The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 131: Ye Mei Talks About Ye Family And Linda

The Devil's Little Villainess -

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At last she understood what is actually happening. 

"Thanks Mei. I have to agree that you are actually a perfect match to my brother too. My fear was actually pointless" Biyu said as she smiled. 

"I am glad that you trust and believe in me despite my family and its bad reputation." Ye Mei answered. The smile on her face is enough to tell how grateful she is. 

"I was raised by my grandparents from my childhood. When I was born, my parents are not at all happy because I am a girl. They needed a heir who can give them a stable position in the family. So, they didn't care for me a lot and when William is born, they totally started disregarding me" Ye Mei said while her eyes brimmed with pain and sadness. 

"My grandmother, Madam Ye noticed how they are neglecting me and took decision to raise me. That is the reason I didn't grow up in that greedy, power hungry, cunning family. I don't care about them either" Ye Mei said. 

"Even they use to not care about me, however, after seeing how much my grandfather, Elder Ye cares for me they took the decision to take me back. They wanted to use me as their bait to cook some favors with my grandfather" 

"But, I have seen past their cheep tricks. So, I didn't agree to stay in the same house and work in Ye corps. I know that if I work in my family's company, that family will surely use me" Ye Mei sighed but the loathe and disgust in her voice is too evident. 

"I wanted to live in peace without my parents and greedy brother annoying me. So, I said no when my grandfather asked me to become the financial director." Ye Mei told. 

"As William is the CEO and you will be the one to take care of accounts and money matter, he would have surely troubled you to do some under table works. You were worried that it would happen, so you declined your grandfather's request and this became the reason why your grandfather isn't talking to you now" Biyu guessed. 

Ye Mei smiled sadly. "Hmm… you are right. But I was adamant not to let my greedy brother take the power totally into his hands. That would ruin the company my grandfather has built….however, at the same time I was powerless to go against my parents, brother and tell my grandfather how big mistake he was doing by making William the CEO. I didn't had any strong evidences to prove it back then. So, I took decision to stay silent and I started my own law firm with my friend" Ye Mei told. 

"I went separate from the family and with all the shares I had, I transferred them to my cousin from the branch family. She is the one who is not working as finance director and because of the power from the branch family he has, my brother is unable to make her work for him and use all the company money to do his illegal things. However he doesn't know that I am the one behind it" Ye Mei told. 

"And at the same time I am trying to collect the evidences of his misdeeds. But, Biyu…someone strong are helping him to cover his tracks. I couldn't find anything even how hard I tried. Even your brother tried, but I couldn't allow him to take the risk by making him dig another company's secrets. That would be a problem to him if someone finds it out" Ye Mei said. 

"I don't know who it is but…" Ye Mei ma.s.saged her forehead. 

Meanwhile, Biyu couldn't help but feel bad for Ye Mei. She is really great and she really has strong will power to face all this. One person against many...

No wonder her brother Feng fell for her. She is really awesome and had a good heart too. .

Ye Mei understood what Biyu is thinking and smiled. "Your brother is actually the one who made me like this…..strong and determined. When we met, I was in my lowest point, getting drunk everyday."

" My grandfather wasn't talking to me, my own parents were scheming against me and my own brother who should actually protect me was trying to sell me to some wealthy family to gain some power. I was a mess and my law firm was almost at the verge of bankruptcy."

 "My father and brother used their influence and made my own partner turn against me…..I was totally helpless. They wanted me to come back to them and help them but I was very persistent not to let that happen." Ye Mei choked a little and her eyes brimmed with tears. 

"Then came your brother. I think he was  watching me since long back by then and he was very impressed by my stubborn att.i.tude. He gave me one of the case related to his company and asked me to clear it legally."

 "And, if I win he had promised to help me out of bankruptcy and clear the bad rumors about my law firm. I won and he fulfilled his end of bargain." Ye Mei smiled. Biyu could see the love in her eyes and she realized how much Ye Mei love Feng. 

"Like this, the s.h.i.+p has set to sail. Sister in law….you are truly awesome. I never thought that your past and your relation with your family would be this sad. But I am happy you found my brother….you guys are really perfect match" Biyu gratefully said. 

Meanwhile, when Ye Mei heard Biyu calling her 'sister in law' she knew no bounds of her happiness. She knew how much Biyu meant to Feng and getting such a happy approval from Biyu made her happy. 

"Thanks a lot Biyu. I actually wanted to tell you about something else too" Ye Mei told. 

"Hmm….what is it, sis in law" Biyu asked. 

It's about Linda. I wanted to tell you about Linda" Ye Mei told. 

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