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With her eyes closed, Xiu felt the world stop. As if the background noises vanished into oblivion and the only sound she could hear was her own heartbeat and the sound of his breathing. Adding on the presence of his hands on her waist and his lips on hers, Xiu's world was set ablaze. Oddly, she was the person who was happy seeing her world burning down.

The b.u.t.terflies in her stomach when he nibbled on her lips were real. It wasn't just a fantasy for her, she actually felt what it meant to have b.u.t.terflies wreaking havoc in one's stomach. That tingly sensation was traveling from the tip of her toes to the nerves of her brain. It felt too good to be real.

When his tongue grazed her lips, she felt like the earth was melting away while he left his signature on her soul. Call it sweet pleasure or sweet a.s.sault of his lips but whatever it was, it managed to flip her world and her beliefs. Even her drunken stupor couldn't stop her brain and her soul from registering his presence.

From the lack of oxygen in her system, she felt dizzy and tapped his shoulders. Darren pulled away from her and Xiu panted like the oxygen-deprived person that she was feeling like. Noticing how he stood calm and collected while she looked like a mess, she said, "I'm feeling dizzy from this kiss and that's a first for me."

Darren rubbed his bottom lip as he said with a smirk, "Well, heaven does tastes like heaven. I couldn't help myself."

"Smooth, Mr. Playboy! Very smooth," came Dylan's voice who was enjoying the show from his seat while munching on snacks. 

"Shut up, Didi!" warned Darren with a stern look.

"What did I do?" Dylan retorted while shrugging his shoulders. 

"Stay out of it," said Darren emphasizing his words. Dylan got the hint and zipped his lips like an obedient kid.

Xiu held Darren's collar and said, "This was my first official offscreen kiss and I'm such a loser that I find it special." Darren's brows raised slightly while she continued, "But d.a.m.n, you're irresistible and I have to give that you. I don't even mind being a loser. Let's continue from where we left off."

She tried to kiss him again but he evaded as he said, "You're drunk. No, let me rephrase that. You are wasted! Otherwise, you wouldn't be saying all that."

Xiu pouted like a child who wasn't given candy and said, "But this has nothing to do with me being drunk. Trust me. It's your fault that my innocent mind is wandering off to some very indecent scenarios." She lowered her voice and went on, "And it involves your lips on mine and my hands doing some serious exploration. I never thought I wanted to be an explorer. But now..." she eyed him like a predator and continued, "I really want to explore that body of yours."

"f.u.c.k! You did not just say that." Darren had an appalling look on his face. "Little Red, you're so gonna regret these words."

"Oh, I ordered my brain to stop thinking before I walked in this direction," replied Xiu with a huge grin and tugged at his jacket saying, "Let me continue. The thought of kissing you is stuck in my head."

Xiu's eyes looked at him earnestly while he looked back curiously. Both of them held some intense and unspeakable emotions and none of them was ready to look away.

"Pfft!" Dylan's laughter broke their intense gaze again. When Darren looked at him with an annoyed look, he said, "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I just think you both suit each other with your smooth way of sailing through flirting borders. Riding on flames of intimacy, you both are way too casual about it. I'm feeling cringy from just listening."

"Who is he really?" The question came from Xiu and she had asked it from Darren while the person in question was Dylan.

"He's my best friend," replied Darren in an irritated tone.

Dylan stood up and fixed his s.h.i.+rt before extending his hand towards her and saying, "Hi, I'm Qiu Hedi. It's really nice to meet someone like you who can match my best friend's pace."

Xiu eyed his hand for a long while before looking at Darren and asking, "Can I throw him out of here?"

"Hey! I'm not a thing that you'd throw away," said Dylan.

"Orange, I told you I don't like your smile. I think you didn't get the hint that I don't like you as a whole." 

"Dazi, she's insulting me. Say something," Dylan could only childishly look at his best friend for help since Xiu had already K.O'ed him earlier in the words battle. 

Darren felt like he was cornered. Honestly speaking, he didn't want to say anything to Xiu. But Dylan was his best friend. Or more like a brother. What was he supposed to do?

He held Xiu's wrist and started, "Little Red..."

Xiu raised her hand to stop him from continuing as she said, "Don't bother saying anything else. Your voice was enough to distract me. Woah, I just realized that you are my worst distraction. You can definitely become my downfall. My rhythm and blues."

Darren rubbed a hand over his face and said, "And I just realized that you have a lot to say."

"That I do," agreed Xiu without hesitation. Suddenly, feeling a rush of vertigo, she held Darren's arm to support her body. A sharp pain pierced through her brain. She felt numbness and tingling sensations in her hands and feet.

"Little Red, you okay?" asked Darren as he noticed her eyes rolling upward. 

"I was just wondering how she's able to stand with that much alcohol in her system," said Dylan from the side but shut his mouth when Darren looked at him.

Her hands felt clammy to him and his brows furrowed, he touched her skin and was surprised to find that she was ice-cold. Darren shook her shoulder and Xiu tried to speak, "I'm-I'm okay." Her speech was not just slurred this time, it was uncoordinated. As if her body wasn't responsive.

From not far away, Bai Xiu ran up in their direction and touched Xiu's wrist, "Older sister! Older sister, try to stay awake." But her voice fell on a deaf ear. In a panic, Bai Xiu looked at Darren and said, "Call an ambulance. Her life is in danger."

Both Darren and Dylan were alarmed as they listened to her.

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