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"Director!" Yun Xixi exclaimed in horror as she rushed to where October was. In front of her, her boss was on the floor with her head on the toilet bowl. Her hair was slightly messy, there was sweat on her face, and what was more horrifying to Yun Xixi was that her boss complexion was so deathly pale. She was just sitting there on the floor, with no strength at all. 

October looked up and saw the terrified look of her secretary. She saw that Yun Xixi was visibly shaking and was almost like on the verge of collapse. October then realized that she might have looked so undignified and was in a sorry state at this moment wherein her head was over the toilet bowl. 

Just as October was about to explain, she saw Yun Xixi zoomed in and gently grapped her to help her up from the floor. Under her touch, October can feel the trembling of Yun Xixi's hands and body.

Yun Xixi's hands were shaking while helping October up from the cold floor. Although she was shaking in nervousness and anxiety and worry, she still grit her teeth as she sw.a.n.g October's arm over her shoulders and a.s.sisted her to walk toward the mini sofa of the office. 

Even if there were a lot of questions swirming around her mind, but right now, helping her boss to get better was the most important thing for her to do.

Yun Xixi was very much fl.u.s.tered at this very moment but she still herself in control and make her mind clear. With that, she went to get a gla.s.s of water for her boss. After that, she reached out her hand and pulled some tissues from the table and started to wipe her boss' face.

All this time, October was quiet as she saw how Yun Xixi ernestly took care of her. What was more was that she was so worried, it was written clearly on her delicate and pretty face. It can be said that Yun Xixi was wiping her boss' face as if she was wiping a vry delicate and precious vase, so valuable yet also fragile. 

October knew that Yun Xixi is such a sweet and kind girl with a very bright and jolly personality. She did not know why this quirky secretary of hers took a great liking to her, a person who was cold and expressionless. Then, her gaze softened and an almost unnoticeable smile hang on her lips. Somehow, her heart felt happy. She had finally found someone so pure and genuine and most of all, kind even to someone like her.

At that time, before Yun Xixi came in, October's legs were shaking when she first threw up on the sink. And so she went to squat on the floor in front of the toilet bowl and continued to throw up there. With this, her legs won't loose strength and to avoid any unnecessary accidents. If something will happen to her child because of her carelessness, she will never forgive herself.

"Xixi, give me the tissue. I'll wipe myself." October lightly said while getting herself some tissues and started to wipe her face. She did not look at Yun Xixi who was still looking at her with worry.  October sighed in her heart and looked at Yun Xixi's delicate face. 

"Uh...drink another gla.s.s of water, Director." Yun Xixi fl.u.s.teredly said while offering it herself. She bit her lower lip and her brows were furrowed. Even now, her heart was still pounding fro fear. Geez! She almost had a heart attack there. 

"No. I'm okay now, Xixi. Thank you for your concern." October shook her lightly as she gently pushed the gla.s.s of water away. After that, she fixed her suit dress and her messy bun. Her secretary was still here with her; however, October did not at all as she continued to fix herself. 

As she had set a rule of herself, she must keep herself alert and observant. With that, she can finally feel that her body was now gaining some strength. Under that worried eyes looking at her unblinkingly, October rose from the sofa and went to sit on her chair. 

"Are these the doc.u.ments for today, Xixi?" October asked, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary happened just a few moments ago. She immediately went back to working. Her eyes were focused on the papers before her and started to sort it out on which papers are the most important and have to be prioritized. 

"...for now, that is all that has been forwarded from the other departments to here, Director." Yun Xixi replied weakly as she walked toward October's table and stood in front of it. She looked at her boss who was now working diligently right after that happened. She was immediately back on track. Even if her boss' face was still a little pale, but it was still good now that she can move about and acted as if that was nothing. 

Her boss really was awesome! Yun Xixi praised and idolized October even more. Her eyes that was filled with her worry, anxiety, and fear a while ago was now back to being bright and clear. Her respect toward her boss increased significantly. She was really glad to work under this kind of boss. She wanted to be like her, a strong and independent woman.

At this time, a flash of light suddenly flashed on Yun Xixi, almost blinding her briefly. She then turned to where it came from and and her eyes widened. She stared hard at it then to October's face then back on it. 

On her boss' finger was a delicate diamond ring s.h.i.+ning brilliantly on her small and white hand. It was so sophisticated and elegant. It was, without a doubt, a very expensive ring. Yun Xixi can swear that she had never noticed her boss wearing something so luxurious like this before. In fact, her boss rarely wear jewelry and make up. Now, with her hand decorated with such a beautiful diamond ring, her hand looked more exquisite. 

October noticed the burning gaze coming from her secretary. She paused and turned to Yun Xixi only to see that she was looking down on something that she could not tear her eyes off. She then decided to follow her gaze only to realize that Yun Xixi was, in fact, looking at her hand, her engagement ring, to be more precise. 

Almost instantly, October's heart pounded so loudly in her chest and her heart were filled with warmth. The moment she accepted his sincere and clumsy yet sweet proposal and wore this ring, she has never once took it off. 

At this very moment, a very sweet and warm smile was delicately formed on October lips and her whole being was engulfed in a very soft and gentle air, contrary to her usually cold, distant, and expressionless self. 

And this very picturisque moment was witnessed by the only person in the office other than October, her secretary, Yun Xixi. 

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