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Chapter 1252: His Name Is Nian Yixu,Don't You Give Him Those Weird Names

Indeed, he shouldn't be in the same bed with her before marriage. It might damage her reputation.

“Brother, I'll keep what you said in mind,” said Jiang Yuning.

“Don't call me brother.” Nian Junting furrowed his brows.

“You are Nian Xi's brother, so you are my brother too.” Jiang Yuning shook his head.

“Okay, then listen to your brother.” Nian Junting thought for a moment and then nodded.


On the ground floor, the two of them walked out of the elevator. Uncle Han was waiting for Jiang Yuning.

“Mr. Jiang, the car is parked outside.”

“Remember what I told you,” Nian Junting said to Jiang Yuning. Then he left looking very proud of himself.

Observing this parting gesture, Uncle Han frowned and asked Jian Yuning, “What did Mr. Nian just say to you?”

Jiang Yuning glanced at him with a serious look and said, “Uncle Han, please don't book a room for me in that kind of theater room again without my permission. I'm not an indecent man.”

“Mr. Jiang. I wasn't trying to make you two do something in that room,” Uncle Han explained. “I just wanted you two to feel comfortable when watching the movie. Don't misunderstand me. Young people like it.”

“What… What about that movie?” Jiang Yuning blushed. He wasn't satisfied with Uncle Han's explanation.

“I was trying to help you and Ms. Nian.” Uncle Han smiled and said, “Based on the frequency of your dates, and how busy Ms. Nian is, it might take months for you two to start holding hands. You have to push your relations.h.i.+p forward when you both feel good about each other. Your low speed can easily wear out the pa.s.sion and ruin the relations.h.i.+p.”

Jiang Yuning paused with surprise.

If Uncle Han hadn't mentioned that, he wouldn't have realized it. He thought love grew bit by bit.

“You have… kissed each other tonight, haven't you?” Uncle Han abruptly asked a question.

Jiang Yuning blushed scarlet. He bit his lip but didn't say a word.

Uncle Han smiled, “Ms. Nian didn't turn you down, did she?”

Jiang Yuning shook his head, his cheeks crimson.

Tonight, in the kitchen, Nian Xi was so seductive. She even kissed him aggressively and made his heart pound.

“That's what I'm trying to say,” said Uncle Han. “Ms. Nian is a brave girl. I think she should be frank and straightforward. About some things, you shouldn't be too restrained. If you always need her to take the initiative, she might get bored over time.”

That point was not lost on Jiang Yuning.

But earlier tonight, Nian Junting told him he was only allowed to kiss Nian Xi.

Meanwhile, Nian Junting drove back to the villa.

Luosang was already home, eating beef noodles in the living room.

“Where's Big Baby Nian?” Nian Junting asked. “Is he sleeping?”

“You're a big baby.” Luosang put down her chopsticks, and her pretty face became serious. “Let me tell you this again. His name is Nian Yixu. Don't you come up with weird names for him.”

“I know. That name means Nian Junting likes Xu Luosang.” Nian Junting had a big smile on his face as he walked to Luosang, bent over and put his arms around her.

“Shush. Let me finish my noodles.” Luosang pushed him away and said, “Have you been to Nian Xi's place?”

“Yeah.” Nian Junting instantly put on a sullen look and said, “Those two went to the theater that had a bed in the room. They've only been together for a few days, but they're already lying in the same bed. How ridiculous. I talked to Nian Xi. She's been brainwashed. She refused to listen to me. I could only warn Jiang Yuning. I told him not to touch my sister before marrying her.”

“Why?” Luosang asked, blinking.

“They can't have premarital s.e.x, of course.” Nian Junting made himself sound very reasonable. “To achieve the last step, they have to get married. Otherwise, I will never forgive him.”

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