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Chapter 380: Demon Infant

“This city is in chaos!”

The Fallen Star Church cathedral was located at No. 122, Aroma Tangerine Street in Antoine City. A mysterious figure with a slender body was looking over the city from the highest level through the stained gla.s.s window.

The whole Antoine City had plunged into anarchy.

Many places were set ablaze, people had fallen into a panic, and mysterious troops emerged from the dark, killing each other endlessly. This city no longer had a future.

“No one expected the city to be in chaos tonight, just as no one expected the real Demon Infant to appear.” Behind the slender figure was a middle-aged man in red robes. His white hair was combed backward neatly and his charming beard was trimmed.

“Since things had come down to this, send the children out. Tell them to feast. The chaos has started, so we must be prepared. The fire of the holy war will soon spread throughout this kingdom and we have been waiting for far too long,” said the slender figure in a stern and determined tone. She did not turn around to the man as her eyes were fixed outside the window.

“Your decision is my command, Your Saintess Majesty.” The man in the red robes bowed to the lady with the slender figure.

This lady was none other than the saintess that Fatty had insulted over a hundred times.

People who were familiar with the Fallen Star Church would be surprised to find the saintess in Antoine City.

One thing worth noting was that the so-called headquarters of the Fallen Star Church was just the headquarters for Antoine City. The religious t.i.tan had rooted itself throughout the entire kingdom since a long time ago. How could a saintess simply be in the branch headquarters of a secluded city?

However, their conversation revealed the reason for her to be there—the Demon Infant. It seemed like this Demon Infant was the reason why the city was in chaos.

“You can go now,” the saintess said tiredly.

The man in the red robes bowed and was ready to head off, but the saintess held him back. “Have you sent men over to Tribunal No. 3?” she asked.

“Three white-robed apologists were sent over,” answered the man in the red robes respectfully.

As a matter of fact, he found the question disdainful. Should they even send that many white-robed apologists to Tribunal No. 3? It was just a traitor who had taken away a Demon Seed that was suspected to be the Demon Infant.

Based on what he knew, the real Demon Infant should be in Lucard Farm, thus he had sent 15 white-robed apologists there.

The whole headquarters was left with five white-robed apologists who were supposed to work with him to maintain order amidst the chaos, but when the saintess received the request for reinforcements, he was ordered to send out another three white-robed apologists which confused him.

Was the traitor this capable to the point that he was on par with a white-robed apologist? Had he learned a certain secret?

“Hoho, Bishop Norden, I think you should go pay a visit yourself.” The saintess sounded cold this time.

The man in the red robes was slightly surprised. Why must he go there himself? If he went out, the headquarters would be defenseless! He was the one and only red-robed bishop of the Fallen Star Church in Antoine City.

“Something has happened there.” The saintess pointed at Tribunal No. 3.

The red-robed bishop known as Norden was astonished. He had already sent out a white-robed apologist, 20 black-robed clergies and 200 Fallen Knights, so how could things have gone wrong?

He thought the saintess was just being anxious and was determined to capture the traitor when she told him to send more reinforcements.

With that in mind, Norden disregarded his manners and walked towards the window, stopping less than 3 meters away from the saintess.

Through the window, he clearly saw Tribunal No. 3 burning brightly. It was just a fire. Norden did not want to s.h.i.+ft his thoughts in a negative direction.

At that moment, a black-robed clergy rushed into the room and said in an anxious tone, “Lord Bishop, the lord apologist that we sent to Tribunal No. 3 has died of martyrdom.”

Norden responded bitterly to the update.

Meanwhile, the saintess waved her hand and sent the black-robed clergy away. She turned around to Norden solemnly, “For the sake of secrecy, the news about the Demon Infant descending upon Lucard Farm was falsified by the church. There is a high chance that the Demon Infant will descend in Tribunal No. 3. Who do you think the traitor is? His real ident.i.ty is also a red-robed bishop! Stop standing there!”

If she could, she did not want to reveal this secret. She just wanted to take the Demon Infant away without any alarm, but no one expected the arrival of the outsiders. The outsiders were an uncontrolled variable. Their ident.i.ties and whereabouts were mysterious and they possessed astonis.h.i.+ng powers.

No one knew where they came from, even more, where they had disappeared to.

The outsiders' purpose remained a mystery, but once they got involved, things would be unpredictable and difficult to control. These outsiders were difficult to deal with, let alone kill.

Throughout the hundred years of the Fallen Star Church's history, they had suffered many losses in the hands of outsiders, but up until today, they had only managed to kill three of them.

Of course, killing the outsiders was rewarding. Several holy relics of the Fallen Star Church were the spoils from eliminating the outsiders.

However, the secrets of the outsiders should not be easily revealed, so only less than ten people in this world knew about their existence. According to the great holy pope, the outsiders were related to the most important secret of the world.

As for what it was, even the respectful saintess had no idea. In her opinion, extreme caution was required to deal with the outsiders despite her intelligence network telling her that these two outsiders were nothing spectacular. However, were the outsiders really worthless this time?

Looking at the blazing fire at Tribunal No. 3, the saintess was frustrated. She seemed to have underestimated the outsiders' destructive capabilities. She should have sent Norden out at the very start.

She did not count on killing the outsiders, but there must be no mistake in retrieving the Demon Infant.

Norden was kept in the dark about many secrets. Even though he was a red-robed bishop, his position was considered inferior in front of those truly powerful figures.

Terrified, he said to the saintess, “I'll don my armor and leave immediately. d.a.m.n that Archimiel! He must have underestimated his enemies again. He didn't even bring his armor. He…”

Norden wished for some excuse to calm himself down such as how the dead white-robed apologist, Archimiel, did not don his armor or whatnot.

The saintess frowned. She was fed up with the excuses, so she said, “If you run into some unusual enemies and if there isn't any conflict of interest, don't engage. Retrieve the Demon Infant and return immediately. I have my own arrangements.”

Unusual enemies? Are they the duo who escaped from the dungeon? They killed Archimiel, yet we should just spare them?

Norden was confused, but it was the first time he saw anxiety and stringency on the saintess' expression. He dared not question her, so he accepted his orders and left the room in a hurry.

After Norden left, the saintess continued gazing out of the window. She wished that these outsiders would not cross paths with the church. Otherwise, things would become much more troublesome. She might even have to alert the three popes or even the holy pope!

Many other factions that were caught up in the mess might be startled too.

The complexity of this world was far beyond what any man could imagine.

Demon Infant? Descending in Tribunal No. 3?

If Tang Ling had known the building was Tribunal No. 3 and found out about the Demon Infant's descent, he would have been able to verify many of his thoughts and gain a better understanding of this world.

However, if he gained more knowledge of this world such as the fake news that the Fallen Star Church had released about Lucard Farm, what would he have thought about that?

The ident.i.ty the Dream Domain gave Tang Ling was a farm kid from Lucard Farm. Were they connected somehow?

Unfortunately, Tang Ling would never get to know all these confidential secrets, and even if he did, he did not have any way to solve them at the moment.

He and Fatty were in a b.l.o.o.d.y onslaught, and they were very enthusiastic about it.

The fire was the perfect plan.

Fatty was even fonder of Tang Ling's merciless att.i.tude. What else was more delightful than having free kills of crippled enemies? On top of that, a number of the Fallen Knights had Demon Seeds in their stomachs!

Fatty was bathing in happiness. He had killed 37 Fallen Knights and 5 Demon Seeds. After 2 more Demon Seeds, his main mission would be fully completed.

As a matter of fact, when he killed his fourth Demon Seed, his main mission was already 60% completed.

The 60% completion rate was the line of life and death. As long as the Dream Seeds crossed the line, the penalty from the Dream Domain would no longer be death or severe punishment.

Fatty was aiming to cross the minimum line in every dream entry. If it was possible, he would want to get to 70% because he would be free of penalty and punishment.

As for the rewards, they had nothing to do with him, Ji Chenxi.

When Fatty reached the 60% completion rate and the Dream Domain asked him whether or not he wanted to withdraw, he almost habitually selected ‘yes'.

Then, he saw Tang Ling fighting in front of him. Tang Ling was facing three black-robed clergies alone and his valiance ignited the courage in Fatty's heart.

I'm gonna go for a 100% completion rate this time!

It was the first time he confidently selected ‘no'.

What Fatty did not know was that in Tang Ling's case, his dream would never let him withdraw at the 60% completion rate. On top of that, Tang Ling had more than one main mission and all his penalties were as severe as they could get.

If Tang Ling knew that Fatty's dream was this easy, he would have probably exited the dream and challenged Kun to a duel instead of killing his enemies happily.

He had killed more than 100 Fallen Knights and as expected, when the number crossed 100, he received 3 Dream coins.

3 Dream Coins!

Tang Ling was very delighted. He had always been an easily satisfied child. He was trying his best to kill the black-robed clergies and Demon Seeds as he was looking forward to more rewards.

He did not know what kind of special treatment had been given to him in this dream. Little did he know, the upcoming danger was far beyond his comprehension.

Meanwhile, three white-robed apologists and a red-robed bishop was heading towards Tribunal No. 3

There was also another dangerous figure that was as powerful as a red-robed bishop and he had taken the Demon Infant to hide in the blazing building.

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