The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1550 - Little Fatty Getting a Beating II

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife -

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Chapter 1550: Little Fatty Getting a Beating II

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The guards who were behind her could not bear to watch any longer. They knelt with a foot on the ground with their fists clenched tight. “Grand Tutor Zhang, Chancellor Bo, please make a stand for our family’s maiden. Just now, the young prince bullied the weak in front of everyone, and our lady could not bear to continue watching and, thus, went forward to stop it. Who knew that the young prince would get angry from being embarra.s.sed and start beating our lady and threatening her.”

“Shut up!”

The guard was already finished speaking when Feng Lianyi slowly regained her senses. Her face was deathly pale as she shouted harshly. “n.o.body is allowed to say another word!”

“Maiden Feng, that matter just now was witnessed by so many people. Even if you do not talk about it, it will still reach the ears of the General Manor. Why is there a need to cover up for the young prince?” the guard was furious. The moment he mentioned the young prince, there was disgust in his eyes.

There was no one in Wu Shang City who did not hate him.

No, it should be said that the whole of Tianling Kingdom was utterly disgusted by the young prince.

The young prince was domineering and only did evil. He was full of evil. The only thing he did not do was taking advantage of men and kidnapping women.

Why did Maiden Lianyi still speak on behalf of a person like him?

Grand Tutor Zhang was momentarily stunned. After that, he was so angry that his old face was trembling. “The young prince was already grounded by His Majesty. Who would have thought that he had actually snuck out? The first thing he did after sneaking out was to continue causing unnecessary troubles. Really too insolent! Chancellor, inform the rest of the military and civil officials. We will immediately enter the palace to see His Majesty! This time, if His Majesty does not punish the young prince severely, we will kneel until he does so!”

He flapped his sleeve angrily as he turned around in anger.

Feng Lianyi kept her head down from the beginning to the end. So, n.o.body noticed the subtle smile at the corner of her lips.

Originally… she wasn’t such a cunning person. She used to be… very simple.

It was a pity…

With Feng Ruqing’s existence, it was destined that she would lose her naiveity!

However, it did not matter. As long as Feng Ruqing disappeared, she… would return to being the person she once was…

Feng Lianyi raised her head. Inexplicably, she actually felt that the sunset today was very bright, just like her current mood.


The Imperial Palace.

In Feng Luan Palace.

Since little fatty and Qi Qin’er secretly snuck back in, they felt that the atmosphere was not quite normal. He felt his heart suddenly clench and actually had an inexplicable sense of terror and panic.

Imperial Father… should not have found out, right?

Would he really punish him then? If he were to run to the pretty sister’s manor now, would he make it in time…?

As predicted, the moment the two of them snuck through the hole, a figure dressed in bright yellow appeared in their sight.

All the palace maids and eunuchs knelt in a single file, and none of them dared to even raise their heads.

The young prince’s body stiffened slightly as he raised his head to look at the middle-aged man before him. He laughed drily. “Imperial Father, are you waiting for my return?”

Qi Fang’s face was green with anger. Previously, he had withstood all the civil and military officials’ pressure and managed to let off Yue’er lightly.

He never thought that the little prince would turn out to be worse. Not only did he sneak out and got caught, he even bullied the ordinary citizens and wounded Feng Lianyi!

Usually, he was able to simply give in to him. However, this time, the trouble Yue’er had caused was just too big. Hearsay, Feng Lianyi was beaten to the point where she was unable to even walk stably, and people had already sent news to Tian Ya.

When Tian Ya returned, who knew if he would come and cause trouble for him?

Just thinking about it made his head ache…

“Imperial Father.”

Seeing that Qi Fang did not speak, the young prince felt uneasy. “Good morning.”

Qi Fang looked at Qi Yue coldly. “The sun has already set. You have finally returned?”

“I just…”

“Guards!” Qi Fang did not even give Qi Yue the chance to speak. His expression was cold, dark. “Bring him away… and give him twenty strokes of cane!”

n.o.body knew that when Qi Fang said those words, his heart was throbbing slightly. All these years, he had loved Yue’er and had never been willing to injure him even a little. However, this time… he needed to take action to show Tian Ya that he was worthy of his service!

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