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Chapter 1217: Visit

It was the first of July. Abel arrived at his dining hall and had a big breakfast with his guests.

The fact that he was there meant that his retreat had ended.

He knew he couldn’t keep his legendary status a secret anymore, so he had to rebuild his relations.h.i.+ps.

He had no other choice.

After breakfast, he met up with 3 familiar guests.

“Legend Bennet, I remember when you were still a big druid. Now you are a legend!” Legendary wizard Dolan smiled.

He sighed. He had never met anyone who progressed this fast.

If the wizard union did not confirm that the tree of life was involved, they might have captured Abel for research already.

A druid becoming legendary in a few short years was definitely extraordinary.

“Wizard Dolan, I still have not mastered any legendary spells, so there is a lot I have to learn from you!” Abel smiled.

“We are here today to congratulate you on behalf of the wizard union. Not only that, we have to tell you something only legends can know about. I’m not too familiar with druid skills, but I’m happy to discuss that with you!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

“Wizard Dolan, please tell me!”Abel sat up straight and said.

“First, there has not been another professional legend other than legendary wizard in the past 1000 years. You are the first legendary druid, so the wizard union investigated you!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

Wizard Dolan was the closest to Abel out of the 3 legendary wizards, so they decided to visit in person.

“Legends are the most powerful force in the continents. Every legend is allowed to appear carelessly in cities. But of course, if someone has offended the legends, you can kill them any time!” Wizard Dolan continued.

Abel nodded. He knew how easy it was for a legend’s energy to kill a low-rank professional, even without being at close range.

Considering how powerful that was, this rule was actually demanded by low-rank professions.

“Every 100 years, each legend will be granted a holy crystal!”

Abel was stunned. ‘A Holy Crystal?’

“Wizard Dolan, what’s a holy crystal?” Abel pretended he didn’t know about it.

He got the knowledge of G.o.d, but there were no mentions about wizards using them.

Still, he thought that it made sense considering the relations.h.i.+p between G.o.ds and wizards.

“Legend Bennett, you may have never been introduced to a holy crystal, but you’ve definitely seen it in action. Whenever the Holy Kingdom has an operation, they use a holy crystal to bound their teleportation circle or focus their attack on a single target!

There are 2 main training systems in this world. There are professional training systems such as wizards, druids, and priests. The other is the G.o.d’s training system. As you know, the only G.o.ds who survived in this world are the ones who sided with the wizard union, but one of the main ways they increased their power was through faith.” Wizard Dolan explained.

“Wizard Dolan, are you saying that the G.o.ds do not have to increase their power through battle?” Abel interrupted.

The first one he thought about was thief G.o.d Milton. Milton had no fighting skills.

“Haha, you seem to have understood the main point. Indeed, a G.o.d does not have to practice any fighting skills; all they have to do is strengthen their holy body!

The faith I mentioned can be stored in a compressed form, known as the holy crystal. A holy Crystal to a G.o.d was like potions to professionals.

During the holy war, the wizard union had obtained many holy crystals from the fallen G.o.ds. After long years of research, we discovered that holy crystals are extremely beneficial for the wizard meditation, so each legend can get one every 100 years!” WIzard Dolan continued.

“Wizard Dolan, are holy crystals beneficial to druids?” Abel interrupted once again.

“I am not sure, but if you want I can always exchange with you. I’ll make sure you are satisfied” Wizard Dolan laughed.

His words immediately irritated the other 2 wizards.

“Dolan, you think we can’t make Grandmaster Bennett satisfied?” Wizard Loka smirked.

“Legendary Bennett, don’t worry about them. A holy crystal is very valuable with many special powers. Even if you can’t use them for training, you can trade them with the G.o.ddess of moon and she will definitely give you a lot of benefits for it!” Wizard Duran just couldn’t help herself.

Abel knew the wizards were just messing around. There was no way they could keep the true value of holy crystals secret.

“Can the wizard union produce holy crystals?” Abel asked.

“Of course not, but the wizard union has gathered many of them from the war. From time to time, we will also receive some from the G.o.ds we kept alive!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

The G.o.ddess of the moon only managed to survive because the wizard union allowed her to.

He also thought of the holy water being used to heal people in the common world.

They were not effective on professionals, so Abel never paid too much attention, but it seemed like the G.o.ds they wors.h.i.+p might be true after all.

“Legend Bennett , the wizard union requires every legend to serve the wizard union for 30 years every 100 years to make sure they are powerful enough to go against the Evil Kingdom, but since you are a Grandmaster alchemist and you have been supplying the wizard union with potions, you don’t have to do that!” Wizard Dolan said with envy.

Abel didn’t know how jealous those wizards were, but it was actually not uncommon for wizards to sacrifice resources for those services.

The 3 wizards in front of Abel have served the wizard union for hundreds of years, and it was all because they wanted more resources for their future retreat.

But since Abel was a grandmaster alchemist who supplied potions, the true forces behind the wizard union decided that Abel had no responsibility to serve them.

It was also because Abel was not even a part of the wizard union. He was given a grandmaster badge of honor.

After all, no one was expecting a legendary druid to emerge.

“Legend Bennett, the wizard union will still ask you to partic.i.p.ate if a legendary war with the Evil kingdom because that isn’t just the wizard union’s business, but the whole world’s business!” Wizard Dolan said in a serious tone.

“Of course, I am a citizen of the Central Continent. I will do my best!” Abel lowered his voice.

Abel understood how karma worked. Considering his grudge with the Demon from Beyond, he had to do something.

“Legend Bennett, for now, you can just focus on making potions for now!” Wizard Dolan smiled.

To be honest, he knew a Druid’s skills would be limited, even as a legend.

“Dolan, we’ve almost covered everything, let’s move on!” Wizard Duran added.

Abel turned his gaze towards this rare female legend.

“Legend Bennett, you’ve been in retreat ever since you made a longevity potion for Dolan, How about you make one for me too?” Wizard Duran smiled.

Wizard Dolan had shown off his potions before pouring them down his throat, so Wizard Duran was wanted one as well.

Abel had been in retreat during. Only Wizard Dolan could freely enter and exit the golden castle since the other 2 legendary wizards were just normal friends to Abel.

“Wizard Duran, I am happy to help but you need to provide me with the main ingredient, the blood of a G.o.d!” Abel said.

“What? Blood of a G.o.d?” Wizard Duran immediately turned to the cheerful-looking Wizard Dolan “Dolan, did you draw blood from the G.o.d of war?”

“Yeah, Legend Bennett said fresh blood was better, so I brought him to the union’s underground chamber!’ Wizard Dolan brushed it off casually.

“d.a.m.n it. I really have to wait another 10 years!” Wizard Duran gazed at wizard Dolan furiously.

But in reality, all of these wizards still had a long time to live. If one of them were about to die, Wizard Dolan wouldn’t have taken his longevity potion so soon.

Abel also understood one thing looking at the wizards, and that was one could only draw blood from the G.o.d of war every 10 years.

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