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"I'll call you in the morning when my scan is done, Kal," Violet promised. "Will you be awake then or too hungover?"

Her twin grumbled. "I'm no lightweight and I really didn't drink that much. I'll come get you no matter how early it is."

She managed to smile slightly. Always so overprotective. "Alright. I'll see you in the morning then."

Violet ended the call and sent Nathan a quick text to let him know she was fine…if he was even still awake. Even though she really had no clue what to say to Noah's confession she still needed to thank him and let him know what was going on in case he worried.

'They're keeping me overnight to do an MRI in the morning and see if I tore anything. Thanks for contacting my brothers for me'

After a lifetime of friends.h.i.+p she knew she owed him more than that. But her thoughts were racing too wildly to formulate a proper response right now. What did she even want to say to him? He had been right when he said she didn't think of him romantically.

How could she when they had known each other since they were in diapers? They had seen each other at their absolute worst too many times to count. How had he ever managed to develop romantic feelings for her despite that?

Noah saw her when she was missing most of her teeth and the year she tried to cut her bangs herself and they looked horrible, not to mention when she had rubber bands on her braces and couldn't even open her mouth all the way.

There were even pictures of them in the bath together when they were toddlers after they made a huge mess! They were practically family so how…?

But if Violet pushed the confusing and gigantic question of 'how' out of her mind…it did explain a lot of things. Why Noah always preferred spending time with her over his other friends. Why he would drop everything and come running when she needed it. Why he was the only one who attended two different performances of the same show every time.

And he had worried so much when she was going to graduate from high school about being left behind. He hadn't wanted her to get a boyfriend and forget about him. All this time she had his motivation wrong!

She thought he was worried about losing his best friend but that wasn't it at all. He was jealous. Jealous about her! What a crazy thought.

Noah was the most important person in her life. She had no idea she had been hurting him by confiding in him about boy problems all of these years. Wanting s.p.a.ce as she dated someone else seriously was perfectly understandable.

But she selfishly didn't want to let him go. Violet loved him. She wasn't IN love with him because she had thought they were like siblings this whole time but she undeniably loved him more than almost anything.

It wouldn't be fair to make him be her friend when she was with Jeremy. She liked Jeremy, she really did, but was he worth losing Noah over? Would Noah even want to stay her friend if she wasn't with Jeremy now that he had confessed?

Violet's thoughts wouldn't stop so even with the pain medication and a sleeping pill it took her a long time to fall asleep.


The doctor informed her she had torn her meniscus pretty badly after her MRI was done. Violet would need to come back for knee surgery on Monday once the orthopedic surgeon came back to work (he had weekends off). After that she would need a whole lot of physical therapy and with luck would be able to dance again in 3-6 months.

The words 'with luck' rang in her ears long after Kaleb picked her up. That meant there was a possibility she might never be able to dance again. She wouldn't be able to live with that!

She lay miserably on the couch with her knee propped up under an ice pack watching a doc.u.mentary on penguins as curled up on her stomach. Today had been too awful.

First, she might be losing Noah forever. Violet still hadn't figured out what to do about that whole mess. She couldn't move on her own either; she had to holler for Kaleb to fetch her things and help her get to the bathroom. He was taking it like a champ but it was still embarra.s.sing.

Jeremy had said he would come see her to cheer her up once he found out she got hurt but hadn't come yet and it was mid-afternoon. And she still hadn't been able to get a hold of her parents to tell them what was going on.

They must be at sea. If they weren't, her parents' phone plan would allow international calls no problem. Her dad had made sure of that a long time ago because he had to go on business trips over seas a few times a year and wanted to be able to call home easily.

More than anything right now, Violet wanted to talk to her mom. She had always been the most solid source of advice in her life aside from Noah. Obviously she couldn't talk to him about any of this.

"KAAAAAAL!" she yelled down the hall.

Her twin came running with a slightly panicked look on his face. He panted as he leaned onto the doorframe for support.

"What is it? Are you in pain? Do you need more ice?" Kaleb fretted.

"Could you get me a snack? Something super unhealthy since I won't be dancing for a while."

Violet tried to say it lightly but it ended up coming out like lead. Who knows if she would even be able to dance professionally again. Her knee might be ruined for good.

Tears filled her eyes and she ended up sobbing for the first time since this whole mess happened. Startled, Kaleb immediately rushed forward to wrap his arms around her. It was a bit awkward since she was stuck on the couch.

He hadn't seen her cry since their grandpa's funeral; of course he would be startled. She always tried being strong in front of him because of how much he hated her clinginess when they were younger.

That didn't matter right now though. Right now she buried her face into her twin's shoulder and cried as if she was the same four-year-old girl who didn't want anybody but her brother at preschool.

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