The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 1081 - : The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (3)

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs -

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Chapter 1081: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (3)

A 800,000-powerful army, 200 Terminators, nearly 10,000 elite professionals and 10 siege towers. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s force could be said to be indomitable. Yet, Hu Na still wanted to deploy the Wolf Smoke Regiment as the vanguard force. This was rather peculiar.

The Elders were well aware of Hu Na’s devious intentions, but no one dared to reveal that to Xing Lou.

Xing Lou was the foremost spiritual leader in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Everyone regarded him with the utmost reverence and even Hu Na didn’t dare to unveil his nefarious plans before Xing Lou.

At this point, the Elders all kept silent. They completely disagreed with Hu Na’s methods but could not voice out their concerns. With Xing Lou’s appearance and the fact that his thinking aligned with their own, they wanted to see if Hu Na had the guts to share his plan with Xing Lou.


Hu Na frowned after listening to Xing Lou’s words and clenched his fists slightly when Xing Lou glanced at him. He said, “Lord Grand Tutor is right. I have been too careless. I will adjust the battle strategy.”

Xing Lou nodded and continued, “His Majesty is determined to kill Ji Fengyan this time. There must not be any room for error. After all, the Wolf Smoke Regiment is linked to Ji Fengyan. To prevent them from causing any trouble, my advice is to ban them from partic.i.p.ating in this battle.”

Hu Na abruptly raised his head, his eyes full of astonishment.

He had already given way by removing the Wolf Smoke Regiment as the first wave of attack. He never imagined that Xing Lou would now want him to ban the regiment from partic.i.p.ating in the war completely. Hu Na was stunned.

“Lord Grand Tutor, it is precisely because the Wolf Smoke Regiment is linked to Ji Fengyan, that is why they are the best choice to join in the fight. Ji Fengyan’s plans would be greatly impacted by their presence.” Hu Na stated resolutely. The Wolf Smoke Regiment was a p.a.w.n in his strategy to take down Ji Fengyan. There was no way he would stand back and just let Xing Lou throw away this p.a.w.n.

Xing Lou stared at Hu Na without expression, but his gaze still somehow gave off an oppressive sense.

“What did Ji Fengyan do?”

Hu Na was slightly taken aback.

Xing Lou said, “Murdering the Eldest Princess and causing mayhem in the capital city. She had even wanted to kill off her own Ji family. Do you think… a person who is willing to kill her own family would be sentimental towards a bunch of soldiers she had trained for just a few months?”

Hu Na was dumbstruck.

Hu Na had wanted to make use of the Wolf Smoke Regiment to restrain Ji Fengyan, but he neglected one crucial point.

When Ji Fengyan was causing mayhem in the capital city, she had been prepared to destroy the entire Ji family. If the capital soldiers had not reached the residence in time, she would have annihilated the whole family. Even so, Ji Fengyan had still killed Ji Qiu, the next-in-line as family head and her very own uncle…

A person who would even murder her own family—why would she care about the lives of a bunch of soldiers?

Xing Lou’s words sparked a light in Hu Na. He recomposed himself and said, “Thank you Lord Grand Tutor for your advice! I have been wrong. You are right—Ji Fengyan is so vicious, she will not care about the lives of the Wolf Smoke Regiment. And it would be our loss if the regiment starts to get any ideas.”

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