The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting Chapter 29: Is Acute Gastroenteritis Contagious?

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Chu Ningyi left his room after Shui Anluo had mashed up the apple and was feeding her son small spoonfuls of it as he played with his toys on the sofa. Chu Ningyi had not expected her to be able to feed the child so well.

At this moment, Shui Anluo was teasing the little darling with the small spoon in her hand. She would purposefully pull the spoon away when he leaned forward for a bite.

After several times, the little one finally became angry. He haughtily refused to acknowledge his mommy and turned his little body around so that his tiny bottom faced Shui Anluo.

Chu Ningyi walked toward her and gestured for her to pa.s.s him the crystal bowl in her hand. Shui Anluo quickly pulled it toward her and stared at him cautiously, "What're you doing? If you want to eat, make it yourself."

Chu Ningyi looked at her as if she was an idiot before he s.n.a.t.c.hed the crystal bowl away from her. He then scooped up the sulking little darling with his other hand before sitting down to feed the mashed fruit to him.

The man's action caused Shui Anluo to freeze when he s.n.a.t.c.hed the crystal bowl away. She stared at the graceful, jade-like man in shock.

Chu Ningyi had always given her a cold and icy impression and he was very proud. In the past, he had always come home late. After he returned home, he would continue to work. Based on Shui Anluo's observation, even the matters between husband and wife was only viewed as a part of his duty.

In the past, she had been clueless but she gradually understood that not every couple would do it once every fixed cycle.

In the past, she had believed that Chu Ningyi was that type of a person. If he does not like her, he would not have done those 'things' to her. She only understood later on that feelings had no part to play in their marriage, he was the type of person who would fulfill his duties.

Hence, from that moment on, Shui Anluo understood that Chu Ningyi did not have any feelings for her. He had married her because his family had wanted him to marry her. He had behaved like a good husband to her because that was expected of him. Finally, he had divorced her because his family demanded it.

For a man like that to talk about love? That was equivalent to releasing toxic gas.

Therefore, Shui Anluo had been particularly forthright during their divorce procedure. Instead of being with a man who did not know what love was, she would rather divorce him and find a man who truly loves her.

Hence, this version of Chu Ningyi who was feeding a child was a frightening sight no matter how she looked at it!

However, Chu Ningyi was quite skillful at it. He fed the child carefully and patted his back, afraid that the baby would suffer from indigestion.

"Sigh, Director Chu, tell me honestly, do you have other illegitimate children?" Otherwise, how could he possibly be so skilled? He was certainly more skilled than she was.

"I searched online," replied Chu Ningyi calmly as he stopped feeding the baby halfway.

Shui Anluo was rendered speechless once again. ' Director Chu, are you so cute because you're the 'bottom' in the relations.h.i.+p?'

"That's wonderful! In the future, if you have a child with that evildoer An, you can certainly take on the role of the mother," Shui Anluo smiled as she spoke. She looked at her son who had just finished his satisfying meal and was leaning into Chu Ningyi's arms. ' This little traitor'  she mused. ' In just one short day he's already gotten so close to his dad. He gets more excited whenever he sees him than when he sees me.'

Chu Ningyi heard Shui Anluo's words and shot her a glare which was as sharp as a knife.

Shui Anluo smiled, she was not afraid of him at all.

"Since your son likes you so much, I'm going to have fun on the Internet. You can watch him." Shui Anluo said and happily stood up.

"Take your medicine."

Before Shui Anluo could take one step, Chu Ningyi called her back. However, she really did not want to take her medication. She did not want it at all!

Shui Anluo smiled and turned around. "Director Chu, the one you should be worried about is that little one. Forget about me, we're neither relatives nor friends so..."

"I don't want you to infect the baby with your illness."

'What the...'

Shui Anluo was enraged. ' Is Acute Gastroenteritis even contagious? Who are you trying to fool, big boss?'

"Your medicine." Chu Ningyi's expression did not change. His voice was so dull that nothing could be duller.

Shui Anluo glared at him with a constipated look on her face. However, she ultimately realized that she simply did not have the power to rebel and dug angrily through a bag to find the medicine that the doctor had given her. She then wrung her hands like a hero before taking it. After that, she even turned around and looked at Chu Ningyi. "Are you happy now?"

Chu Ningyi lifted his head to look at her before he carried the little darling and walked up the stairs.

"An unyielding, haughty 'bottom' from the start. I never thought that the evildoer An would turn out to be the queen in charge." Shui Anluo stroked her chin as if she had just discovered a new mainland. The mighty Director Chu was the bottom and the seductive An Fengyang was the one on top. This combination was truly that of a celebrity couple.

Shui Anluo smiled as she fantasized about the relations.h.i.+p between the two while she happily walked up the stairs.

Chu Ningyi brought his son up to the second-floor living room and lay down on a chair. Shui Anluo slowly slipped into her room and turned on her computer.


Shui Anluo suddenly cried out as if she had seen a ghost. The little darling, who had been sprawled on Chu Ningyi's body, could not help but s.h.i.+ver. His daddy placed his large hand on the baby to pacify him.

Shui Anluo hugged her computer and walked out from the room before running to Chu Ningyi. She threw the laptop in front of him in disbelief and asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

There was nothing else on the news except the incident when she had been pressed against the wall yesterday.

Chu Ningyi merely raised his head to look at her calmly as he continued to pat the frightened little darling.

"Can't you read?"

Shui Anluo was enraged, this was not a matter of whether she could read or not. How had the picture leaked out?

"Wasn't the picture in your hands? Where's my phone?" Shui Anluo gritted her teeth and asked.

"Lost." Chu Ningyi answered simply.

"L-lost?" Shui Anluo stared at him in disbelief. He had lost her phone!

Chu Ningyi glanced at the picture again. It was the shot of him kissing Shui Anluo. He had indeed 'accidentally' lost the phone so he could not be blamed if he did not know a single person on her contact list. Most importantly, there was one in particular... Senior Brother.

"I've asked Uncle Chu to buy you a new one," said Chu Ningyi. Perhaps she was being too noisy, Chu Ningyi decided to switch places and continued to spend time with his son somewhere quieter.

"A new phone, that's just wonderful!" Shui Anluo replied matter-of-factly. However, she soon came to her senses and quickly chased after him.

"The phone had been lost and someone had acquired the picture. It's that simple." Chu Ningyi calmly explained.

Shui Anluo felt her temples throb. ' The problem was, Big Brother, how can you be so calm and collected about that!'

Shui Anluo quickly ran after him. "I say, Director Chu, how do you plan on managing this?"

"Managing what? That picture's real, isn't it?" Chu Ningyi said. He had carried his son into the bedroom.

"But you've just announced that you've come out of the closet! Are you admitting that you're bis.e.xual?" Shui Anluo anxiously ran after him.

"What's wrong with that?" Chu Ningyi placed his son on the bed before bringing his toy car over and placing it next to him.

'What's wrong... With that!'

Shui Anluo felt as if her life was in absolute chaos. ' Director Chu, have your days become so boring that you'd purposely do something like this?'

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