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Min Jaehee bowed at Minhyun.

"Since my wife is persisting me to accompany her, I decided to stay here," Minhyun vocalised.

Those words of Han Minhyun caused Soohyun to let out a gasp, and turning her head, she stared at Minhyun with disbelief in her eyes.

When had she mentioned on such a thing? Didn't he say that he did not lie? Then what was this? He was clearly lying! Was this some kind of s.a.d.i.s.tic method to get joy?

Soohyun truly did not understand his intentions behind changing his behaviour all of a sudden, and Han Minhyun's mind was not something she was able to read.

The only emotion she could sense from him at this moment was that he was joyful. Whether or not it was s.a.d.i.s.tic was not something Soohyun could decipher.

"Minhyun-ah, you don't have to stay here. Didn't you say that you have some work to attend to? Don't leave those work just because of some silly words from me. You should prioritize your work more," Soohyun voiced out. 

Whatever pleasure Minhyun was getting from doing this, Soohyun was determined to extinguish that. There was no fun in letting him have joy in her anguish.

Being around Han Minhyun caused her to heat up and feel all sorts of weird emotions. Seeing how unfamiliar she was to all of them, Soohyun desperately wanted to avoid them; it made her scared.

She was frightened to explore them. At the end, she was fearful that they will be leaving her vulnerable. 

Moving his hand closer to Soohyun, he patted on the top of her head and said, "Jiwoo-ah, you don't need to be that considerate. No work of mine is more than you."

Those words of Han Minhyun caused Hw.a.n.g Miyeon to let out a loud squeal, and she voiced out, "See, Jaehee Unnie, aren't they two really cute!? Ah! They make me want to be in a loveable relations.h.i.+p."

As soon as two of them entered into their room, a frustrated expression was on Soohyun's face, and nonchalance could be seen on Minhyun's countenance.

Thinking about all the humiliation Minhyun made her go through in Jaehee's shop made Soohyun's blood boil, and she clenched her hand into a tight fist.

Throughout the entire time, Han Minhyun stuck really close to Soohyun and flirted with her the entire time— something she did not think he was capable of doing. 

The amount of greasiness Han Minhyun fed her today caused her to make all sorts of blunders at there, and the entire time, her cheeks were flushed.

They were now dubbed to be a cute couple by Min Jaehee and Hw.a.n.g Miyeon, and if it was that annoying to be loved by Minhyun, then, Soohyun truly did not want it.

Not having his love did not settle well with Soohyun. She did not understand why, but the thought of that would give rise to a bitterness within Lee Soohyun.

Her eyes fell on Han Minhyun who was seated upon the couch whilst a relaxed expression sat on her face. Seeing him like that made rage form within her.

Was that confession of his made to torture her?

Begrudgingly, she walked at his direction, and then, as she stopped in front of the couch, his eyes stared at her questioningly.

Raising her hand, she placed her hand on the back pillows of the couch and pressed on it. Then, leaning on top of Minhyun's body, she gave him an intense stare.

"Was today fun?" Soohyun questioned as she recalled about how many times she had tripped and all those clumsy movements of hers.

Curving his lips, Minhyun wore a smile on his face— something Soohyun found to be alluring at that moment. 

Clearing her throat, she prevented herself from being mesmerized by Han Minhyun.

'No, Lee Soohyun, you can't let yourself be attracted at this moment. You should teach him a lesson for messing with you like that.'

Nodding his head, Minhyun answered, "Yup, it was really, really, really fun! I want to go out more like that."

Discovering that Minhyun had a childish side was something Soohyun found surprising. No one would believe her if she had told them on how annoying and childish Minhyun could be with her. This left her wondering on which side of Minhyun was his actual one.

"So, my misery brings you fun? Wow! Han Minhyun, you really admitted it!" Soohyun vocalised as she let out a mocking laugh.

"When did I mention that your misery brings me fun? Aren't you misunderstanding the situation, Soohyun? If you are sad, I am sad as well. Don't you know that I love you," Soohyun vocalised.

'You love me? Really? All that love of yours today feels like a joke!'

Soohyun was close to voicing those words out loud, but she prevented herself from doing so. She did not want to end up hurting his feelings after all.

"Is that so? What happened to your personality? Flirting, seriously, Minhyun? When did you start to do that? Are you even the same person? If you are possessed, then I don't mind exorcising you to get that spirit out of your body," Soohyun vocalised.

She then added, "You are the reason behind my misery, Han Minhyun. Because of your senseless flirting, I have tripped thousands of time and almost broke my nose. d.a.m.n! Minhyun, you are really evil."

"Isn't it because of how clumsy you are that you fell? Did I even try to trip you and throw you? I even stopped you from getting hurt couple of times," Minhyun voiced out.

"Well, you did—"

Before Soohyun could continue further with her words, she felt someone grip her waist, and before she could process it, Minhyun pulled her towards him.

Her eyes widened, and caught by surprise, Soohyun's knees sat on top of Minhyun's lap. Then, holding tightly on to Soohyun's waist, he stared at her intensely, causing her heart to beat rapidly within her chest.

Their positions caused heat to rise within Soohyun again, and her mind went blank at rbwur closeness.

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