The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1512 - Lianyi’s Hatred IX

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Chapter 1512: Lianyi’s Hatred IX

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“Brother Lianqing has left…” Helian Yue’s eyes flashed with confusion. “Where did he go?”


The servant bit her lip, hesitating.

She was timid as if there were some things she did not dare to say.

Suddenly, Helian Yue’s heart thudded. “Tell me quickly, where did my Brother Lianqing go? Did he go find demonic s.l.u.ts out there?”

The servant panicked. “No, no! No matter how others try to tempt Master, he will never fall for them.”

Initially, Helian Yue should have been proud of herself after hearing these words. But somehow, when she saw the servant panicking, her heart sank a little.

“Someone has seduced Brother Lianqing, right? Who’s that b*tch? Is that b*tch from the Zhuge family, or that deluded old woman from the Nangong family?”

The servant quickly kowtowed.

“Young Lady Helian, please spare me. I don’t dare to say it.”

Helian Yue looked down at the servant kowtowing in front of her with anger on her delicate small face. “Tell me who has seduced my Brother Lianqing? I’ll kill her!”

“It’s…” The servant looked up shakily. “A married woman.”

‘A married woman?

‘Is she the same old b*tch like the one from the Nangong family?’

Helian Yue gritted her teeth viciously. She was mourning alone these days and did not come to see Feng Lianqing when he came back.

Who knew when she was not around, another old woman had tried to hook up with her Brother Lianqing?

“Where’s that shameless b*tch? You’re already married, and you’re still hitting on Brother Lianqing.” Helian Yue snorted. “And what about my Brother Lianqing, has he accepted that woman?”

The servant was a little afraid to look into Helian Yue’s eyes and lowered her head again.

“Master Lianqing… Fought with Maiden Lianyi because of that woman.”

Helian Yue’s face was slightly pale. ‘Brother Lianqing and Lianyi fought?’

Well, she did not like Lianyi, and there had been a time when someone from the general manor wanted to arrange a marriage between Brother Lianqing and Lianyi.


They were childhood sweethearts.

Every time Brother Lianqing fought with Lianyi, she would stand on the side, clapping her hands happily. But now Brother Lianqing was arguing with her over another woman. Helian Yue had mixed feelings about it.

“He and Lianyi are quarreling over that woman?”

“Yes, Young Lady Helian.” The servant smirked. She always kept her head down so that no one could see her expression. “Maiden Lianyi is a woman of integrity. She can’t bear to see such a married woman still hitting on other men. Moreover, Maiden Lianyi clearly knows that only Young Lady Helian deserves to be with Master Lianqing. How could she let other women seduce him.”


Helian Yue felt a little skeptical.

‘Doesn’t that little b.i.t.c.h Lianyi always feel dissatisfied with me because Grandfather Tian Ya keeps backing me up? How can she have accepted me to become Brother Lianqing’s wife?’


“Yes, it’s true.” The servant finally dared to look into Helian Yue’s eyes and said, “Young Lady Helian, what I’ve said is true. That woman is so shameless. She already has a husband, but she is still seducing other men, and now even Master Lianqing has been bewitched by her. What if… She really used her charms to trick Master Lianqing, and Master does not even realize that…”

Helian Yue’s face changed dramatically. Whenever she thought of Feng Lianqing marrying another woman, she felt like a thousand thorns piercing at and tearing her heart. It was so uncomfortable…

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