The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 541 - The Emperor Who Ran Away V

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife -

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Chapter 541: The Emperor Who Ran Away V

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The court was suddenly quiet.

Nalan Yan was silent for a moment, and she sighed. “I was joking just now. I just want to create a lively atmosphere. Actually, I knew that he was Chancellor Liu, really…”

The ministers were silent for a while.

‘I am afraid that you don’t even believe what you have said.’

“It is easy since you are Chancellor Liu. Tianyu, discharge him from his post. I don’t want to see him again,” Nalan Yan said and waved her hand.



When he originally heard Nalan Yan’s words, Chancellor Liu’s legs were already shaking. Who knew that the next word he heard from Feng Tianyu made him feel like he had descended into h.e.l.l. His body weakened and he collapsed to the ground. He cried, “Your Majesty, Empress. What mistake have I done?”

Nalan Yan stood up and walked slowly toward Chancellor Liu.

“I heard that Qing’er was determined to marry Liu Yuchen. Tianyu loves his daughter. Therefore, he granted her power to issue an imperial decree. However, my brother went to the Liu family and said that it is possible to reject the marriage. You disagreed with him and just wanted Qing’er to get married.”

She paused.

“Nonetheless, the Liu family did not treat Qing’er well after she married him. They almost killed my precious daughter.”

Compared to Chancellor Liu, Nalan Yan initially did not have any bad feelings toward Liu Yuchen.

At first, Liu Yuchen disagreed with the marriage with Qing’er. But Chancellor Liu threatened Liu Yuchen that his whole family would be killed if he disobeyed him.

In fact, the elder brother refused to let Qing’er to marry someone who did not love her. He intended to reject the marriage on behalf of Chancellor Liu. It was Chancellor Liu who insisted that they should proceed with the marriage.

Moreover, no matter how angry Tianyu was, he would only direct his anger at Liu Yuchen and would not destroy the Liu family.

As for the later… She heard that Liu Yuchen kept on provoking Qing’er for no reason. If that did not happen, she would not have been so disgusted with Liu Yuchen!

Qing’er managed to change her mind and divorce Liu Yuchen. But he continued to provoke her. Was he that shameless?

Looking at Nalan Yan’s fierce gaze, Chancellor Liu was in despair.

He knew that the Liu family would completely fall apart this time.

“Tianyu, I’m tired. I shall go to the princess’s manor first. You shall find me after you finished the meeting in the imperial court.”

Nalan Yan smiled and greeted Tianyu. Then she left the imperial court.

Instead of wasting time with these people, she might as well go to find her dear daughter.

Nalan Zhangqian saw that Nalan Yan was about to leave. He looked at the spirit wine that the eunuchs brought in. He ignored the others and hurriedly chased after Nalan Yan to walk beside her.

“Yan’er, can you help me ask Qing’er about the vendor… Where is he?”

A jar of wine was not enough to drink. He must find the vendor to buy more jars of wine.

Nalan Yan stared blankly. She turned and frowned. “What street vendor?”

“The street vendor who sells wine.”

The master could meet the street vendor. Why couldn’t he?

Nalan Yan asked dazedly, “I don’t know any street vendors. I just brought the wine from Qing’er’s wine cellar. She told me that she learned how to produce wine from someone. Maybe she made it? If you need it, you can just look for Qing’er.”

Nalan Zhangqian’s smile gradually stiffened.

His stiffened face remained even after Nalan Yan was long gone.


That day, the perplexed people of Liu Yun Kingdom knew that the Nalan family’s Nalan Zhangqian had gone crazy.

He madly smashed all the things at home. He cried and laughed. Some people even heard him quarreling loudly with the old general.

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