The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting Chapter 31: Raising A Child Is Like Taking Care Of An Ancestor

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Shui Anluo went to bed after posting the screenshot. Unknowingly, her comment was b.u.mped up to the leading news three minutes after she had sent the screenshot.

However, the following replies accused her of masquerading as the Chu Group's Director's ex-wife.

Chu Ningyi was keeping his energetic son company when he saw this news and the screenshot.

'Lost her head over l.u.s.t', only Shui Anluo would ever use such a phrase.


"Your mom's an idiot." Chu Ningyi exclaimed calmly as he reached out to pinch his son's cheek before throwing his phone on the table.

"Babble..." The little darling, who was no older than seven months, only continued to blow bubbles and play.

Shui Anluo was indeed stupid. She thought that others would have believed her just because she had used her own name. She was indeed as naive as a little girl who had never stepped out from the schoolyard.

"Sleep." Chu Ningyi grabbed the little one by his collar and immediately placed him on his tiny bed.

The little fellow cooed as if he had not managed to react before landing safely on the bed.

Chu Ningyi sat next to the bed and looked at the little baby who was goggling about. He had slept all day and was refusing to sleep now. "Son, are you on American time? Even if you're born jet-lagged, it's time to readjust yourself."

The little darling reached his little lotus root-like arms and acted cute as he asked to be carried. He was not sleepy yet.

Director Chu narrowed his eyes as he recalled how he had not reacted the previous time the kid had acted this way and caused his son to burst into tears. This time, he was trying to figure out what this gesture meant.

The little darling held his arms out for a little while and saw that his das.h.i.+ng daddy was only looking at him. His little mouth twitched and he immediately wanted to cry.

Chu Ningyi frowned as his long arms reached out to scoop his son into his arms. The little one immediately stopped tearing up.

The mighty Director Chu has only one thing on his mind now - raising a child was just like caring for an ancestor. He should forget about getting any sleep tonight.

Shui Anluo woke up later on and the little darling was sleeping soundly on the small bed next to hers. She could see that Chu Ningyi had brought the little darling over before leaving.

The little darling was now fast asleep and did not need Shui Anluo's care so she excitedly grabbed her computer to read yesterday's news.

N Author: Is the original poster a psychopath? She even fantasized that she was the Princeling's former wife. The author above is correct, there're far too many psychopaths this year. Does she think that a screenshot means that she's the Princeling's former wife? So naive.

M Author: Oh my *ss, the shocking appearance of the ex-wife. I seem to see too many ex-wives on QQ. Who wants that?

S Author: Main Author, if you have an illness, treat it. Even though the news between the Princeling and his ex-wife was a great shock to us, you really can't pose as someone's ex-wife. Besides, I support the Princeling and Prince An. A talented man and a beautiful man, they really are a match made in heaven.

S+1 Author: I support the author above.

S+2 Author: I support the author before the author above.

Shui Anluo was starting to feel emotional. What was the meaning of this? Why did no one believe her?

However, it looked like most people were in favor of Chu Ningyi being with An Fengyang. In that sense, she did not need to worry too much.

Shui Anluo's spirits were naturally lifted when she thought about things this way. She turned off the computer and got up from the bed. Even though she did not know who had leaked that picture of her with Chu Ningyi, it was fortunate that no one had placed the subject on her.

Ding dong... Ding dong...

The doorbell rang. Shui Anluo was shaken and she considered whether she should open the door or not.

Ding dong... Ding dong...

What perseverance. Shui Anluo looked at her frowning son before shouting in exasperation, "Coming."

She then put her slippers on and quickly ran downstairs.

Shui Anluo opened the door but immediately froze on the spot when she saw the elegant woman who was standing outside. Would it be too late for her to close the door now?

However, regardless of whether she had time to close the door or not, He Xiaoran has already stepped elegantly into the apartment.

Shui Anluo's hair was standing on end as she carefully closed the door and said, "h.e.l.lo Auntie." She addressed He Xiaoran very carefully as He Xiaoran had never liked her from the beginning. Also, she was still the second young lady of the Shui family at that time. Even if He Xiaoran did not like her, that had not meant much then. Things were different now as she no longer had any status. If she wanted to consider their relations.h.i.+p, she was only the mother of He Xiaoran's grandson.

He Xiaoran gave Shui Anluo an indifferent response. Shui Anluo was 165 centimeters tall while He Xiaoran was born a model. Therefore, it was not difficult for her to look down at Shui Anluo from her imposing height of 178 centimeters.

He Xiaoran looked at Shui Anluo. Though Shui Anluo was very pretty, she had been shy and unsure in her actions. He Xiaoren has never liked that about her. However, in comparison with her son being with a man, at least Shui Anluo was a woman.

"Where's Luoning?" He Xiaoran remembered her grandson whom she has yet to meet and decided to see her grandson first.

"Luoning?" Shui Anluo was shaken. ' Who's that?'

"Where's the child?" He Xiaoran furrowed her brows again. Aside from being shy and unsure, this girl was also a little foolish.

"He's sleeping." Shui Anluo raised her hand to scratch her head. This former mother-in-law was just as intense as ever.

He Xiaoran saw that Shui Anluo had finished speaking and immediately turned around to go upstairs.

Shui Anluo stayed downstairs, feeling curious. ' Luoning?' She wondered .  'When did my son get that name?' 1

'Furthermore, how lazy was the person who had named my son? It sounded like they had used one word from Chu Ningyi and Shui Anluo to make that name.  Was that how my son's name had come about? 1 '

Shui Anluo felt some disdain towards Chu Ningyi as she glided up the stairs. After all, her former mother-in-law who disliked her was here. Perhaps she could use her former mother-in-law's dislike as a push to get Chu Ningyi to let her leave.

Shui Anluo smiled wretchedly when she thought about this. Wait a minute! No, she smiled proudly. She, Shui Anluo, was certainly quite clever.

Shui Anluo went upstairs. He Xiaoran was sitting next to the little bed as she watched the little darling sleep. She furrowed her brows and exclaimed, "He's too skinny, not well-fed."

Shui Anluo paused and the corners of her mouth twitched. Why was she the only one who thinks that her son was just right?

"Breast milk or powdered milk?"

"Mainly breast milk." Shui Anluo answered carefully. Nothing could be done, her former mother-in-law's aura was too strong and she did not dare to be hasty.

Once He Xiaoran heard this, she turned around to look at Shui Anluo. Her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. "You're too skinny."

Shui Anluo shook once again. Why had she felt as though the atmosphere was not right here? Why was this former mother-in-law not pointing at her nose and saying: 'You're not good enough for my son'? This way, she would have a reason to take her son and leave smoothly. Why was the plot all wrong now?

"Yes, yes, I'm too weak." Shui Anluo chuckled. ' I'm too weak so give me the cold shoulder, quick!'

"I'll have Maid Yu give you something to recover your health," He Xiaoran spoke loftily once again.

"There's no need," Shui Anluo exclaimed in alarm. As a result, He Xiaoran turned to look at her in annoyance. Shui Anluo smiled awkwardly as she continued, "Auntie, you don't have to say it, I'll take the little darling and leave now. The thing is, can I go downstairs with you? I don't have an access card so I can't go down."

"Leave? Who's asking you to leave?" He Xiaoran coldly exclaimed.

Dear lord, she actually did name him 'little darling'. (-‸ლ) That kid's going to be beaten up n the playground. Good thing his dad gave him a proper name... It's a whole world better than little darling.?

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