Nero, My Existence Is Perfect 8 Chapter 8: Do You Want To Hunt With Us?

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Nero, who was beginning to have a headache, thinking of a way to convince them to let her stay in their group.

But she couldn't even communicate with them, who will say, to convince them to let her partic.i.p.ate in the hunting party?

Nero sighed as he thought, "I can only try to convince them to let them join his hunting group by making gestures."

Not knowing if it would work or not, Nero got up. They looked at her surprised, but seeing that her injuries seemed to have been healed, they didn't try to stop her.

Nero first bowed to Choko, who had used ointment on her. Which made her smile kindly at her.

After that, they started looking at her strangely. Yeah, Nero pointed his index finger at each of them, then at himself with his thumb. So, she pretended to be fighting something or someone.

Although they thought it was a little funny, they figured she wanted to say something to them.

After you've been doing this for about 10 minutes. They seemed to have more or less understood what she meant.

"Want to hunt with us?" Choko asked, making almost the same gestures as Nero and pointed at a Slime not far away.

Nero's eyes lit up when he saw that she seemed to have intended what she wanted to say. Nero nodded quickly in response.

"Is it okay if she joins us?" Choko, despite wanting to let Nero join their group, still had to have his team's consent.

"Yes." Said Jana, "I don't see any problems."

"Fine." Jair said, "I don't see any problems either."
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They then looked at Breno. He then replied: "I don't mind leaving you join our hunting party."

Seeing her reactions, Nero could tell that they accepted, it made her smile, it made them dizzy, seeing Nero's beautiful smile, they were delighted.

"How cute!" Choko said and hugged Nero as she stroked her long pink-white hair.

"Huh?" Nero asked himself, "But what... why is she hugging me?"

In the end, even Jana couldn't resist and ended up hugging Nero too.

Nero was disconcerted by her actions: "I don't just smile?" She thought and then a sweet feminine perfume hit her nose.

Breno and Jair, who saw their actions, just sighed in helplessness.

After they calmed down, Choko and Jana stopped hugging her.

Sighing, Nero and they intertwined, although they talked to each other, they still had to make a gesture to try to communicate with her.

Jana pointed to herself when she said, "Jana."

"Jana?" Nero repeated.

"Yeah!" Jana nodded happily.

"Me, me!" Choko also started pointing at her by saying, "Choko, I'm Choko."

"Ohh." Nero nodded when he pointed to her, "Choko."

"Yes, I am Choko!" She smiled.

Jair also pointed at himself with his thumb: "Jair."

Right after that, Breno said, "Breno."

Nero pointed to each of them by saying, "Breno, Jair, Jana, Choko."

"Yeah, that's right." They nodded.

Nero pointed to himself and said, "Nero."

"Ohh, Nero, right?! What a beautiful name." Choko smiled and hugged her again...

Nero sighed and began to wonder if she thought she was a hug pillow or something.

Jana said, "Choko, stop clinging to her, you'll scare her!"

Reluctant, Choko walked away pouting.

"Let's go back and defeat that group of Slime we were attacking before?" Breno asked.

"Hrm." Jair said, "We don't know her ability yet, so let's take it easy first."

"Right." They agreed.

"Shall we?" Choko signaled for them to start walking.

Nero nodded and started hanging out with them.

On the way, they crossed with some Slime monsters that ranged from levels 1 to 3. But they were all defeated by just one attack from them.

Jair only needed a swing of his sword, while Choko wearing his red glove, much like a part of the armor, but only reinforced which made it disproportionate to his small hands.

The power behind every stroke of it, it was powerful! She could destroy everything she attacked. Breno pushed his spear forward, it was right to say that if he hit the monster was dead by his spear.

While Jane was holding a wand, she conjured fireb.a.l.l.s through it, then threw towards the Slime monsters killing them with ease.

In the end, he didn't even have time for Nero to act.

What surprised Nero too, was that although they were also using to loot us Slime bodies, it was necessary a lot of time, in cases of the levels 2, they took on average 1 to 2 minutes to get to loot them.

"Is it because of this card that they can do that?" Nero wondered when he saw them holding a card when using loot.

Realizing they weren't leaving anything to Nero. Choko said when pointing to a Slime Pink not far from there: "If you want, you can attack him."

Nero nodded. Approaching, she took a stone from her inventory. She saw that they could also do that with their cards, so she didn't think they would find it strange if she did.

Despite not being one of her favorite sports, Nero came to see some baseball matches, because of that, she knew more or less a good posture to throw the stones.

Nero was in the throwing position, with his feet on the shoulder width, his knees slightly bent, his body relaxed and his hips and shoulders aligned.

Fixing his eyes on this Slime, Nero grabbed the stone and twisted the body and advanced with his foot along with the liberation. Nero threw the stone towards Slime Pink.

Its release was so fast, it surprised everyone who was watching. They can't help but raise their eyebrows in astonishment.

After all, this was the first time they'd seen anyone do this to hunt. Even if Slime isn't strong, it doesn't mean they're usually killed by a throwing stone. But the speed at which the stone was thrown by Nero left them with their chin down.


• You've defeated the Plant Monster: [Slime Pink] Rank F: Level 2.


Nero nodded, pleased to see the new window that opened: "My marksmans.h.i.+p hits have increased a lot." She thought as her long hair moved along with the wind.

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