The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 55 - Wilful because I'm rich

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs -

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Chapter 55: Wilful because I’m rich

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Due to this person’s liberal use of money and decisiveness in combing through all the stones, it drew the attention of many people. However, when some people had wanted to secretly tail that person, all of them unknowingly got lost in the middle and just lost track of the person…

There were also some people who did not believe. That person came again today and this time she cleared an entire cart load of natural stones. A few men, bearing ill intentions, tailed that cart and pa.s.sed through streets and alleys. They followed all the way and watched as the owner of this cart visited all the stores in the city and spent so much money to buy all these natural stones.

Ji City was poor. Those three men had observed for some days and knew that the person wearing the head cover would spend many gold coins to buy the stones, but never open them up on the spot, so they had an evil plan, yet… when they followed the cart to a small alley, the cart that was originally just a few inches before them suddenly disappeared in front of their eyes. They were dumbfounded and immediately ran after it, but… such a small alley and it took them half a day and they still could not make their way out.

If they had known that there was something called “spirits. .h.i.tting the wall”, maybe they would not have been so persistent and suffer so much.

And the cart that they were following had already stopped in front of an old and tattered yard.

Even though that yard was old and tattered, there were two strong body guards standing at the entrance. Upon seeing that person wearing the head cover, and the cart, those two bodyguards walked forward and conveniently shouted into the residence. Within a short time, a group of bodyguards came out and each carried a few stones into the residence.

Linghe stared at the yard that was piled with stones and his emotions were complex. A portion of the guards was transporting the stones and another portion was sitting in the yard using tools to grind the stones unskilfully.

The person wearing a black head cover walked beside Linghe and Linghe immediately said, “Miss, how many more are you going to buy?”

That person took off the head cover and what was revealed was Ji Fengyan’s that smiling face, “not many more, temporarily just this many.”

“…” Linghe’s mood became even more complicated.

It was uncertain why his Miss suddenly was interested in stone betting. Every day she will bring one bodyguard to pull the cart to various stone betting stores in the city to buy their stones. Whichever body guard that had followed Ji Fengyan would have a dead look after returning.

Ji Fengyan’s style in the stone betting store was standardly simple and boorish. After entering the store, she would lift her hand and point messily around. She did ask about the price of those stones that she pick and would directly place them on the cart to carry away. This generous style really made the group of guards stunned.

Linghe had originally wanted to stop Ji Fengyan’s behaviour of spending money like dirt, but when he realised that the stones that Ji Fengyan transported back were all rare ores, he could only silently swallow back his words. As of now, the two storage rooms in their residence were already packed with various types of rare ores and their value cannot be simply measured.

On one hand, Linghe was glad that they do not have to worry about being broke but on the other hand, he wanted to vomit blood because of his Miss’s eccentric interest.

Shouldn’t a young girl at this age be interested in dressing up in front of a mirror?

Why was it that their Miss’s interest seemed to be related to a bunch of stones?

He felt so weary…

Ji Fengyan knew about Linghe’s thoughts but she did not explain much. These few days, all the spiritual energy that she had absorbed from the ores had allowed her inner core to gradually recover. Even though the speed was considerably slow, but it had a definite effect, just that…

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