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Late in the evening Mi Rae was slumped down on the big couch in her living rom.The television was on and playing a cartoon but Mi Rae was lost in thought.Ah Hai revelations had brought a few new things to light and she wondered if she should consult these with Neil.If what she understood was the truth then Neil Long had just become the most complicared man she had met.Lost in her thoughts,she was not even watching th television..

The man in question was presently in her bedroom,freshening up.They had ordered take away and were waiting for that.Just then the doorbell tang and Mi Rae went to answer it.Collecting the take away she paid the man and then went on her way to the bedroom to summon Neil..But as she went to openthe door,she came face to face with a beautiful chest.She looked at the expanse of skinn exposed as Neil stood there only in his shorts and gulped..She had really not been execting this.Neil had heard her come in and opened the door but did not expect her to fall into a stupor after seeing him.Smiling naughtily,he wound an arm around Mi Rae's waist and was pulled her into his body.He then slowly pushed her against the bed and moved closer to her.Close enough that there wasn't even place for air to pa.s.s.He pressed his groeing hardness into her tummy and Mi Rae felt heat course through her body.The flushed look on her face and the l.u.s.t in her gaze drove him wild and he was about to tear off their clothes.

But then Mi rae remembered her questions and looking him in the eyes to see his reaction,she said softly,"I know everything Neil,everything.And if I am not mistaken so do you.Why did you do that Neil?"

Neil's eyes hardened and he suddenly moved his body away from her and turned his back.In a subdued voice,he said,"I'll be out in a minute,you start with your dinner."

His expression had changed and suddenly there was no warmth in his face.But Mi Rae could not see this as he was not looking at her. Seeing his broad back, she went to him and winding her arms around his back laid her head there and said, "Neil.. Isn't it time you made everything clear? You are suffering and so is Ah Hai...why are you pretending that you do not know the truth? Why keep your eyes closed?"

Neil's hands clenched and his face was even more colder..If anyone were to see him now, they would know that this man who seemed to be the warmest and the most laid back was actually the coldest among the brothers.He brought up his hands and tried to break free of her hold but she's only tightened it.

Sighing he said,"Mi Rae, I don't know what that brat has told you and what all things you are imagining but please stop that and let's go eat."

"Tell me then Neil,if I am imagining things, why do your brothers not know that you in fact hate Ning Ning.You loath her so much that had she been alive you would have killed her yourself. A man whose biggest hobby is understanding people may have made a  mistake with someone when he was in love. But were you blind then? I don't think so. Your younger brother is still tormenting himself for betraying him and you resented him enough to let him. One word from you and he would have been able to overcome what he did... But even now ten years later you let him suffer... Is it him you are punis.h.i.+ng or yourself.?Your real name is Mi Reu but n.o.body addresses you that. Why? Is it really because she called you by that  name or is it you want to believe Mi Reu is dead??Your phone's screensaver are the eyes of that woman.Why?Let me tell you, because you want her to see all of you prosper and win. Not once have I seen you look at that picture with anything other than disdain.Do you think I am blind? Or the members of your family are blind? Each day tens of women must throw themselves at you, why do you think they still supported me? Why did your brother come and tell me the past today? Because he knew you never would have.Neil,hating and resenting someone with valid reason is not bad,even if the other person is your brother. But when that hate becomes poisonous to you and others it is better to purge it. The biggest reason we are best for each other is not because we are black and white but because we are grey. You have done things that you have hated yourself for and so have I.. There are cases I fought where I knew my client was in the wrong but still I helped them win.. Which may have ruined someone's life.. You have also done some things that you are ashamed of but the difference is I have made peace with that aspect of my life and you have not.. " 

Mi Rae's soft  words echoed in the room. Her head was still laid on his back but Neil had turned still as a statue carved out of marble. His head was bowed and hands clenched at his sides but his eyes were wet with unshed tears and unspoken torment. His hands which had been earlier trying to make her let go, slowly came up to rest on hers.

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