Nero, My Existence Is Perfect 9 Chapter 9: Do You Have A Card?

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"That was incredible!" Choko exclaimed when he hugged her again.

A sweet feminine perfume has. .h.i.t your nose one more time. Nero had no reaction for a few moments, she didn't expect to be hugged so suddenly.

Feeling Choko's grip loosen, Nero moved away quickly.

Their actions did not go unnoticed by them. Choko thought she was just shy, but it was actually for another reason that Nero withdrew until he remembered that now "he" was "she".

Jana said, "Do you have a card?" She pointed to her own card by asking that question.

Nero looked at her, then shook his head in denial.

"How come she doesn't?" They wondered surprised.

Nero who saw that they could also loot the monsters approached and did the same, but of course, when she did that, it only took 1 second. Unlike them, I'd need at least a minute.


• You'd like to loot the Monster Plant: [Slime Pink] Rank F: Level 2?


"Yes," Nero said in his mind.

Slime Pink turned to green mist when it came into contact with Nero's hand. Then it was absorbed into her body.


• [Monster Rank F Core - Level 2] has been added to your inventory.

• 1 [Green Gra.s.s Rank F - Poor Quality] has been added to your inventory.

• 20 [Essence Currency] has been added to your inventory.


"Oh, my goodness!" Her eyes widened to see her do it.

said Jana: "She doesn't have a hunter's card, but she can still plunder the monsters at that speed..."

"Besides." Breno added, "Where do the essence coins and items go?"

They looked in Nero's direction in search of answers but remembered that she could not understand his language. In their hearts, Nero was becoming more and more enigmatic.

Nero, who felt their eyes towards her, looked at them strangely. She knew she was faster than they were in looting, but did they need to have such a big reaction?

Although they wanted to know how she was able to do that. They knew that she did not understand their language, there are also things she may not be willing to explain to them.

Walking, they found a group of Green Slime and Pink.

Just as the word "Let's" echoed, Choko's body, like an arrow thrown by a bow, flew and appeared in front of a Green Slime.

Choko's fist wearing the red glove landed on Slime's green body and a dust curtain erupted the moment he crossed the Slime and crashed into the ground.

"So impatient," Breno said, holding his spear and also ran towards them.

"We're going too." Said Jair. He ran even faster than Breno, soon he got in front of a Slime cutting him in half.

Choko, who saw a Green Slime spit a green goo in his direction, suddenly dodged the ball as he kicked sideways in the direction of the attacking Green Slime.

Then she stepped hard on the ground and advanced toward the Green Slime and hit a punch using her red glove in full, making it fly and collide with a nearby tree.

Nero was surprised because he could see that his boots were not simple either, they looked like the boots of silvery gentlemen. Possibly made of some metal.

Jana sighed, so immediately she skillfully conjured two arrows of fire.

"Go!" She said as she threw both arrows of fire at the 2 Slime.

Your aim when launching could not be underestimated, with this attack from her, 2 Slime were instantly killed.

Nero was a little confident in throwing rocks, but he didn't want to risk and attack, as he could very well beat Breno, Jair, and Choko.

Unfortunately, she only knew how to fight by throwing stones. But it wasn't like she couldn't attack. Whenever Nero saw an opportunity, she threw rocks in the direction of the Slime that was furthest from them.

Nero couldn't help but sigh in admiration as they watched them fight. It can even be said as normal or simply the things they were doing for the people of this world.

But for Nero, who came from a very different place where magic was known only in movies and stories, for her, this was even more exciting than walking on a roller coaster.

In a short time, more than 10 Slime had been defeated. Because they were just plundering, but they weren't absorbing the monsters' nuclei. Nero didn't risk doing that in front of them.

Each of them plundered those they had killed. Nero also managed to kill 2 Slime by throwing stones. So she approached them and put her hand on one of them.


• You'd like to loot the Monster Plant: [Green Slime] Rank F: Level 3?



The Green Slime turned into a green mist and entered her body.


• 1 [Monster Rank F Core - Level 3] has been added to your inventory.

• 1 [Thin Stem Plant Rank F - Poor Quality] has been added to your inventory.

• 35 [Essence Currency] has been added to your inventory.


In front of such a vision. They were still surprised, even though they were already waiting for it to happen.

Nero approached the other Slime and put his hand on him too.


• You'd like to loot the Monster Plant: [Green Slime] Rank F: Level 3?




• 1 [Monster Rank F Core - Level 2] has been added to your inventory.

• 1 [Sticky Mucus Rank F - Poor quality] has been added to your inventory.

• 22 [Essence Currency] has been added to your inventory.
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Nero was truly happy to join their group. Since now she didn't have to be as alert as she used to be.

Of course, she wouldn't trust them 100%, after all, they barely knew each other. But they didn't seem to want her harm, so she thinks she can give them a vote of confidence.

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