The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1513 - Lianyi’s Hatred X

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Chapter 1513: Lianyi’s Hatred X

‘No way!’

There was no way she could watch Brother Lianqing marry someone else, especially a married woman!

“Young Lady Helian, think about it. Master has even fought with Maiden Lianyi over that woman. How long can Master be rational before he loses his mind because of that woman?” The servant clenched her fists tightly.

‘What Maiden Lianyi said must be true. That woman has bewitched Master, and that’s why Master is so helpful to her.

‘He had even asked Maiden Lianyi to apologize to her.

‘A person of unknown background… What rights does she have to make Maiden Lianyi apologize to her?

‘Maiden Lianyi is from the general manor. No one can treat her like that!’

Helian Yue gritted her teeth. “Where’s that b*tch? I’m going to find her now!”

“Wu Shang Inn.”

The servant sneered.

“Xiao Xiao, let’s go. I’m going to meet that vixen who wants to seduce Brother Lianqing now.”

Helian Yue snorted. She turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

She did not even notice that the moment she turned away, not far away, a figure slowly appeared from behind the big rock.

Lianyi looked at the departing Helian Yue calmy and sneered. “Helian Yue has grown up but is still as stupid as before. Wouldn’t it be too wasteful… If we don’t take advantage of such a person?”

After she saw that Helian Yue had disappeared, she came out from her hiding spot behind the rock.

“Maiden Lianyi?”

The servant turned her head and saw Lianyi walking over. She panicked and hurriedly kowtowed.

“What are you doing?” Lianyi asked, confused.

The servant bit her lips. “I’ve just told Helian Yue about the woman who has seduced Master.”

Lianyi was startled. “All people in Wu Shan City are already aware of Helian Yue’s behavior. If you tell her about that, in case she causes trouble, Brother Feng will definitely be furious! By then, wouldn’t it even cause Helian Yue to lose her place in his heart.”

Hearing these words, the servant was somewhat disdainful. “Maiden, Helian Yue is no match for Master. Even without that married woman, Master still won’t accept her.”

“But have you ever thought that if Brother Feng knew about this, he would definitely blame us.” Lianyi looked at the servant disappointedly. “If it weren’t for us, Helian Yue wouldn’t have gone causing trouble for that woman.”

The servant gritted her teeth. “Maiden Lianyi, don’t worry. Maiden Lianyi has saved my life back then. If Master asked about this, I’ll take the blame, and I’ll make sure this matter has nothing to do with Maiden Lianyi.”

‘Moreover, Maiden Lianyi didn’t know about this matter. It was my own decision…’

“You…” Lianyi pointed at the servant and sighed heavily. “You must remember not to do that again in the future. If Brother Feng is angry, I will plead for you.”

The servant did not say any more. Lianyi looked at the servant for a moment before she turned around and left.

The servant stared at Lianyi gratefully. ‘Maiden Lianyi is so kind. I’ve done such things, but Maiden Lianyi is still willing to plead for me…

‘I don’t understand why Master would treat Maiden Lianyi like this for an outsider…’


Wu Shang Inn.

The noisy inn suddenly became quiet after a figure hurriedly rushed in.

Everyone was stunned as their eyes were fixed on the furious woman.

They had even subconsciously moved to the side, afraid that standing in the way would cause harm to themselves.

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