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Chapter 679: I Have a Big Trick

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Earlier, the five had cheered each other on in the helicopter.

How come they'd just started the mission and already lost someone?

Warrencom's group of four landed safely.

But seeing Chen Zhao fall from a dozen meters in the sky, they felt that he probably met an unfortunate end.

“Hurry and go see where Chen Zhao fell. Maybe there's still hope.”

Everyone swam toward Chen Zhao's direction and saw him floating on the surface.


“No.” Warrencom hurried over.

“Does this count as dying before I could even go into war?” Chen Zhao wanted to cry.

No one would feel happy after falling down from such a height.

Thankfully, he'd fallen onto water, so he didn't turn into ground meat.

Just then, the water under him moved and a tentacle wrapped around him.

It raised him in the air and slammed him into the water.

He was knocked harshly from the crash.

He experienced the feeling of falling out of the helicopter again.

Then the tentacle reached toward him again.

If Chen Zhao continued to play dead, he would really die.

He immediately took out the bronze sword and swung it.


The tentacle was cut and sank into the water.

Chen Zhao grabbed a large tree and stood on the branch, waving his sword.

“F*ck, c'mon, come if you dare.”

Then, multiple tentacles reached out of the water.

Big, small, long, and short ones spread over the water surface of the entire Witch Society.

A ball of flesh appeared in the distance. Charlotte and Cindy stood on it.

“It's you? You're finally here.” The ball didn't have a mouth, but everyone heard its voice. “You still remember me, right? I've never been so insulted by someone. I will never forget your insult.”

“Wait… Can we be fair here? When did I ever insult you?”

“Did you forget? You requested my image to strip. Do you even forget your own words?”

Warrencom's group stared at Chen Zhao.

It felt like he'd been fed dog sh*t.

“Bullc.r.a.p. When did I ever say that?”

“Whether you admit it or not, it's the truth.”

“By the way, is your surname Saron?”


“Do you have a relative called Yogg-Saron?”

“Is he mocking me again?” the ball asked.

Charlotte and Cindy didn't know what to say, but they had to admit that Chen Zhao was very nonchalant.

“Maybe you aren't clear about the situation yet, or you think that you can defeat me just because you defeated my servant.” The ball controlled all of its tentacles, waving them crazily. “Now, I will tear you apart!”

A tentacle descended from the sky, hacking down at Chen Zhao.

He raised his sword and cut off the tentacle with a sound.

But the tentacle behind him swept at his back.

He flew out.

As soon as he landed on the water, another tentacle attacked, cras.h.i.+ng down.

Suddenly, a huge explosion came from above his head.

The tentacle that had attacked Chen Zhao was blasted to bits.

Chen Zhao emerged from the water. Warrencom nodded. “No need to thank me.”

“Thank your *ss! Did you want to kill me too?”

If not for the fact that an internal fight wasn't suitable now, Chen Zhao really wanted to kill Warrencom.

Right then, the cut tentacles grew back.

“Continue. Let me see when you'll use up all your strength.”

Everyone's expressions changed. Chen Zhao made a face.

“This is troublesome.”

“My power cannot be combated by a human. I am a G.o.d.”

Chen Zhao looked at the meatball. “Are you some cow that escaped from your owner?”

“Human, are you spouting nonsense again?”

Chen Zhao studied it. “I know a guy who likes to raise things like you.”

“Ha!” The meatball scoffed. “Go die.”

The meatball seemed to not care, but its attack was harsher than before.

It seemed to really want to kill Chen Zhao now.

He danced with his sword and Warrencom's group kept firing their weapons, shooting out bombs.

But both Chen Zhao's sword and their weapons had a limited effect on the meatball.

Their rate of killing the tentacles couldn't catch up with the recovery rate.

“F*ck, it's never-ending.” Chen Zhao put all his might in every move. Even he would feel tired. “Do you guys have a solution?”

“I'm almost out of ammo.”

“I want you to think of a solution, not to give me bad news… I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Do you have a solution?”

Warrencom's group was speechless. What solution could they have?

The tentacles were never-ending. One grew out as soon as it was cut.

Even an entire army would probably be wiped out, let alone the few of them.

“Don't you guys have some hidden card or special trick?” Chen Zhao yelled in frustration.

“No,” Warrencom answered in annoyance.

He had to fight while dealing with Chen Zhao's mind pollution.

Chen Zhao was the type of person who wasn't serious even when fighting.

“None of you?” Chen Zhao asked.


“You don't, but I do!” Chen Zhao said.

Everyone grew spirited. Did this guy have some hidden card?

“If you do, hurry and take it out. We can't keep up for long.”

Chen Zhao yelled and suddenly, there was a layer of Dark Serum on his blade.

The blade expanded multiple times and he spun in circles.

All the surrounding tentacles were sliced off instantly.

Everyone was shocked. He was so strong.

If Chen Zhao could maintain this status, they might be able to win.

But the next moment, Chen Zhao withered.

“So tiring… As expected, I can't unleash these tricks whenever.”

“What? Nothing more?”

“That's it?”

“It only lasted three seconds?”

“Three seconds is already really strong. Don't you see how hard I worked?”

“F*ck you, are you joking with us?”

Warrencom felt like it was a complete mistake to have Chen Zhao come.

This guy barely helped but affected his team greatly.

As long as he was here, his teammates couldn't focus on fighting.

Chen Zhao was breathless now too. That trick had indeed been a big trick for him.

“I still have more tricks,” he said.

“Stop kidding us. Spare us those useless tricks.”

“I really do. It can definitely determine the victor.”

“I won't believe you anymore.”

“Doesn't matter if you believe me or not. Watch me! Ultimate Mystery…Vomit.”

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