A Time Traveller's Guide To Feudal Japan Chapter -1 - Period Informations & Locations

A Time Traveller's Guide To Feudal Japan -

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The story begins in the village of Toyone, part of the Mikawa province at that time. The Mikawa province was under the rule of the Imagawa.

The nearest village is Tobis.h.i.+ma.

The neighbouring province, Owari - under Oda rule - had poor relations with the Imagawa, and in June of 1560, the went to war. A famous battle took place: the Battle of Okehazama. In this battle, the Oda managed to defeat the Imagawa force of 25,000 men, despite only having 2,500. It is one of the most brilliant military successes in history.

Oda n.o.bunaga - the Daimyo at the time of the battle - was a very young man, and went on to unify all of mainland j.a.pan. Dying before he managed to unify the surrounding islands as well.

j.a.pan at this time was composed of many small factions, and nearly all of them had the goal of unifying j.a.pan. For the Imagawa, it seemed possible, since they had such a ma.s.sive force. But the brilliance of Oda n.o.bunaga's strategies lead to their defeat.

In this period, the samurai were held to be warrior n.o.bility, and were the landholders of the land that the peasants worked. If a peasant offended a samurai, it was the samurai's legal right to kill him on the spot.

Bokken are a type of wooden katana that people would use to train their swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Men-yoroi are a type of samurai mask worn with the helmet. They're usually pretty frightening.

Hakama are a type of traditional j.a.panese trousers.

Tabi are a sock that has a parting, allowing the big toe to move freely. It's used with sandals and the like.

A dou is the main breastplate part of armour. It had pads that connect to it that protect the front and back of the upper thighs.

A kabuto is a typical samurai helmet.

Takamagahara is basically heaven in the s.h.i.+nto religion.

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