The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 522 - The Ming Workshop (3)

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Chapter 522: The Ming Workshop (3)

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It was deep into the night and the lights in the capital city had already been extinguished. Having worked throughout the day, the citizens were all slumbering soundly.

An agile figure weaved through the darkness at a startling speed.

Ji Fengyan had quietly reached the outside of the Ming Workshop. She made sure that they had already put the entrance lights out and that there was no hint of light through the skylights.

Ji Fengyan just felt that there was something very wrong with this Ming Workshop: whatever that was wrong could very well concern the World-Termination-Armour and the ident.i.ty of Terminators. Ji Fengyan instinctively felt she should investigate.

Reaching out her senses to check if there was still anyone awake inside the Ming Workshop. Ji Fengyan failed to penetrate the walls of the workshop and could not determine the situation inside.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and retrieved a calming elixir from her s.p.a.ce Soul Jade. This elixir could drastically reduce a person’s breathing and heart rate, enabling her to merge completely into the night.

Feeling her breath getting weaker and weaker, Ji Fengyan started advancing toward the Ming Workshop.

The main doors of the Ming Workshop had already been shut. Ji Fengyan tried to open it from the inside with the help of a small paper figure, but discovered that it had been locked. With no other way, Ji Fengyan leaped onto the roof of the workshop. 18 narrow skylights were lined up upon the wide rooftop. These skylights were small, so it was fortunate that Ji Fengyan had a pet.i.te figure and could just manage to squeeze through.

Ji Fengyan pried open the metal netting on the skylight. After making sure there was no movement in the room below, she jumped in as nimbly as a cat.

The moment she vanished into the darkness, a black figure who had been observing her all this while frowned before disappearing.

Ji Fengyan landed lightly on the ground, feeling the old wooden planks beneath her feet. She concentrated a spurt of vital energy at her eyes so that she could see in the dark.

The room she was in was not large and only held an old wooden bed. The bed had been made up with pure, white sheets, its cleanliness a contrast with the worn-down room.

Ji Fengyan scanned the room but didn’t find anything out-of-place. She then moved lightly toward the door and pushed it open. Outside the door was a circular wooden railing. It was also very old and worn, but carved with a strange script.

The entire Ming Workshop comprised three levels. The level Ji Fengyan was on had an empty s.p.a.ce in the center – a series of rooms linked side by side to form a large circle. In the middle of this circle stood a large, weird-looking carved b.e.s.t.i.a.l figurine.

This huge beast looked extremely strange. Ji Fengyan had never seen anything like it. It had a ma.s.sive body upon which sprouted two wings. The statue’s face also held a hideous and ferocious expression.

Ji Fengyan walked on to inspect the surrounding rooms. Outside one of the doors, she sensed a familiar aura. Quietly pus.h.i.+ng open the door, she used her vital energy to identify the person lying on the bed.

Liu Kai…

Liu Kai appeared to be sleeping very soundly on the wooden bed, eyes peacefully shut. If not for the gentle rise and fall of his chest, he could be mistaken for dead.

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