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Chapter 1090: Why Didn't You Come to Me?

“I thought something serious happened,” Mo Liuxi t.i.ttered. “You're my girlfriend. Isn't this what I should do?”

“You're right.” Yan Su's heart leaped slightly. “I'm leaving. Be careful on your way home.”

“Em.” Mo Liuxi lay on the bed and hooked her fingers with his.

For a moment, Yan Su wanted to abandon the rest of the world and stay in the hotel with him.

As she left the room again, Jiaojiao looked at her with a mysterious smile and said, “You left your heart in there, didn't you?”

While speaking, she handed Yan Su a mirror, then pointed at her lips and said, “You lost your lipstick.”

Yan Su blushed.

Jiaojiao smiled and said, “I understand. I'd be touched too if my boyfriend flew all the way here to spend a night with me and brought me a ring as a gift.”

Yan Su clenched her finger which the ring was on and said, “You noticed?”

“Of course. I'm your a.s.sistant. Don't I know what's been added to you?” Jiaojiao said. “But, if the media and Miss Xiang ask about it, you should tell them that you bought it for yourself.”

Yan Su nodded.

“And, did you use protection last night?” Jiaojiao whispered. “You can't get pregnant now. You're going to have a solo concert next year. No accidents are allowed.”

“We didn't do it last night,” Yan Su responded awkwardly.

“No way.” Jiaojiao didn't believe her. “You are young and energetic. Can you possibly lie together on a bed without…?”

“We are young and innocent,” said Yan Su with her red cheeks.

Jiaojiao sighed. “Young people in pure love are rare nowadays…”

Yan Su stayed silent.

Somehow, she suddenly felt a lack of confidence about it.,

She had a busy day. In the afternoon, she received some messages from Mo Liuxi. He bought her a bag, the brand of face cream she used, and two lipsticks that he thought would be nice on her.

Yan Su felt sweet and warm. She checked his messages from time to time, her face wearing a happy smile.

Jiaojiao had to remind her to manage her expression and avoid silly smiles.

After the ceremony, she flew to Guangzhou and her plane arrived in the middle of the night. She attended a fas.h.i.+on show, then immediately flew back to Xia City.

“It's gonna be Christmas in a few days. This is the list of people who will be performing together with you.” Jiaojiao handed over her phone.

The list was from Director Li. Li Ming, Ye Yunyang, and Cheng Cheng would all be in the show. Ji Nuanyi and s.h.i.+ Xiang weren't on the list.

“You'll come on the stage in three groups. You and Mo Liuxi together.” Jiaojiao smiled mysteriously. “The TV station made this arrangement. You two look like a sweet couple so this will be good for your popularity. Think about your selection of songs. You have to sing for real, or it's gonna affect your reputation. Mr. Mo should be good at singing anyway since he has a beautiful voice.”

Yan Su didn't respond.

It turned out that she wasn't the only one who had that kind of misunderstanding about Mo Liuxi.

She returned to her flat, dropped her luggage, and planned to take a shower. Before she had a chance, her doorbell rang. Mo Liuxi stood at her door with some shopping bags at his feet. With discontent, he folded his arms, looked at Yan Su and said, “Why didn't you come to me when you came back?”

“I wanted to take a shower first,” Yan Su said. “How did you know that I was back? I just got in. Have you installed a surveillance camera at my door?”

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