The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 1076 - Fire Of the Stars (1)

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Chapter 1076: Fire Of the Stars (1)

It was like the Emperor had the Wolf Smoke Regiment by the neck, unable to move forward or retreat. And it was obvious they had yet to realize the danger they were in.

“From the look of things now, it is very likely the Wolf Smoke Regiment doesn’t realize the enemy is you, so… what do you plan to do?” Chi Tong looked straight at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan frowned. She was not afraid of going against the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army, but the wolf pups were now in the way.

No one could think of a perfect solution for now.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment were moving together with the other troops. It would not be so easy to purposely single out and divert the Wolf Smoke Regiment away from the battle.

Ji Fengyan was at her wits’ end, but a figure suddenly walked into the grand hall.

The group instinctively looked over to see a calm-faced Liu Huo before them.

On seeing Liu Huo, a smile was subconsciously forming on Ji Fengyan’s lips. But she stopped it before it could fully bloom. She wrinkled her brows slightly at him but remained silent.

Linghe was discreetly observing Ji Fengyan’s reaction. He then turned to Liu Huo again, as his heart contracted painfully.

Liu Huo’s eyes never left Ji Fengyan. Even under her averted gaze, he remained calm as he walked over.

“Leave the Wolf Smoke Regiment to me.” Liu Huo spoke in a composed manner.

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback. She finally looked at Liu Huo.

Chi Tong and the rest were all befuddled. Apart from Linghe, the rest of them were not familiar with Ji Fengyan’s little lover. Even Gong Zhiyu who had met Liu Huo before didn’t know of the inside story.

They were all very curious how this harmless-looking handsome youth could resolve Ji Fengyan’s dilemma.

But Ji Fengyan was well aware that Liu Huo never made false promises. And he was the only person who could change the Emperor’s plan.

Ji Fengyan opened her mouth as if wanting to say something, but couldn’t get her words out. A sense of indignation remained firmly lodged in heart. She knew Liu Huo meant well, but… he remained unwilling to explain the most pressing issue between them.

“Are you confident?” Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and struggled to control her personal feelings.

Liu Huo nodded.

“The Wolf Smoke Regiment will not appear on the battlefield in the war with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan. He turned and walked out of the grand hall after finis.h.i.+ng his p.r.o.nouncement.

Ji Fengyan instinctively stood up to stop him.


Liu Huo paused but didn’t turn around.

Ji Fengyan gritted her teeth and said rather stiffly, “Be careful.”

Liu Huo turned around then. A faint smile hung on that handsome face. He nodded again before striding out.

Ji Fengyan sat down in frustration. Her emotions stirred on watching Liu Huo’s departing profile.

Chi Tong and gang were still confused over how this Liu Huo could make such a confident promise. He couldn’t help asking, “Liu Huo… can he really derail the Emperor’s plan?”

Ji Fengyan smiled bitterly. “He definitely can.”

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