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Chapter 1091: She Never Received Such Expensive Gifts From a Man

Mo Liuxi glanced at her and said, “I can see your bathroom from my guest room. You turned on your bathroom light once you got back.”

No wonder he rang her doorbell once she turned on the light. He was really fast. “You haven't been staying in the guest room the whole time just to wait for me, have you?”

“Yeah, I was reading the script in that room,” said Mo Liuxi.

Hearing that, Yan Su felt warm in her heart. “Don't wait for me in the guest room again. Next time I'll text you when I'm downstairs.”

“All right.” Mo Liuxi threw the shopping bags on her couch and said, “I got these for you in Singapore.”

Yan Su opened the bags and saw purses, clothes, makeup, and shoes, all from luxurious brands. The gifts must have cost him over a hundred thousand yuan.

“Liuxi, you didn't need to buy me so many things. They are too expensive. After all, you're still a student,” Yan Su said. “I've never received such expensive gifts from a man.”

Mo Liuxi opened his mouth wide and looked at her with a shocked face. “Yan Su, was your last relations.h.i.+p even real? s.h.i.+ Xiang is a popular singer. Let's not talk about his other incomes. He can earn at least ten-million by endorsing one brand. Didn't he buy you any gifts like these?”

He spent a long time shopping for gifts for her in Singapore. He thought that s.h.i.+ Xiang must have bought her some nice things, and he wanted to give her something even better. What she told him was unexpected.

Yan Su explained embarra.s.sedly saying, “We were both young when we first got together. We didn't have jobs or money, so we didn't buy each other many gifts. Later on, s.h.i.+ Xiang got rich. He sent me WeChat red envelopes sometimes. I took the small ones and rejected the ones over one-thousand yuan. As for gifts… we didn't have much chance to see each other, so we didn't send each other any big gifts. He bought me some small gifts, like necklaces, but not many.”

Before, s.h.i.+ Xiang told her that he didn't want his company to find out about their relations.h.i.+p. Now, she knew that he just didn't want that so-called 'Young Mistress' to find out.

Mo Liuxi frowned slightly. He couldn't help but rub her hair and say to her, “Yan Su, you were so silly. What did you like about him? I can't believe he treated you like that. Can't you be a little more materialistic? Do you know what good men are like? A poor man who's willing to give you the last five yuan is good; a rich man who's willing to spend all his money on you is also good. But of course, the former won't be a good choice. Money isn't the most important thing, but why would a man be with a woman if he has no money? To drag her into a hole? To ask her to live a poor life with him? I wouldn't have pursued you if I had no money.”

It was the first time Yan Su heard those kind of words from a man. She was surprised. “Liuxi, you're so special,” she said. “Normally, guys will say to the girl they like that they'd work hard to earn money. Isn't that right?”

Mo Liuxi gave a cold smile and said, “That's easy to say, but hard to do. Some people work hard their whole lives but still make no money. Look at your soft hands and smooth skin. You can now use the skincare products that are worth thousands, but if you married a poor man, you might be only able to afford the cheapest kind. You can wear pretty clothes now, but with a poor man, you'd be stuck with cheap things. You'd become an unattractive middle-aged lady. If I love a girl, I wouldn't make her live a poor life with me. But of course, that's just my way.”

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