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A battle simulation had been a nightmare demon battleground. It was an unexpected situation.

Liu Kai's shout knocked everyone back to their senses. They immediately prepared their escape.

Demons of level five and above possess catastrophic damage capabilities. Even a veteran Terminator couldn't kill it without a huge army of soldiers!


The azure ice giant had no intention of letting them escape. That gargantuan body suddenly doubled its speed just as the youths were making their getaway. A prodigious scale-covered tail emerged from the water in a vicious swipe!

As if summoned, a ma.s.sive body of water surged toward the fleeing youths!


A huge wave smashed down across the youths' escape route. The azure ice giant's enormous tail had transformed the formerly tranquil waters into a formidable weapon!

An immense crater was instantly created after the impact of the mighty wave.

If that wave had befallen a human being, it would have utterly shattered his flesh and bones!

Looking at that vast hole created by the wave, the youths all fell into a deep despair for the first time.

Ji Fengyan frowned at that colossal azure ice giant. The usual playfulness in her eyes disappeared at that instant, replaced by a faint glimmer.

This was one powerful fellow.

Ji Fengyan could feel a tremendous amount of demon aura emanating from that azure ice giant. The aura was over ten times that of the dark blood snake!


That was not all.

The azure ice giant had cut off all escape routes for the youths. Numerous pairs of sinister eyes shone out of the surrounding forest, staring straight at the company beside the lake.

One by one, the demons attracted by the azure ice giant's roar had gathered here.

A ma.s.s of demons emerged from the forest. Baring their sharp fangs, they completely surrounded the isolated group of youths from all directions.

"There are actually so many demons…" Liu Kai stared at the continuous flow of gathering monsters. He could count over a hundred of them with just one glance. Moreover, there were those farther away who had yet to arrive.

"What should we do? What should we do?" Several youths were in hysterics. They had never expected to be caught in such a hopeless scenario.

There were more than a hundred demons. Although mostly level-one demons, there were also quite a number of level twos and level threes. Making things worse was the level five azure ice giant right behind them.

Desperation clouded over everyone's hearts. All at once, the crowd directed their gaze toward a slender figure.

Ji Fengyan frowned as she observed the situation. She had yet to keep her evil-vanquis.h.i.+ng sword and once again held it tightly in her hands.

"Fengyan… what should we do?" Liu Kai looked at Ji Fengyan as he struggled to suppress his rising fear.

His question represented the last shred of hope held by all the gathered youths.

They had no way out and their only hope was Ji Fengyan. This young girl could so effortlessly kill those dark blood snakes.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. She could easily escape on her own. She just needed to utilize the Sword Kinesis Flight and then even the azure ice giant could not hold her back.


"Prepare to activate your World-Termination-Armours."

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