The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 248 - Star Grade Magical Weapons (2)

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Chapter 248: Star Grade Magical Weapons (2)

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Lei Qin wore an ice-blue long robe and stood proudly under the gaze of the crowd. Everyone had been struck dumb by the mention of the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld.

In a moment, the entire auction house was in an uproar as everyone whispered to each other.

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Qin, then glanced at the strange scene in the auction house. She turned to asked Linghe, “Brother Ling, what is the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld? Why did everyone react so strongly when Lei Qin mentioned it?”

Linghe softly said, “Miss, the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld is one of the five star magical weapons in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and was forged by the best Master Smith in the kingdom. It previously belonged to the royal family, but a few years ago, the Lei family terminator won on the battlefield and the Emperor gave the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld to the Lei family.”

Linghe paused before continuing, “As the name implies, the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld is a s.h.i.+eld. It is not very big, but it is the most powerful defense in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld can withstand any form of attack three times, regardless of how powerful the opponent is. Even if faced with the most powerful Demon King, one may escape from peril with the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld.”

The Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld could only be used three times, but these three times sufficed to help a person survive desperate circ.u.mstances.

The Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld had already been used twice, both in times of immense danger, and had blocked the Demon King’s destructive strike. It had also bought the army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon the best survival opportunity. Now, the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld could only be used once more. However, such a powerful defense that defied the laws of nature was still coveted by many.

A five star magical weapon was already difficult to come by, what more Lei Qin’s Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld was from the royal family. In a moment, all the other bidders felt like giving up.

After Ji Fengyan had heard Linghe’s explanation, her expression became very perplexed.

“Is that all?” Ji Fengyan said.

Linghe was slightly taken aback. “That’s already very powerful.”

Ji Fengyan rolled her eyes at Linghe and suddenly felt that the world was truly a terrible place. “I thought it was something wonderful. I have plenty of things like that…”

Linghe “…”

Yichen bowed his head and pretended not to hear anything.

Just as Ji Fengyan was muttering, Lei Qin spoke once more.

“I am Lei Qin from the Lei family. My younger brother recently lost a limb and awaits healing from the Tree of Flowing Bloodshed. Everyone, please do the Lei family a favor.”

The Lei family held high status in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, as evidenced by the gift of the Sacred Dragon s.h.i.+eld.

The row of people sitting in front of Ji Fengyan started to murmur among themselves.

“Since Miss Lei has spoken, who would dare to compete with her? How peculiar that the Young Master of the Lei family has lost his limb. When did this happen?”

“Don’t you know? It was on the birthday of the Thirteenth Prince.”

“Oh? Who did it?”

“It seems that it was because of the Ninth Mistress of the Ji family…”

The two started to exchange gossip.

Little did they know Linghe who was sitting behind they had clearly overheard their conversation.

Linghe widened his eyes and looked over at Ji Fengyan, who was sitting by his side. His gaze said, “You said it had nothing to do with you!!!”

Ji Fengyan shrugged, her face completely innocent.

Linghe’s expression twitched slightly.

He had thought that the news he had heard were merely rumors. So the Lei family had indeed tried to make trouble for Ji Fengyan at the birthday banquet only… it was the Lei family who had suffered!

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