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“Mr. Wizard, Craig is a real knight. If you can, please spare his life!” Head Commander Bodley hesitated and said.

“K3516, who cares about the Brown Family. That family is nothing too impressive anyway!” k3308 said arrogantly.

“Shut up!” Head Commander Markham yelled.

K3308 never saw head commander Markham get angry. As he looked around the expression of others, he realized maybe he had done something wrong.

“K3516, kill them!” K3305 viciously gazed at k3308.

“Mr. Wizard k3516, please don't consider head commander Bodley's suggestion. Just kill them!” Head Commander Markham lowered his voice.

Head commander Bodley stared at Head Commander Craig in pity and said with a nod, “Mr. Wizard k3516. For your safety, just kill them!”

By that point, k3308 realized he had just said Abel's number by mistake. If they had let those people go, The brown family would definitely seek revenge against Abel by all means necessary. Regret filled his heart.

“Hehe!” Suddenly Abel began to laugh, and then he asked head commander Bodley “I still don't know who the brown family is. Can you tell me about them?”

Head Commander Bodley was caught off guard a little. He always thought Abel was the core member of some big family. How could he not know about the Brown Family?

But Head Commander Bodley did not think too much about it. Nothing matters just by looking at Abel's ability.

“The Brown Family has thousands of years of history in the Kingdom of St Pierrt. They are very powerful, the 3rd most powerful family in the Kingdom of St Pierrt. Although there are no elite wizards in their family, I heard they are very good with the elite wizards of the Kingdom of St Pierrt's Wizard Union. So for your safety, you should just kill them!” head Commander Bodley lowered his voice.

By this point, head commander Craig's face had grown grey. As a knight, he was not afraid to die since the Brown Family had done a great favor for him. This was the reason he had sold himself to the Brown family. Now that he failed to protect the young master, he no longer could face the leader of the Brown Family.

“Just a family in the Kingdom of St Pierrt, I thought it was some royal family of a kingdom. This is the pinnacle of arrogance!” said Abel with a cold laugh.

“Mr. Wizard, please spare the life of our 3rd young master. I can leave my life with you!” Head Commander Craig yelled suddenly.

His yelling had made the screaming young master Anthony stop.

“Head Commander Bodley is right; you are a real knight. Remember me; I am the wizard k3516. I live in area a09 in the wizard camp of Miracle City. If you want revenge, come find me!” Abel said with a laugh.

A family in the Kingdom of St Pierrt could do nothing to him. it was not worth it to make head commander Bodley lose face. Also, this head commander Craig seemed like a nice guy as well. It would be a pity if he had just killed him.

Everyone was shocked by what Abel had said. How could he be? How could he act so calm in the face of a thousand year old family's revenge?

“Wait!” Abel's face suddenly took a dark turn as he stared at Head Commander Craig, who was getting ready to leave.

Head Commander Craig felt his heart drop. Abel was so giving just then, so why did his face change all of a sudden.

He quickly nudged the few commanders to step in front of young master Anthony who was treating his wounds.

Abel's Mount wolf king viciously dashed out, and he arrived in front of head commander Craig. Head Commander Craig struck his sword out instinctively, and all Abel did was a little twist, and he avoided the sword.

Abel struck his hand between head commander Craig's sword and s.h.i.+eld. Then, he grabbed his belt and gave it a little push.

Head Commander Craig wanted to dodge, but he lacked a little bit of time. Abel's force had landed on his body, and he began to fall. But suddenly, that push became a pull.

Abel didn't use too much force; all he did was a little technique, and the perfect grasp of time. Just like that, the head commander without combat qi armor had been pushed down his war horse like a baby.

Afterward, he picked up the injured young master Anthony and went back to his mount wolf king. He heavily slammed young master Anthony in the ground and said in a cold voice with a touch of anger.

“Anthony, now I know why you have attacked us!”

Abel knew young master Anthony was a n.o.ble and he had tried to respect their rules as much as possible. Poking holes in this spoiled young master's eyes would probably teach him a lesson, and Abel wanted to save some face for head commander Bodley. However, this situation was actually a lot more serious than he initially expected.

“Mr. Wizard K3516, what did you realize?” Head Commander Bodley asked.

“Head Commander Bodley, take a look at this portal bag!” Said Abel as he threw young master Anthony's portal bag to head commander Bodley.

Head Commander Bodley held the portal bag in his hand. Even though Head Commanders had only grasped a tiny bit of magic power, it was enough for them to open a portal bag. The only thing was that a portal bag was extremely precious. Head Commanders rarely had the chance to come into contact with one.

It was a portal bag with 10 square meters of s.p.a.ce. This was big even for an intermediate wizard, which just showed how important young master Anthony was to the brown family.

However, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was what's inside. Other than some wizard resources, there was also a bunch of iron.

“100 skills iron!” head commander Bodley was not a blacksmith, but he was very familiar with iron material. 100 skills iron was the most important material for top quality weapons.

In the human world, most weapons did not have the privilege to be forged with iron like this. A 100 skills iron was basically a blacksmith master hammering 100 skills on to a top quality iron.

This iron was basically useless to normal people, or even wizards. Only a blacksmith could forge a weapon out of it.

Now here came the question. Why was a beginner wizard carrying so many 100 skills iron with him–Especially in the border between the orcs and humans such as Mount Budapest?

By that point, anger emerged on the face of head commander Bodley as well. He was the guardian of Miracle City. He had fought with the orcs countless times. Of course, he knew what the orcs could do with this iron.

Just like that bearman he had killed–if it's giant s.h.i.+eld was made entirely out of these iron, even his condensed iron sword would not be able to break it in a short period of time.

How come the humans could come out dominant in almost every battle with the orcs? The orcs were clearly superior in speed, power, and physics, but still, they could not win against human knights.

This was all because of gear. Human gears and forgery skills were far superior to the orc's, and these 100 skills iron was a clear reflection.

“Craig, you don't deserve to be a knight!” Head Commander Bodley lowered his voice and threw a chunk of 100 skills iron on the ground.

Head Commander Craig had just recovered from the shock of falling off his horse. He gazed at the iron in confusion. He knew head commander Bodley would care about trivial stuff. What was so serious about this 100 skills iron?

“I, Craig, have always lived by the glory of knights, I have not and will not offend it. Why did you say I don't deserve to be a knight?” Head Commander Craig yelled in question.

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