Hello, Mr Li Chapter 235 - Happy Birthday Sun.

Hello, Mr Li -

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Maybe it was because she hadn't seen him for close to two weeks so now, he was looking even more good looking than the last time she remembered.

Like an Emperor, he walked majestically into the hall in his expensive looking tuxedo and shoe. On his left hand was his signature Rolex watch and his hair was slicked back neatly. 

He stopped to greet some prominent people his eyes caught immediately he entered. 

Sara's heart began to race when she saw him. He was here. He was finally here!

When she saw him smile at the guests, she was compelled to smile back. 

It took everything within her to keep herself from running down to give him a hug. Seeing him now, she realised just how much she had missed him even though they had both communicated on the phone a couple of times.

Behind him, Ms Long who was also looking very stunning in her milk c.o.c.ktail gown greeted the people also. Everyone knew her as Muchen's secretary so they also greeted her politely.

Muchen's eyes scanned the room like he was searching for something. Then finally, his eyes landed on Sara. 

He saw how she was intently staring at him with twinkling eyes and his eyes shone when he noticed just how pretty she was looking. 

He didn't bother to listen to what the man he had been talking to what saying. He quickly started walking to where Sara was standing.

His entire family watched the exchange. They were all sure he was looking at their direction but he wasn't seeing any of them. His gaze had been on the little lady beside them. 

"Are you okay?" Changyu whispered the question when she noticed Sara was feeling a bit tensed.

Maybe it was out of uncontrollable excitement.

Sara didn't bother to answer. Her eyes were still focused on him. But she knew she had to control herself. Her father had warned her to learn to control her feelings and not expose their relations.h.i.+p to the public because it would be risky to do so.

Muchen said he felt the same way. He believed she would not only be exposed to danger, they would either want to use her against him or use her to get to him. 

He finally stopped walking when he got to where she was standing and stood in front of her. "You pretty little liar... You didn't cut your hair." He said to her with a smile.

Dana scoffed. 

Fazhan raised a brow at him. 

Minde used a hand to cover his face and shook his head for his cousin. He had been smiling like an idiot, hoping Muchen would say h.e.l.lo to him first since he missed him a lot. But not only did he ignore all of them, he was feeding their eyes with their lovey-dovey interaction.

Minde's parents looked at all of them in confusion. They both wondered what was happening right now. 

Heya and Changyu smiled while Sara giggled. She had totally forgotten that she was hiding from his father. 

Muchen had actually believed that she did cut her hair so he was glad to see it was still how he remembered and his girlfriend was looking very pretty.

"CEO Li... Your family is here" Ms Long whispered to him in frustration. 

She was glad other people was far from them so no one had actually heard what he had said to Sara.

For the first time, Muchen seemed to realise that his family was standing just beside Sara. He looked at them in surprise, wondering when they arrived there. 

He bowed to greet all of them before his eyes landed on the woman beside Sara.

"Miss Changyu" He bowed to greet her. 

"CEO Li. Long time no see. Thank you for the invite" She said humbly.

"It's our pleasure that you are here. This means a lot." He replied modestly before looking at the other lady beside her. 

"Heya?" He called out in surprise. 

She was looking very different and pretty! He almost hadn't recognised her. 

Heya smiled and nodded. "Yes Big bro."

Sara soon received a text message from Hoy  to inform them that he was almost there with grandmother.

She mounted the stage again and firstly introduced herself to the guests for the secind time since most of them hadn't arrived when she did the first time. Then, she informed everyone that it was almost time.

She looked at Heya and gave her a gentle nod. Heya nodded also before leaving where she had been standing. 

Dana looked at her husband in shock and then at Muchen. "What is she doing there and where is Heya going to?" 

Minde was also surprised to see Sara standing on the stage. He hadn't expected it. He pouted at Muchen for keeping things away from him.

No one cared about him anymore.

Muchen just smiled before announcing to his entire family. "That is my girlfriend. She is pretty isn't she?" 

He watched how she spoke eloquently to the crowd. She said some funny things that also made them laugh. The atmosphere turned light and soon, the lights in the hall dimmed. 

The grand door opened to reveal a woman in her early seventies, a young man in his early twenties and a woman in her mid fifties directly behind them.

Sun could vaguely make out the silhouettes of the people inside the hall. She wondered why the light was very dim. 'What kind of party is this?' She asked herself.

Suddenly, a spotlight focused on someone by the side of the stage with a piano in front of her.

"Heya?" Sun whispered in surprise.

Heya smiled at her direction and with gentle movements of her fingers, she created a melodious tune with the piano.

"Happy birthday to you..." Heya began to sing in a melodious tone that matched the one being produced by the piano.

"Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday, Happy birthday, Happy birthday to you." 

Sun's eyes bulged out. 

Was she singing for her?

Heya ended the song with a smile before saying into the mic "Happy birthday Grandmother. I love you" 

Sun gasped and unconsciously used both hands to cover her mouth. 

The lights brightened and everyone soon came into sight, clapping and shouting a happy birthday.

She saw her family smiling at her and gradually, they all approached her to wish her a happy birthday. 

Her maid who had been quietly standing beside her was already in tears. She could not control her emotions after seeing this. 

Sun looked at the people present there. There were even members of the extended family present there. She saw other top business men and women she hadn't met with in years.

"Happy birthday mother" Li Han hugged her.

Sun stood still. She still could not understand what was going on. After Han pulled out from the hug, she turned to her side to look at Hoy. 

"Happy birthday grandmother" He said with a small smile. 

"Everybody. Let's sing for her" Sara said from the stage and everyone began to sing to the tune Heya played. 

Sun looked at the stage to see Sara. She wondered what this stubborn girl was doing there. But she didn't have much time to ponder on it. 

As she heard them all sing for her, she used her hands to cover her face and for the first time, the Almighty Li Sun felt tears trickle down her face. 

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