The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting Chapter 30: You Want To Find A Stepfather For My Son? Forget It.

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'F*ck you!'

Shui Anluo cursed him in her heart. However, she felt that she was a cultured person so she has to deal with this matter in a cultured manner.

"Director Chu, I don't know about your life but I'd still like a chance to experience a happy love story. Big Brother, how am I supposed to do that when you pull something like this?" Shui Anluo tried to rationalize with him.

'To experience a happy love story?'

"Are you implying that you want to find a stepfather for my son?" Chu Ningyi's face blackened slightly.

"Pfft, I never minded you getting a male stepmother for my son in the first place." Shui Anluo rolled her eyes at him. "Whatever it is, you should clarify the news."

"What do I need to clarify? Should I say that it had been staged?" Chu Ningyi scoffed coldly as he looked at her calmly. "Don't you think that the person at the losing end would be me?"

'Don't you think that the person at the losing end would be me?'

'He would be the loser?'

Shui Anluo felt as if a bubble of air had clogged up her throat. She had the huge urge to turn it into a mouthful of blood to spit it all out on him.

'You motherf*cker!'

Shui Anluo took a deep breath, only then was she able to prevent herself from spitting these words to his face.

"Then, Director Chu, I beg you not to cause yourself grief. Solve this issue, alright?" Shui Anluo thought that it was a miracle she was able to suppress her fiery rage at this moment

Chu Ningyi looked at her before he slowly took a step towards her. Shui Anluo could not understand his intentions but was slowly forced to back away until her back was against the wall.


'I'm trapped against the wall again!'

"You want to find a stepfather for my son? Forget it." Chu Ningyi placed one hand on the wall behind her and lowered his voice to whisper into her ear.

'So shady!'

His words were like a curse which had slithered into her mind from some unknown place. 


Shui Anluo gulped unceremoniously and could not stop herself from pus.h.i.+ng his firm arm away. "Actually, I think that it's fine even if we don't solve it. It's fine."

F*ck, she was no match for him so she has to tolerate it!

However, it was not entirely hopeless for her to still find a stepfather for her son. After all, she, Shui Anluo, had been the campus belle for so many years. She had received countless love letters.

"Since you're the mother of my child, let's be calm about this." Chu Ningyi remarked peacefully before he released her and returned to the bedside.

Shui Anluo secretly cursed herself for her loss of integrity and bared her teeth at Chu Ningyi's words. ' d.a.m.n it, you're the father of my child and you're also with a man who happens to be that evildoer.'

He Xiaoran, who was in the Chu family mansion far away, finally felt relieved when she saw the announcement on the paper. At least she had avoided the scandal of having her son being paired with another man. Otherwise, she really would have gone mad.

Chu Mobai sat on the sofa as he read the newspaper. "So, do you know who he chose now?"

"In comparison with our son being with a man, I'd much rather he be with Shui Anluo. Even though that child doesn't come from a good background, at least she's a woman." He Xiaoran lowered her phone and sat next to Chu Mobai. "No, I must see Shui Anluo tomorrow. I don't want that kid to blindfold me with this."

Chu Mobai put the newspaper in his hand down and looked at his wife. "Visit Shui Anluo? Don't you think that you should be visiting An Fengyang?"

"That kid is more slippery than perfumed oil, what can I find out from him?" asked He Xiaoran. She then stood up and walked upstairs. One should only interrogate those who could be easily bullied.

Chu Mobai shook his head and continued to read the papers. No matter how he looked at it, his son and Shui Anluo seemed like a good couple.

Shui Anluo was rolling around on the bed, unable to sleep. She finally sat up and wondered what Chu Ningyi was trying to do.

Shui Anluo thought about this before she turned on her computer to log onto the QQ messaging service. She typed in An Fengyang's QQ handle.

Shui Anluo thought for a moment before changing her QQ nickname to her actual name. An Fengyang also edited his nickname to his actual name before typing.

Shui Anluo: Beautiful Brother.

An Fengyang: Yo, Beautiful Sister, what is it? You haven't contacted me in a year.

Shui Anluo: Beautiful Brother, I've wronged you in today's news. The most crucial point here is that Director Chu is too handsome. I wasn't able to resist so I pounced on him.

Shui Anluo looked at her own words, This should flatter Director Chu so there should not be any problems here. Therefore, she hit 'enter' and sent the message!

"Pfft... Hahahaha..." An Fengyang, who was sitting in another high-cla.s.s apartment building in the neighborhood, could not stop himself from bursting into laughter when he read what Shui Anluo had just said.

"What is it?" Wen Xin, who was next to him, had difficulty sleeping due to her pregnancy. She was just about to fall asleep but had been startled awake by his bold laughter. Naturally, she felt annoyed.

An Fengyang pulled the woman into his arms with one hand and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Sleep, I'm chatting with Luoluo."

"Shui Anluo?" Wen Xin had heard her name before but Shui Anluo had already divorced Chu Ningyi when she had gotten involved with An Fengyang. Therefore, she has never met the woman in person.

"Mm, Old Chu has brought her back. I'll introduce you to her later on. Luoluo is a nice person."

An Fengyang: Why did you pounce on my Yiyi? My heart is broken.

Wen Xin saw his answer and her lips twitched. She looked at him and asked, "What're you and Big Brother Chu doing?"

"Old Chu wants to take the Shui family and give it to Luoluo to play with. Coincidentally, An Jiahui had previously provoked Old Chu. You know him, he likes to kill two birds with one stone. Once he has taken the Shui family down, he can throw it to his wife for her amus.e.m.e.nt. What's wrong with that?"

Shui Anluo: It's a misunderstanding, Beautiful Brother. Forgive this Beautiful Sister for momentarily losing her head over l.u.s.t. There really won't be a second time, I swear.

"Had she really not contacted you since she was kicked out of the Shui family?" Wen Xin asked curiously. It seemed like they share a pretty good relations.h.i.+p.

"Don't judge Luoluo based on how gentle she looks. Her bones are more stubborn than anyone else's. This time, if it wasn't for the fact that someone had exposed the matter of their child, we wouldn't even have known that she was in 'A' City."

An Fengyang: Alright, on account of the fact that my Yiyi has coaxed me, I forgive you.

'Oh yeah!'

Shui Anluo was excited, she has been waiting for these words. Now, she could screenshot this to post it up on the forums and tell everyone that it was only a misunderstanding.

Shui Anluo: Beautiful Brother, don't worry, there won't be a next time.

Shui Anluo happily took the screenshot. An Fengyang put his laptop down and lowered his head to look at Wen Xin. "Actually, Luoluo had not done anything after she had been chased out of the Shui family but it looks like someone's refusing to let her off."

Wen Xin pursed her lips. "But what are you going to do now? Even if you did that to cancel the engagement, you can't..."

"Heh, did you really think that Old Chu had done that for me? He's doing it for himself. Let's not talk about this anymore. Sleep." An Fengyang said and immediately hugged Wen Xin to sleep.

After Shui Anluo happily took the screenshot, she posted it up on the comments section beneath the news report. She hoped that this was proof that she had no intentions of breaking the deep character pairing between the two.

Perhaps, by tomorrow, she would have solved this matter on her own.

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