The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 580 - Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (4)

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Chapter 580: Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (4)

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The inner hearts of the Green Nightmare Army were in turmoil. Their escape route had been blocked while Ji Fengyan’s stubborn att.i.tude clearly indicated her intentions.

If they didn’t hand over the offenders, there was no way… they were leaving the Moonset Valley today.

The Deputy General unwittingly glanced at his own soldiers behind him. His gaze wavered as it fell upon a few particular men.

Those soldiers gave an involuntary shudder and broke out in cold sweat. They dared not look at Ji Fengyan at all.

After much hesitation, the Deputy General clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he pointed out those few soldiers.

The men who had been singled out felt as if they were falling into a pit of hopeless despair, instantly going weak in the legs.

The Deputy General intended to hand them over!

Before they could further process the situation, Ji Fengyan already had Linghe and company lead those soldiers out from the Green Nightmare Army troops.

“Deputy General! Deputy General, save us!”

“Deputy General!”

Over a dozen soldiers were dragged out. Wearing the glorious Green Nightmare Army armour, they never expected to be subjected to such a nightmare scenario just for following orders.

The Deputy General’s face blanched as those piteous cries drifted into his ears. But he could only avert his eyes and turn away from the pleading gazes of those soldiers.

Handing over those men was like slapping his own face. The Deputy General struggled to maintain stoic as he asked Ji Fengyan, “General Ji, I have already handed those men over to you. Can we leave now?”

Ji Fengyan’s expression softened as she glanced at those dozen over soldiers. She descended slowly from the platform. Standing before the completely restrained men, she looked up at the Deputy General.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. I only want to punish them, not lock them up here forever. You can bring them along with you after their punishment.”

Ji Fengyan’s words nearly made the Deputy General puke blood.

Ji Fengyan obviously wanted them to witness her punis.h.i.+ng his men.

Without bothering further about what the Deputy General might be thinking, she turned towards Linghe and the rest. “Remove their armour.”

Linghe and gang tore off the armour of those struggling Green Nightmare Army soldiers. They forcefully restrained them facing downward on the ground.

Ji Fengyan then viciously lashed upon the backs of those dozen over men with her long whip!

Sounds of tearing flesh resonated as the whip contacted the bodies of those soldiers.

Shrill cries rang out, but things were far from over.

The long whip danced like a venomous dragon over their flesh with every flick of the wrist.

The other Green Nightmare Army soldiers shuddered at the cracking sounds. They never imagined that in the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, there was someone who would dare to carry out corporal punishment on soldiers of the Green Nightmare Army. From that moment onwards, the armour which they used to wear with such pride could no longer protect them from harm.

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