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Chapter 1114: Super Teleportation

“Master Bennett, can this super teleportation circle connect to the super teleportation circle of the dwarves in the Holy Continent?” Bernie said with his eyes sparkling.

He could no longer hold himself back.

“Bernie, you want to go home?” Abel smiled at the excited Bernie.

“Of course, my father still doesn’t know I’ve become a wizard. I need to tell him this news personally!’ Bernie nodded and smiled.

“My super teleportation circle is ready and it can connect to the dwarves. But have you thought about how you are going to come back” Abel smiled again.

Bernie had no idea, so he turned to his teacher Wizard Hutton.

“Don’t look at me. Your heart can’t be this unsettled as a wizard. You just left home not long ago. Did you know every super teleportation circle ignition cost 10,000 credit points. You are not going to get that many until you become an elite wizard!” Wizard Hutton shook his head.

“Bernie, just help me bring something back and I’ll pay for your return!” Abel laughed when he saw Bernie’s face drop.

“Master Bennett, I’ll borrow credit points from you in the future!” Bernie jumped up in excitement.

In reality, 10,000 credit points were basically 10 years of pay for a normal elite wizard through missions and service in the Wizard Union.

Since all wizards needed training resources and credit points were the most common exchange currency, saving up to 10,000 credit points was definitely not easy.

The reason Abel had acc.u.mulated 150,000 credit points so easily was that he basically never needed to use them for training resources. He always preferred light gems.

Abel transferred 10,000 credit points to Bernie and took out some elite Wizard training resources.

Bernie had an eye for luxury. Although those resources were not uncommon in the Central Continent, they were extremely rare in the Holy Continent.

After all, resources were the main reason there was no rank 18 wizard in the Holy Continent.

“Master Bennett, who do you want me to give them to?” Bernie asked after Abel handed him a portal bag.

He wasn’t sure if Abel wanted to give the resources to the Kingdom of St Ellis, his family, or the elves.

“Bernie, are you really going back empty handed?” Abel gazed at Wizard Hutton and connected with Bernie through the power of the will so no one else could hear them.

Bernie immediately understood Abel. Those resources were for the dwarves.

Which made sense. After all, that teleportation circle belonged to Abel, and he could go back any time. So there was no need for Bernie to carry stuff for him.

There was even a bottle of golden longevity potion for his father. Bernie was touched as he put away the portal back. Then, all of a sudden, he didn’t even know how to say thank you.

The departure time was set for midnight. But, according to Wizard Hutton, each ignition from a super teleportation circle needed time to acc.u.mulate energy.

However, Abel felt like Wizard Hutton and Bernie just wanted to stay for lunch and dinner, so they pushed back the departure.

After lunch, Steward Myer and the servants began decorating the golden castle for the new year.

All the visitors who came to see the legendary light beside the 5 professionals and their disciples staying for a meal had left by dinner time.

It was almost the new year, and there were still 10 professionals eating at his place. Abel was speechless, but still, Steward Myer had to give them what they paid for with their light gems.

Most of all, he was speechless when another wizard had leveled up as he was eating with Bernie.

The other 4 professionals felt a little letdown, yet they still had their hopes up.

After all, seeing a wizard leveled up after eating was much more impactful than hearing rumors.

On the other hand, Abel was afraid of the ha.s.sle of his castle in the future if it kept helping wizards level up.

“Master Bennett, can you give us dwarves a few more spots for meals?” Wizard Hutton’s eyes fired up as he lowered his voice.

“Wizard Hutton, Bernie and you can come any day. As for the other dwarves… as you can see, everyone here are my friends. I don’t want to turn my castle into a restaurant!” Abel rejected him.

Abel made a big effort to limit the spot to 10 people per meal. If he gave the dwarves more, he would be in big trouble.

Wizard Hutton was also not expecting much. All he could hope for was Bernie speaking to Abel for him as his status in the dwarves grew.

Bernie was not an elite wizard, so he could not intervene with the business of the wizards. He couldn’t even manage a mid-level department in the continent.

“Magic circle spirit, send us to the super teleportation circle!’ Abel said after the meal.

In 3 flashes, Abel, Bernie, and wizard Hutton vanished from the dining hall.

“Master Bennett. I’m impressed, teleportation circles on the ground are a secret of the dwarves!” Wizard Hutton said helplessly.

He already felt something strange during the teleportation.

Since the ground of the golden castle was made out of gold and the special circle of the dwarves, they could ignite teleportation, defense, and speaker anywhere they wanted.

This was how the dwarves went all out.

However, the super teleportation circle was not built by the dwarves, yet Abel had already decoded their secret.

Little did the dwarves know, Abel had a spirit specialized in magic circles to a.n.a.lyze any circles in the golden castle in detail and replicate them.

Therefore, with enough resources, Abel could build another golden castle with his puppets.

Although it might not be as artistic as the dwarves, its magic circles would be perfect.

In fact, it might even be better since human error would be minimized.

“Wizard Hutton, what’s done is done. Are you going to force me to take this place down?’ Abel smiled.

“Master Bennett, I’m just joking with you!” Wizard Hutton quickly waved his hands.

“Bernie, off you go!” Abel ended his conversation with Wizard Hutton and opened the door for Bernie.

“Teacher, I’ll come back in a month!” Bernie gave his final bow.

“Bernie, make sure you keep training. You are not young, you can’t waste a single day!” Wizard Hutton reminded.

“Yes teacher!” Bernie replied and turned to Abel. “Master Bennet, I will say h.e.l.lo to your family!”

Abel nodded. He did not tell Bernie that he had a contracted servant Bartoli in the Kingdom of St Ellis and that he could know about the condition of the holy continent any time he wanted.

Bernie stepped into the main structure, and his face immediately sank as he looked down at the pattern.

He was too excited to go home. He almost forgot about the trauma a super teleportation circle gave him when he first came to the Central Continent.

But it was too late for regret.

All he could do was to clench the resources in his hand and cheer himself up.

“Magic circle spirit, ignite. The destination is the dwarves in the Holy Continent!” Abel said.

“Master, teleportation beginning!” The magic circle spirit sounded.

After a day of gathering mana, large amounts of energy gushed out from the circle towards Bernie.

A strong dimensional energy wave lashed out, almost like an earthquake.

Luckily both Abel and WIzard Hutton were law-defying wizards. So that energy wave didn’t do anything to them.

Bernie sensed lightning flas.h.i.+ng around him as a blinding beam of white light shot up towards the sky from the main building.

It was almost like the air around him was being torn apart as dimensional force surrounded him and dragged him into another dimension.

He felt violent vertigo and blacked out. Even a rank 4 wizard like himself could not withstand such impact.

After all, a wizard would only start getting used to moving through dimensions once they mastered the move in a flash as an intermediate wizard.

Therefore, Bernie would still have to suffer until he became an elite wizard.

Bernie realized he was lying on a familiar bed by the time he woke up again. He immediately patted his waist and let out a breath of relief. The portal bag of resources Abel gave him was still there.

It was a small move, but the servant dwarves immediately ran out.

“Young Master Bernie is awake!” They called as they ran.

Bernie shook his head. Those were the servants he had when he was in the Holy Continent, and soon he realized he was in his room in the Goff family.

The dizziness began to fade, and he heard his father coming. “Bernie, you are awake!”

Although Bernie was used to being away from home for business in the past, this time was the longest.

If Abel had not built a super teleportation circle, and he had to wait until the day he became an elite wizard to acc.u.mulate credit points for a return, Old Goff might not even be alive by that point.

“Bernie, tell me about the Central Continent!” Old Goff sat down and smiled.

Afterward, Bernie went on with the details as Old Goff continued to smile.

“Bernie, you are now a wizard. There’s no need to worry about the family. Just focus on your training in the Central Continent!” Although Old Goff was happy to see Bernie, he was still not happy about Bernie taking a break from his training.

However, he was stunned when Bernie took out a portal bag. Inside it was enough resources for his family to cultivate a few rank 18 wizards.

He couldn’t help but sigh. The best decision Bernie ever made was becoming friends with Abel.

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