapest, where there was no one around.

If he had taken control of those ownerless mount wolves on the orc battlefield, the 3 gyrfalcons above would definitely report it to the orcs. Then, the only thing waiting for Abel would be endless chasing and killing. Maybe the orcs would even send out some actual superpowers.

Only a tiny part of the orcs military was sent out to the orc battlefield. A lot of races would not even appear on the battlefield, such as the bears, the Tauren, the lions, the tigers, and the behemoth.

This was because these races were born with a naturally powerful fighting power. Just look at a bearman, for example; they could fight against a head commander just when they turned into adults.

The other races, such as the Tauren, lions, and Tigers, were not as strong as a head commander when they reached adulthood, but they could be much stronger just by a little bit of training.

Humans were born weak. If they didn't have a full set of well developed and inherited knight training, there was no way they could fight against those orcs.

Of course, the orcs had also started training was similar to knight training long ago since their body const.i.tution was not too different from humans.

Especially after long years of trial and error, the orcs' training was more and more similar to human knight training. Still, their difficulties varied, and it required a lot more resources as well.

On top of that, only a small amount of orcs could embark on that training. Therefore, a true hierarchy was developed in the orc empire.

Worgen was just another normal race in the orc empire long ago. Due to their large population, they were slightly above the status of p.e.c.k.e.r orcs.

However, ever since knight training was developed, and the worgens realized this training was very suitable for their bodies, they had become one of the most important fighting sources of the orc empire in no time.

Also, due to the Worgen's big population, they could be seen in the frontline of almost every battle. That was why Abel always ran into them.

Once Abel showed a power that could threaten the orc empire, such as claiming mount wolves, it would trigger the orc empire to send out their most powerful forces. This was what Abel had worried the most. He was not confident enough to escape from an elite priest.

Elite priests were a direct counterpart to elite wizards. They were the most powerful occupations in the Holy Continent.

Their summoning spells, their bone spells, their poison spells, as well as their curses, were what made this occupation so mysterious.

“K3308, shut up!” Head Commander Bodley turned back in a vicious gaze and grunted.

He then gazed at Head Commander Markham. Although he didn't say anything, this gaze meant that Head Commander Markham should keep a closer eye on k3308.

Luckily, they were quite far away from everyone else, so the words of k3308 didn't attract any attention. However, k3303 by their side seemed to have noticed something.

The team of 20 men continued forward. Actually, the best thing to do was to head back to Miracle City for a rest. Everyone knew the next orc attack would not be easy.

However, they were on an orc empire hunting mission. They could not go back before 10 days. Once they went back, their mission would directly fail. 10 war glory would be deducted, and it would be a big embarra.s.sment–especially for these prestigious wizards and head commanders.

Going back to the Miracle Wall was not forbidden, but that place was filled with death qi. Unless the Miracle City sent out support, they would be at a big disadvantage if a battle broke out.

After moving for around 5 miles, Head Commander Edi lifted up his hand and stopped the team.

“We'll have dinner early. The orcs might not let us rest tonight!” Head Commander Edi lowered his voice.

The men came to a halt. They fed their mounts some peas and gra.s.s before preparing their dinner.

Head Commander Edi gazed at Abel, who was having his dinner and sighed. He knew that if Abel didn't unleash such horrific archery skills, he might have ended this mission already.

Just like those 2 teams of 1000 wolf riders for example–according to his past experience, their team would definitely take a big hit to wipe them out. The commanders of those wolf riders were extremely powerful. If they were unlucky, a large chunk of his men would be dead already

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