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Chapter 5: Drinking Disorder (II)

After Li Hong withdrew from the palace, there were only two people left in the huge bedroom, The air suddenly quiet.

An Ran looked at the man in her opposite direction and felt embarra.s.sed. She don't know what to speak.

“Your Majesty, don't worry. I have no face to live in this world.” Xu Zizhen said lightly.

Seeing his loveless appearance, An Ran was a little anxious: “Don't think about it. This is I, who did wrong. I will give you a statement."

Hearing this, Xu Zizhen raised his eyes slightly and said with a smile, “”how can your majesty give me a statement? I am the emperor of the former empress, not the ordinary man in the palace. Now I have an affair with your majesty. If anyone knows about it, both your majesty and I will be despised. “

“Then… What should I do?” An Ran was at a loss. Subconsciously, she still regarded herself as a girl.

"”Now the only way is to die…”

“No!” An ran immediately stopped him to do something wrong.

It is her fault , how can she let him to bear it.

Xu Zizhen's eyes flashed a bright light, but his face was still gloomy.

"There must be a way. There must be a way.” An Ran muttered to herself.

The two did not settle in the end, but she ordered him not to die and sent someone to watch over him before leaving.

    Huaqing Palace

Surrounded by water mist, the hot spring water is slippery to wash and coagulate fat. An Ran lean on the edge of the bath and look at herself without leaving any trace. It's just that she have a backache and her private place is very painfull. It's obviously the result of overuse. She caught a glimpse of the red, and purple marks of the man. It seems that she really slept with him last night

If he become the first emperor of the two empress , there is okay. As long as some people's mouth is blocked, she think the taijun is also open-minded people and will agree about it.

And she saw that the red dot on his navel became dull, so he was her. And he had never been touched by the former empress. What should she do to make him her emperor?


On this day, a large number of gifts, silks and satins, rare antiques were sent to Jingxi palace, until the servants in the palace were unable to receive them.

Huang Taijun, Xu Zizhen, saw the palace people presented it in front of him one by one, he stroked them gently, and said with a smile, “the texture is excellent. Collect it!”


Seeing the palace people sending things into the room, Li Hong came up to him and whispered, “Taijun, this is…” 

“Just for compensation.” The smile on Xu Zizhen's face faded and his eyes became sharp. How could he allow her to compensate for the past like this? He had tasted her taste that night. It's so warm and fragrant. Now that he has cut off the road, he will not let her back to hide.

“Li Hong, spread the news that this Taijun is ill. But don't be too obvious.” The face of the man is a little cold, and his tone is also cold a few degrees.


At first, Li Hong decided to help his master. Harem life is lonely, and his master is still young, so it's such a waste. Originally, the Duke intended to send a woman in, but the master didn't want to. Originally he thought that his master did not like a woman to touch his body, but who knows that his master would like the slim and weak little empress. And, because his master want it, Li Hong will help him.


 “I heard that Huang Taijun is ill again.”

“It's the third time this month. He is young and beautiful but…”

    “We are just slaves, do not talk about the master's things, I afraid it will to attract disasters.”

An Ran is going down, pa.s.sing through the imperial garden to hear the conversation about that man, her brow and heart is wring, she did not expect him to be ill again.

    She said to her maid, Xia Ming, “Go to secretly inquire about the condition of Huang Taijun?”

Xia Ming answers and leaves. She knows what happened between the empress and the huang taijun. This is not uncommon in all dynasties. It's just that the new empress is clean and self-centered, not close to a man. Is it really drunken s.e.x?

At the same time, Xia Ming came back to inquire about the news.

An Ran's unfurled brow tightened even tighter, almost forming a “Sichuan” character: “the doctor said that the Taijun was depressed in his heart, adding that he was weak and ill all the year round, if he can't afford it. It can be a life-threatening worry"

“If this continue, I'm afraid that It's not good. “

   An Ran sighed, almost sighing all the sorrows in her heart.

In the past two days she tried to keep herself busy and not think about it, but she still thought of it when she went to sleep at night. She forced him that night. Although she always think that something is wrong, the fragments in her memory can't deceive people. Her body seems weak. So she didn't expect to have some female spirit. She can pushed down the tall man like Huang taaijun. It is really…hey!

After hesitating for a long time, she said, “Xiaming, set up to Jingxi palace.”



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