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Chapter 1312: Senior Yan is Going to Have A Comeback

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Smiling, Jiaojiao said, “Sister Xiang arranged for me to do random tasks for Chu Qianqian while you were gone. Did you know about her hot fiery temper? You're the best, the easiest to get along with.”

Yan Su felt guilty. “Chu Qianqian had always been jealous of the resources provided to me while I was still around. Naturally, she wouldn't treat you well. You've worked for me before, after all. She's a petty person. Tell me the truth, what else did she make you do?”

Tears were welling in Jiaojiao's eyes now. She nodded her head and said, “She took out her temper on me and always lashed out when she was in a foul mood as if I were a lump of dirt. Thank goodness I knew you were coming back. She's not half as good as you anyway. Sister Xiang knows that too.”

“I won't leave again.” Yan Su patted her on her shoulders.

Jiaojiao looked at her and smiled, “You look more mature now.”

Yan Su was stunned. She thought about how ironic the situation was. No doubt, she was more mature now after all that had happened.

Jiaojiao drove her straight to Waterbay.

Speaking of Waterbay, it was where Yan Su had bought a house before she left Xia City. Although she hadn't been working long, she had made a decent amount of money for her to afford an apartment here.

She never thought much about being a homeowner, but now that she was a mother, she had to consider such things.

The penthouse apartment had four rooms and two living rooms. Xiang Wan had arranged for the renovations to be done long ago. There was also a recording studio and a nursery.

“Take the day off. You can start working officially tomorrow,” Jiaojiao handed her the schedule.

Yan Su glanced at it. It was going to be a busy year. She would partic.i.p.ate in a singing compet.i.tion in November and head over to Venice for the film festival at the end of October.

Jiaojiao looked at her as she stared at the October section and said, “I asked around. Both s.h.i.+ Xiang and Mo Liuxi will be here this time. You have to… hang in there.”

“It's all past tense. I can handle it just fine,” Yan Su said casually as she stared at the piece of paper.

Jiaojiao sincerely hoped Yan Su had moved on.

At Xia City University.

A basketball match was about to start; Mo Liuxi was warming up at the benches.

Outside the court, a bunch of girls was screaming and cheering him on fanatically.

Zhang Hongchuan grumbled, “Why do they treat the rest of us like chopped liver? These girls only cheer for you.”

Mo Liuxi ignored his remark and picked up a bottle of water and gulped it down.

Zhang Hongchuan continued, “There are many cute juniors this year, but none of them are outstanding or special. After your sister and Senior Yan graduated, we don't have such girls in our school anymore, sigh…”

Before he could finish sighing, Mo Liuxi shot him an icy look. He had to swallow his words. “Oh right, have you seen the news? Senior Yan is going to have a comeback. She was in the States for six months to further her studies. She looks even more beautiful now…”

Mo Liuxi tossed his bottle into the recycling bin without saying a word. He stared at the container for a while before mumbling indifferently, “I think she looks uglier than before.”


Was this what they meant by love bears hate?

“You don't have to be so mean,” Zhang Hongchuan said. “It's normal to break up and all in university. You'll into one another for sure at the Venice Film Festival. Hey, you might even get back together…”

Mo Liuxi's expression was glum. “We will never get back together. I've long forgotten about this woman.”

He walked straight onto the court after saying that.

Zhang Hongchuan scoffed, if he had genuinely forgotten about her, why did he get all p.r.i.c.kly when I mentioned her name?

September came and went. Now it was the end of October.

It was evening, and Mo Jin was lying on the couch while Xu Zhengxuan gave her a ma.s.sage.

After a while, Mo Jin could sense something was up. She grabbed Xu Zhengxuan's wrist and said, “What do you think you're doing with your hands?”

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