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Young master Anthony was held up by a few injured knights. His face had already grown white from his poked eyeb.a.l.l.s, but now it was starting to look grey. His whole body began to shake.

There was nothing more frowned upon than being a race traitor in this world–by all humans, no matter the time or circ.u.mstance. No matter who much of a prestigious n.o.ble you were, if you betrayed your race, your whole family would end.

“The Brown family–a family with a thousand years of history. It seems like it will end from today!” Abel's voice sounded like ice shard plunging into the heart of young master Anthony.

“No, this has nothing to do with my family. It's my fault. It has nothing to do with my family!” Young Master Anthony yelled crazily. He finally decided to accept his fate. His death was certain, but he didn't want to drag his family along.

Family was miles more important than anything in the hearts of n.o.bles. It was only with their family; a n.o.ble's offspring could be protected and have resources. Therefore, every n.o.ble in this world had immense respect for their family, even for a wizard like young master Anthony.

“There are 500 pieces of 100 skills iron. How could you find so many of them without your family's support?” Said Abel coldly at the screaming young master Anthony.

By this point, all young master Anthony knew how to do was tremble. In fact, that was all he could do when he thought about his fate and the fate of the Brown Family. No one would feel sympathy towards a n.o.ble human traitor.

“Ah!” By this point, Head Commander Craig realized what was happening. He never thought the family he served would do such a thing. He felt like all his pride had been stripped away in a flash. He felt betrayed regret and sorrow. But soon, he thought about a way that could prove his innocence.

He drew out his knight sword from his waist and mumbled, “humble, glory, sacrifice, bravery, pity, will, honor, justice!”

Afterward, he viciously plunged the sword towards his heart.

The moment when Abel realized what head commander Craig was doing, he took out a magic gem from his portal bag and threw it towards head commander Craig as his sword was about to make contact with his chest.

The magic gem struck perfectly on the elbow joint. Although the force was not big, it had made head commander Craig drop his sword.

“Head Commander Craig, you need to use orc blood to cleanse your mistake. You should find your glory back on the battlefield. Don't be a coward and kill your self!” Said Abel. Abel's gesture implied that he thought head commander Craig was innocent.

Young master Anthony would definitely use a secretive method to contact his exchanger personally. There was no way he would let anyone know a big crime like this unless it was totally necessary.

“Mr. Wizard, I will go to Miracle City and fight against the orcs until the end of my life!” Head Commander Craig kneeled in front of Abel and did a knights bow. He then stood up again and jumped on his horse without even giving young master Anthony a look. On his way to Miracle City, he did not look back.

Abel knew the Miracle City lacked Head Commanders, so if a human head commander wanted to go there, the Miracle Spirit would definitely accept.

“What do we do with him?” Head Commander Bodley said, pointing at young master Anthony on the ground.

Their little team still had not completed their mission, and it would be very inconvenient if they brought young master Anthony along. However, they didn't want to just kill Anthony ether. If they did kill him, they would lack important evidence to investigate the brown family in the future.

“Bodley, there's no need to talk. Just kill him. With you and Markham as testimony. I don't need to write a letter home to ask for a favor!” k3308 couldn't help himself and yelled.

Abel did not reply. Instead, a fire bolt flew out in his hand and directly ignited young master Anthony.

He intentionally controlled the power of this fire bolt, so young master Anthony would suffer longer before he died.

The already raspy voice of young master Anthony began to scream again, but this time, it would be the last scream he gave out in this life.

Afterward, Abel turned back to his teammates and said, “I'll take care of this; no need for you guys to worry!”

Suddenly, another idea had struck upon Abel's mind. Light flashed in his hand, and the portal bag of the other beginner wizard was sucked in by the telekinesis spell.

“I knew it!” A murderous aura flashed in Abel's gaze and flew a fire bolt to that beginner wizard as well.

Under the beginner wizard's screams, Abel lifted his portal bag and said, “it's filled with 100 skills iron as well!”

“Well deserved!” The others looked at that screaming wizard and sighed. How could a person like this become a wizard?

Without anyone noticing, Abel had connected with Bartoli through the soul chain. At that moment, Bartoli was transferring the mount wolves through a teleportation circle one by one.

“Bartoli, help me contact the Kingdom of St Pierrt's head of management, Duke Edington, and let him know I am very unhappy with the Brown family. They had exchanged 100 skills irons with the orcs. Also, help me find out who is the blacksmith for the Brown family. Make sure you don't let him know it is my intention!”

“Yes, master!”

Abel believed with all his heart that Duke Edington would make the right decision and take care of this. Which was more important, a Grandmaster Blacksmith who could kill elite wizards or a race traitor n.o.ble family?

He also wanted to know who was the blacksmith master forging all these 100 skills iron. Normal blacksmith masters would not do this since forging a 100 skills iron was basically a step away from forging an actual weapon.

A half complete product such as 100 skills iron definitely would not be as valuable as an actual weapon. Therefore, a blacksmith master would not just sell 100 skills iron, especially that much 100 skills iron.

This second portal was a little bit smaller, but it still had 5 cubic meters of s.p.a.ce. There were 200 pieces of 100 skills iron, which was quite shocking to Abel. Even a grandmaster blacksmith like himself would take quite a long time to complete forging that many 100 skills iron.

Abel's teacher Master Bentham was a blacksmith master by name. His actual forging level lay between a blacksmith master and an advanced blacksmith. It would take him half a day to forge a single 100 skills iron. 700 pieces of 100 skills iron would take a blacksmith master at least half a year of nonstop forging.

As a Grandmaster Blacksmith in the Blacksmith Union, Abel knew none of the blacksmiths in the Union would spend half a year forging 100 skills iron none stop.

“Mr. Wizard k3516, should we continue?” although head commander Bodley was the leader of this team, the power Abel had shown was way too scary. Maybe even their entire team together would not be able to take down Abel.

Abel stored up the 2 portal bags. He was quite interested in these 700 pieces of 100 skills iron. In some time, he would make more condensed iron out of them and swapped out the iron b.a.l.l.s in Johnson.

Although the iron b.a.l.l.s on Johnson were the works of Blacksmith Dwarfs, it required way too many 100 skills iron, and no Blacksmith Master would help him make that many 100 skills iron.

Now, with all these 100 skills iron, he could swap out the iron b.a.l.l.s in Johnson and give it a new body.

“Let's go!” Abel nodded.

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