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Chapter 680: Let Me Die For A While

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Everyone's face darkened.

“You are really playing us,” Warrencom roared. “Can't you see the current situation?”

Suddenly, however, Cindy, who was standing atop the ball, began to vomit.

She was vomiting Dark Serum.

The Dark Serum seeped into the air holes on the ball.

Then, the ball of flesh started to roll on the ground, slapping Cindy and Charlotte with one of its tentacles.

Consumed by pain, the ball rolled wildly in the water.

Warrencom, Hawkinson, Hatcher, and Youna were dumbfounded.

This works?

They realized that Chen Zhao had deliberately let Cindy go earlier.

He had been plotting against the Fallen Source since that time.

At this moment, they finally understood Chen Zhao's intention.

It was no wonder he had released Cindy that easily.

Nonetheless, the mad ball was even more dangerous.

Chen Zhao and the rest frantically dodged the tentacles.

At the same time, Chen Zhao had to control the Dark Serum to destroy the ball's inside.

Suddenly, Chen Zhao was sent flying by a tentacle.

Warrencom and the rest watched as Chen Zhao flew into the air.

Then, the ball disappeared into the water.

“It's trying to escape!” Warrencom and the rest realized that the ball had retracted all its tentacles. They immediately took out their weapons, ready to blast the ball.

Suddenly, however, many corpses floated onto the surface.

They were all former members of the Witch Society. With opened mouths and ferocious looks, they leaped at the group.

Bam, bam—


The corpses had no abilities except for the terrifying tentacles extending from their mouths.

When their bodies were destroyed, there would be a puddle of black blood.

Warrencom and the rest finally eliminated all the corpses.

However, the ball had already escaped by then.

The group felt relieved, as if the world was renewed.

“Oh, where's Mr. Chen?”

“Let's quickly find him.”

The four searched for Chen Zhao and discovered that he was floating on the water.

“Is he dead?”

“No, absolutely not,” Warrencom said. “He would never die like this.”

The group approached Chen Zhao and saw him floating with his eyes open.

“Mr. Chen, are you okay?”

“Let me die for a while.”

“The Fallen Source has fled. Do you have a solution?”

Chen Zhao glanced at Warrencom. “Do I look like a G.o.d?”

“Uh… No.”

“So I can't do anything about it.”

“Can't you control the black liquid?”

“Yes, but there's a range limit.”

“Is there nothing you can do?”


The rain stopped and the dark clouds seemed to have dissipated. Everything was finally over.

At least it was over for now… To the residents of New York, the sudden disaster was certainly unforgettable.

Wounded, Chen Zhao stood up from the dirty water. Warrencom stared at him with a complicated look.

The battle had ended with a miraculous victory.

Of course, it was nearly impossible for the five of them to kill the Fallen Source.

Nevertheless, they were very satisfied with the outcome.

At least they had managed to stop the Fallen Source.

Cindy and Charlotte had disappeared.

As for whether they were still alive, Chen Zhao could not care.

“Hey, Fali, it's over.”

The entire New York was submerged in sorrow.

The five walked on the streets just like this. Suddenly, they heard a cry for help.

On a street where the water had just receded, a man was about to s.e.xually a.s.sault a woman.

Chen Zhao walked up and kicked the man into the air. “F**k you. I didn't save the world because of people like you.”

“You killed him.” Warrencom looked at Chen Zhao.

“And then? Are you going to arrest me?”

“No, but if this happens again, can you at least keep him alive?”

Youna left a piece of clothing for the woman. They could still hear her crying in the distance.

The floodwater retreated quickly. The city had many drains and a complete sewer system.

In addition, it was beside the sea. As soon as the sewers were cleared, the water level began to drop rapidly.

However, n.o.body knew how many corpses were washed into the sea.

“Mr. Chen, what's your plan for now?”

“Have a long sleep.”

Chen Zhao was extremely exhausted and injured.

Of course, the same was true for Warrencom and the rest.

“No, I mean your plan for the future.”

Chen Zhao turned to look at Warrencom, after which he turned back. “Don't ask me to join the Knights Templar. Don't ask me to maintain world peace. I just want to eat, sleep, and die. I'm not that great, and I don't plan to be the savior.”

Chen Zhao forced Warrencom to swallow the rest of his sentence. Warrencom glanced at him.

“We've saved millions of people. Can't you feel your blood boiling with pa.s.sion?”

“I think internal bleeding might be more appropriate.” Chen Zhao rolled his eyes.

Chen Zhao returned to the ruined mansion. Warrencom was still following him.

Warrencom still wanted to convince him to join them.

On the other hand, Chen Zhao had done nothing other than rolling his eyes.

He definitely did not want to experience this again.

It was too painful. After the fight, Chen Zhao felt like his bones were about to fall apart.

From afar, he already saw Fali standing on the deck of the yacht.

As the yacht neared the beach, Fali jumped down and ran toward Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao hugged her, while she reached out to touch his head.

“Are you very tired?” Fali felt sad.

She had never seen Chen Zhao so weak before. He had barely managed to lift her.

But she could not help. All she could do was to not make the situation worse for him.

Fali glanced at Warrencom and the rest behind Chen Zhao. “Why are they?”

“Temporary teammates,” Chen Zhao replied causally. Then, he turned to look at Warrencom. “Are you not leaving?”

“Uh… Mr. Chen, we're leaving now. Let's drink together again next time.”

The female teacher looked at Chen Zhao, confused. What exactly did he do last night?

Why did he not board the yacht?

Chen Zhao seemed to possess a mysterious charm, making her want to explore further.

Unfortunately, Chen Zhao was not planning to make friends with her.

“Rich guy, find us a house,” Chen Zhao shouted at Haus Mann. “Don't ask anything from me. I saved you last night, so you have to pay back.”

“I'm Haus Mann, not rich guy.” Haus Mann was helpless. Chen Zhao had saved him for the second time.

Therefore, he was not in any position to request something.

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